ivermectin dose for pigeons Hueytown We stopped at Mustard’s Last Stand yesterday for lunch and ordered the Jumbo Hot dog with everything, a small fries and a small ginger ale. $9.00 smackeroos! The hot dog was supposed to be Chicago style, but it was grilled and small. It wasn’t worth $5.00 bucks. The fries were okay and the $1.75 small drink was small, loaded with ice and no refills. Compared to Jalino’s small drink for $1.50 with refills, Mustards was half the size. C’mon! Also, the place was dirty…. a pet peeve of ours. We like little dives like Mustards to be sparkling. Service was slow at 11:30 am and there is no reason for that either.
The best deal in town for a jumbo hot dog is at the stand at Home Depot. $2.75 for a huge brat, polish sausage or hot dog with kraut, a pickle, tomatoes an No waiting. This is the best. Fast Eddies Chicago dog at farmers market is good and half the price of Mustards. Freddies on the Pearl Street mall is also good, though $3.00.
Snarfs has an unusually good dog for 5.25 with the works, and it is way bigger than Mustards. Plus Jimmy Snarf is from Chicago. The Boulder Creek festival had an 18″ hot dog with grilled green peppers for for $8.00. It was a monster and we could not finish it. 7-11 has a dollar jumbo dog with kraut which is excellent. So, who else has hot dogs for us to try?? write in to our comments.