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Mind-blower #CWA2015

As I stood in line to thank Joanne Huskey, I had the opportunity to visit with someone in line (since I didn’t ask his permission, not saying his name or position). He, too, had survived in the ’98 US Embassy bombing. I am humbled and praying for the safety of a child who is now working in Kenya…how do we create respect and trust? How do we release fear????

by: Leanne Soucek and Students at the #CWA2015


Conclusion #CWA2015

What is manageable degree of risk? Economy of security? Terrorists are winning because of money spent…

by: Leanne Soucek and Students at the #CWA2015


Student Questions #CWA2015

What is Rupert Murdoch’s role in world problems?

Because of how money runs media today, the few big dogs like Murdoch & Ted Turner have huge impact — we can invite them to CWA, but Rupert might not pay his own way and stay in someone’s guest room …

Question: to Muslim Community-would it be possible to have ten Imams from around the world to get up and present ten different views on terrorism?

Joanne-efforts occurring already between Unitarians and Muslims.

Jay Parker-must come from outside if U.S.

Malou- She would like to see it come from within Muslim community.

Joanne and husband gave kids choice to go overseas again, rather than not travel for “security” needs…kids said they wanted to learn about the world. ,)

by: Leanne Soucek and Students at the #CWA2015