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General Summary C1N.TV from GoDaddy Analog Call: (303) 447-8531 I want to Buy Ads
Figures in parentheses refer to the 7-day period.
A Request is when ever anyone visits and clicks on something on C1N.TV More Information contact

dating a girl who is significantly taller hsn you Successful Total requests: 159,954,568 Clicks from June to January (184,725 per week) Average successful Total requests per day for 6 month period 773,880 (26,389 per week)


Successful requests for pages: 289,493,156 Six month period (224,119 per week)

Average successful requests for pages per day: 6 month period 293,501 (11,830 per week)

Redirected requests: cross-linking, internally, externally from other sites sent to C1N.TV 10,154,585 6 month period (5,489 Week)

Distinct files( videos and images individually searched requested: 6 months 1,099,514 (12,607 week)

Distinct hosts served: Individual Ip address’s and computers visiting site 190,504 (1,592)

Data transferred: 10.88 terabytes 6 months (16.56 gigabytes per week) How many videos and images people downloaded

Average data transferred per day: 6 month period 53.91 gigabytes (2.37 gigabytes 7 days)

Monthly Report

Each unit represents 800,000 requests for pages, posts, tags and categories on C1N.TV or part thereof in Word Press

month Total Requests clicks on total request for pages, post, tags, categories, images videos
Jan 2019 8851001 47398008
Feb 2019 61019665 29883671
Mar 2018 41462781 22667720
Apr 2018 20599189 19976520
May 2018 17731843 11974638
Jun 2018 9013450 11000238
Jul 2018 1276640 92837562

Busiest month: March 2018  (41,178.556 requests for pages).

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