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Joanne Grady Huskey

Joanne Huskey #CWA2015

Media is culpable in creating us vs them..instead of responding after every incident …

Joanne asked moderator, Paul Voakes, how media could be more helpful. Paul said media would have to broaden from just appealing to sensational emotions to help broaden world awareness.

Student: Where do roots of all problems in Middle East start?

by: Leanne Soucek and Students at the #CWA2015Leanne Soucek and Students at the #CWA2015


Malou Innocent #CWA2015

We have Allies in the region from whose security and economies we cannot extricate ourselves …

Jay Parker: we are often pushed to reduce complex issues to common threads that don’t deal with all essential issues. Disappointing that we don’t look at complexities vs throwing quick military or $ solutions at problems.

What are our real elements of national power and what are our real National interests.

At National Defense U, many international students come from countries where most military and police strategies are used internally.

Malou– we must examine how our policies exacerbate/eventuate further terrorism. El Shavab has great recruiting in Minnesota bc of Somali community

by: Leanne Soucek and Students at the #CWA2015


Respone of Joanne Huskey #CWA2015

What the heck are we doing in battle over 7th Century Caliphate? What would happen if we just went about the business if 20th century living?

by: Leanne Soucek and Students at the #CWA2015