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The Transitional Season

BOHO has opened programs at two sites every night this past summer. Our programs offer our Displaying guests safe, legal sleeping, and compared to the EWC, less crowding and a quieter experience better focused on individual guest needs:
Resident’s Shelter is open to chronically homeless residents with a record of good behavior
Women’s Shelter is open to chronically homeless women residents with a record of good behavior.
What about the transition to winter? Women’s and Residents Shelters will continue to operate on a nightly basis. EWCs operate whenever weather is severe (such as the Flood). Almost all EWC activity, though, occurs in October through April. In four out of the past five years, BOHO opened an EWC in May; in three out of the past five years, BOHO opened an EWC in September (including the Flood). BOHO is always on standby to open an EWC.

How are Host Sites notified? During the winter, host sites make the very generous commitment to keep their facilities available on a certain week-night, every week. In May through September, when BOHO recognizes that a forecast storm may trigger a need for an EWC, BOHO will locate and confirm a site for each night that an EWC may be required. Both BOHO and our guests realize that these are ad hoc occasions, and that our host sites may not be able to offer the levels of hospitality planned during the winter season. That does not reduce our gratitude for the love and generosity you are showing by hosting.

How is BOHO staff notified? Staff will be notified by our communications chain each night an EWC is opened. The EWC staff members on duty on a particular night may not be members of the team that served at that location during the winter, but they will be fully qualified. BOHO trains staff during the summer. Any staff members who are in training are in additional positions and under direct, one-on-one supervision by our veteran staff members.

How are guests notified? All message media currently state that EWCs are closed until further notice. During the winter EWC season, BOHO issues a daily e-mail with the EWC location (and during weather-dependent fall and spring times, includes the daily open or closed message). Facebook and the hotline carry the same messaging and are updated daily Oct through April.

We will shortly begin our Fall fundraising campaign. Please make BOHO a priority in your giving, as you have so generously done in the past.

crime news

Burglary Bad Guy sought by Boulder Police!


Suspect wanted in connection with numerous Boulder burglaries

Displaying 2015 Burlgary suspect.jpg

Burglary Bad Guy on prowl.

Over the last several months, the Boulder Police Department has taken approximately 20 burglary reports from victims who describe similar circumstances and suspect descriptions. These burglaries are particularly concerning because the suspect targets homes when the residents are present and often times awake. Most of the burglaries have occurred west of Broadway. A few of the similarities are:

· Jewelry and cash are stolen and sometimes a pillowcase is used to remove the items.
· The suspect often cuts screens on open windows to get inside. He uses ladders found at the homes to climb onto roofs and balconies. He also leaps off of houses to escape when he is confronted by the victims.
· Most burglaries have occurred from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.; however a few have happened earlier.

The suspect is described as a white man in his early 20’s, 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall, 160 to 180 pounds, with dark hair and could be unshaven. Composite sketches are attached.

He may be driving a beige or tan older model SUV.

Police are asking anyone who may have information on these cases to please contact Detective Kara Wills at 303-441-3482. Those who have information but wish to remain anonymous may contact the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-444-3776. Tips can also be submitted through the Crime Stoppers website at Those submitting tips through Crime Stoppers that lead to the arrest and filing of charges on a suspect(s) may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000 from Crime Stoppers.

declation of indepencence

US Declares war on Great Britain !!!


July 4th 2014 Colonies sign Declaration of Independence from crown

Congress signs Declaration of Independence today. WAR breaks out in states. A battle against tyranny rages. Militias are formed. General Washington forms an army. We are at war with England. Continental congress votes for Independence.[READ|SHARE]


Startup Boulder week 2014: reflection


We at Boulder Channel 1 Employ 8 full time / part time people. Four of whom are in sales. They sit on the phones and or go to

selling ads on the phone and on the streets.

selling ads on the phone and on the streets.

see Boulder retailers and sell advertising.  They come from a group known as pitchmen (women). They hit the streets and talk to Boulder about our company and our ad packages. A typical package includes a video profile of their goods for a given season. We invented this here in Boulder and have created over 1000 business profiles since 1987. We also produce banner ads on our site only. We run Social media campaigns for customers and do PR too. Then we design and build websites for our advertising customers. We do promotions for them and we run focused ad campaigns on other platforms. We also do local appearances and remote broadcasts for advertisers where we come to a car dealership and broadcast live on a Saturday during a big sale. Or we will go to a restaurant and broadcast live and talk about the food , interview the chefs and owners.

We are both traditional Television and new media with a news and production department. So what does this have to do with Boulder Startup week 2014 ?? Absolutely, nothing except it gives us a chance to pitch Boulder Channel 1 and tell you about us and why you should use us.

bestofboulderReason number 1 is that we are not minimalists. We are maximists  we don’t lie to you. If you are going to spend your money with us here in Boulder we feel it is our responsibility to you and your retail operation that you get immediate response from advertising with us. If you don’t then fire us.

Reason Number 2 we are Boulder. we are from Boulder. We didn’t just move here and set up shop.  We have been in business since 1975. Most of our customers are our friends from years of relationships or they become our friends.

Reason Number 3  We are on TV every day and night of the week on Comcast BV-22 which plays to 250,000 subscribers all over Boulder County.  They include houses, apartments, businesses and CU dorm rooms. We are also on the net right here.

Reason Number 4  We are the voice of Boulder. We show all points of view and ask the tough questions. One tough question we have for StartUp Boulder is who are you and what do you stand for ?

We know that is is organized by a hippie homeless guy who calls himself a vagabond. We know a group of so called investors from Boulders App world get together  drink beer, have chair races and party day and night call themselves the community. But are they trustworthy ?? Are they really from Boulder or are they former college students cycling through our city playing at business??  They all seem to be new here without jobs living off of mom and dad. And that is part of the Boulder Story too.

disc golf 2

Disc Golf dangerous says Lafayette Neighbors


The following is an email sent twice to Lafayette Channel 1 news. It is written by Meredith Flynn and Barbara Jo Kammer who are gearing up for a fight with the Lafayette city council who plan on putting a Disc Golf course in the park across from their home. This is not simply a case of the neighbors being Nimbies, but a real concern for the safety . Further research by LC1 shows a history of serious injury in disc golf and its occurrence around the USA. Injuries include missing digits and severe brain trauma. The discs are hard and move at up to 80 miles per hour. They are not freebies. Who would have guessed?

11 disc golfSusan Koster, the City Clerk, got back to me on our questions. If we have handouts, we give them to her before the meeting and she will put them at the Councilors’ places on the dais.

Each speaker is allowed 5 minutes. Council will listen to everyone. If there are so many people that Council is unable to conduct their scheduled business, they may opt to convene another meeting in order to give everyone an opportunity to speak. Susan said this is totally up to Council and she cannot predict what they might do.

I put together a summary of ten main points why disc golf does not belong at Waneka Lake. Let me know if you have any additions or changes you think should be made.


Top Ten Reasons Why a Disc Golf Course Does Not Belong at Waneka Lake Park

1. It’s not what the majority of Lafayette citizens want.

According to the Lafayette Parks, Recreation, Open Space & Trails Master Plan Survey 2012, pages 27-31, Disc Golf ranked very low in the list of outdoor facilities that people want added, improved, or expanded.  What ranked high on the list was “Additional park areas incorporating both native and manicured park type”. If you take a native park area and turn it into a disc golf course, you are taking away something people have told the city they want more of and giving the people something they have told the city they have little interest in.

2. It’s unlawful.

Lafayette Code of Ordinances, Chapter 80, Article 4

Sec. 80-59. Firearms and other missiles prohibited.

It shall be unlawful for any person to use, carry, or possess air rifles, spring guns, bow and arrows, slings, or any other forms of weapons; it shall further be unlawful to possess or use fireworks of any kind or nature; it shall further be unlawful to play golf or hit any golf balls.

(Ord. No. 1985-15, § 2, 6-4-85; Ord. No. 2005-8, § 1, 3-1-05)

Golf balls are included in the section on “prohibited missiles”. According to the city’s own code, it is unlawfull to hit golf balls at Waneka Lake Park. A golf disc is a “missile” that can cause every bit as much—if not more—damage to person and property than a golf ball and therefore should be prohibited from the park according to Lafayette’s Code of Ordinances.

3.  It will result in environmental degradation.

Even the Professional Disc Golf Players Association acknowledges that a major concern with disc golf is soil erosion. The article “Assessing the Ecological Impact Due to Disc Golf” in the International Journal of Sport Management, Recreation & Tourism examines the ecological footprint of disc golf. In the study, three ecological markers were used as indicators of ecological degradation: soil erosion, soil compaction and density of vegetation cover. Results from the study conclude that disc golf significantly increases soil compaction, which yields greater soil erosion and a decrease in vegetation cover. Soil compaction due to human trampling is a problem with severe consequences. (See “Ecological Impact Due to Disc Golf” article attached to this email).

4.  It’s potentially dangerous.

Discs used in disc golf are not the same as the Frisbees people use to play catch. They weigh 3 ½ times more than a golf ball. Even junior players can throw discs at 40MPH. More accomplished players can throw discs at speeds up to 75 and 80MPH. People hit by flying discs can be severely injured. Given where the current holes are placed, discs are going to be flying across heavily used trails. Even if disc golfers yell “fore” warnings, many people walk with headphones and won’t hear.

5. It is not compatible with the existing use of the park.

To help him design better disc golf courses at Boy Scout camps, Steve West created a statistical model of Boy Scout disc golf skills. He collected data on how far and how accurately Boy Scouts throw a disc. From this data, a model was developed for simulating large numbers of throws. His model can be used to replace guesses about where the discs will land with numbers based on data. The average Boy Scout routinely throws discs as much as 120 feet or more to the right or left of the fairway. If West’s scatter plots are superimposed on top of the proposed holes at the Waneka Lake Park, you will see that discs are going to cross well used trails, hit the Waneka Granary (which is on the Lafayette Register of Historic Places), land in streets and back yards.

6.  Disc golfing requires a large amount of space devoted to a single use.

Regardless of the intent of the disc golf course creators, the nature of disc golf has the effect of discouraging non-golfers from using the area. What typically happens is that once a course is installed, players came to consider it as their own and show little patience for other casual users of the area. Since it makes sense that no one takes a casual walk through a regular golf course, they will most likely not, for their own safety, take a walk on a well-used disc golf course either.

7. Other cities are closing down disc golf courses due to safety and environmental degradation.

8. Sufficient time was not allowed for input from stakeholders.

A letter was sent out April 24 to people whose homes are adjacent to the course. The letter said the Recreation and Parks Departments were “in the process” of developing a disc golf course and that comments and questions would be accepted through May 9, giving the impression that the city was accepting input as to whether or not this disc golf course was a good idea. Yet at the very same time the letter went out, an announcement that a disc golf course “is coming” to Waneka Lake this summer was posted at the lake indicating that the installation of the course was a done deal and any comments or questions Parks and Rec receives in reality do not matter. No one other than the people living adjacent to the course was notified. Even though the Waneka Granary will undoubtedly be hit by flying discs, the Historical Society was not notified. The birding groups that frequent the park were not notified. Many people other than those living right by the park have a stake in how that land is used, yet no one was notified. This leaves the impression that this whole project is being rail-roaded through by the Recreation and Parks Departments.

9. The current disc golf course is underutilized and in disrepair.

The disc golf course at the Bob Burger Recreation Center fell into disuse and disrepair. If that course fell into disrepair, what is to prevent a course at Waneka Lake from falling into disrepair?

10. Because of growing safety concerns, disc golf course designers recommend disc golf courses be exclusive use only.

The following is a quote from Gregg Hosfeld who is:

3-time Professional Disc Golf Association World Champion
4-time United States Grand Master Disc Golf Champion
Disc Golf Hall of Fame inductee-Class of 1998
World Record Holder: “Most Courses Played” – 1,151
Disc Golf Design Group-Senior Designer
Co-founder World Champion Disc Golf Design

“I truly LOVE seeing the growing popularity of disc golf. I’ve been competing in tournaments since 1976 and giving lessons since the early 80s.  I think it is a wonderful game for the entire family.

In the late 1970′s when disc golf was introduced, ALL flying discs were fairly lightweight and rounded edged. In other words, great for lofty flights and a game of throw & catch. As the game became more competitive and more geared toward sport, weight was added and then more streamlined aerodynamics were introduced. Over the years, these aerodynamics have been refined into some fast midrange discs and VERY fast “drivers”. Along with the “improvements” in disc technology, so must awareness of what that brings to the game. These high-tech discs, in the hands of a pro, can produce seemingly magically controlled flights. But in the hands of an inexperienced player, they can veer radically off the intended course.  Very similar to a ’1-wood’ in standard golf in that regard. Simply put, “Faster” is harder to control. Same with cars, airplanes and anything hand propelled. I NEVER recommend these high-speed discs to newer players. Nor can I stop them.

With that in mind, we should consider that golf courses are designed to be exclusive-use areas; golf ONLY. Why? Those little balls are hard and they can hurt. Disc golf has been increasingly moving in the direction of exclusive-use areas, for the same reasons of safety. Any responsible disc golf course designer understands that. Unfortunately, many people in the parks & rec industry are only vaguely familiar with the game and have no reason to think that discs are any different now than in the 1970s.”

Nolan Arenado 1

Arenado At Top With Cuddyer



colorado rockies sportsRockies third baseman Nolan Arenado wasted no time Wednesday night putting himself alongside teammate Michael Cuddyer at the top of the Rockies’ hit-streak chart.

Arenado pulled Rangers right-hander Colby Lewis’ 3-1 pitch in the first inning into the left-field corner for a two-run double, which extended his hit streak to 27 games — tied with Cuddyer’s streak last season for longest in club history.

The hit came after a two-out single by Troy Tulowitzki and a double from Carlos Gonzalez, and accounted for the first runs of a 9-2 Rockies victory.

Arenado, 23, is hitting .364 (39-for-107) with 11 doubles, four home runs and 19 RBIs during his streak.

The last time someone 23 or younger had a streak this long was 2003, when 23-year-old Albert Pujols had a 30-game streak for the Cardinals.

The streak began on April 9, a week before Arenado’s 23rd birthday. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, it’s the longest streak for anyone 22 or under when it began since Benito Santiago’s 34-game streak in 1987. Santiago was 22 throughout the run, which stands as a Major League rookie record.

Arenado is in his second year. After debuting April 28 last year, Arenado batted .267 in 133 games and became the first National League rookie third baseman to earn a Rawlings Gold Glove Award.


Source: MLB


james canyon 1

Restrictions Established in James Canyon



boulder county 1Traveling and Cycling Restrictions in James Canyon

Mayor Schoedinger asks for patience and cooperation to assist with recovery

Due to continued recovery and repair operations associated with the September 2013 flood event, Boulder County is re-establishing restrictions on non-local traffic, including bicycles, in James Canyon from the junction with Left Hand Canyon, through Jamestown, to the junction with State Highway 72 (Peak to Peak). The restrictions will go into effect immediately. Lefthand Canyon will remain open to all roadway users.

While the county’s high-hazard area remediation work has moved out of the area and into Fourmile Mile Canyon, private recovery efforts remain extensive. There continues to be a high-volume of large trucks and heavy machinery moving in and around Jamestown, which is creating a hazardous environment for motorists and cyclists alike.

After the flood event, many sections of Lefthand Canyon and James Canyon Drive were completely destroyed and Boulder County worked quickly to replace the previous asphalt roadway by installing temporary dirt “winter roads.” In areas where “winter roads” were created, the unpaved roadway narrows significantly and safe, uphill shoulders for cyclists are no longer available. This forces cyclists into the main flow of traffic for extended lengths, creating hazardous riding and driving conditions for travelers in both directions.

County Transportation Director George Gerstle asks for everyone’s patience and understanding by avoiding travel in James Canyon, as well in the Fourmile Canyon and the Raymond/Riverside area unless you are a resident or have business in the area. “If you don’t live in these areas and aren’t helping rebuild these hard-hit communities, you’re probably obstructing recovery operations. We want to remind folks who want to travel the mountain canyons that Lefthand and Sunshine canyons are better options and are open all the way to the Peak to Peak Highway. These canyons are also are narrow and have been reconstructed out of dirt in many areas, so we are asking everyone to be patient and drive slowly, and remember we’re working to make the roads more safe for everyone.”

As was available before to area residents who routinely commute by bicycle, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office is offering special permits that will allow those people to continue cycling. Please call 303-441-3650 to obtain a permit. Failure to comply with the cycling restriction may result in a court summons.

For more information, contact Andrew Barth, Transportation Department communications specialist, at 303-441-1032.


Source: Boulder County


Pac-12 Track and Field Championship 1

Pac-12 Track Field Starts On Saturday



Pac_12_logoThe 2014 Pac-12 Track and Field Championship will start on Saturday, May 10, for the heptathlon and decathlon participants, and the University of Colorado is sending six athletes to compete.

WSU is hosting the championships at the Mooberry Track & Field Complex in Pullman, Wash. Sophomores Brittany Lewis and Abrianna Torres and freshmen Ewelina Pena and Mariah Slack will compete in the heptathlon and seniors Jason DeWitt and Brock Emory will compete in the decathlon.

Torres is currently ranked third in the conference heading into this weekend’s competition with 5,241 points. A few weeks ago, she competed in the Mt. SAC Invitational Elite section and finished seventeenth overall. Last year at the Pac-12 Championships, Torres earned a third-place finish and ended competition with a personal best 5,357 points. With the score, she moved up to sixth on CU’s all-time performance heptathlon list.

Pena is ranked tenth in the conference with 4,266 points and Slack is right behind her in the eleventh spot with 4,087 points. Lewis closes the rankings out in twelfth as she did not finish her last heptathlon at Mt. SAC.

Dewitt sits in ninth in the conference with 6,724 and Emory is ranked tenth with 6,663. The two seniors and training partners have had similar marks throughout the season and look to have a strong showing In Pullman. This is Brock’s second year at the Pac-12 meet, and he is looking to improve from his eighth place finish. DeWitt is joining for the first time and hopes to make a splash in his debut.

This weekend’s action will conclude on Sunday, May 11. The rest of the championship will be on May 17-18, also in Pullman.


Source: CU Buffs


david dahl 1

David Dahl – Two Home Runs Monday



Dahl, who is ranked No. 66 on’s Top 100 prospects list, finished the game 2-for-4 with three RBIs.colorado rockies sports

The Rockies selected Dahl 10th overall in the 2012 First-Year Player Draft. He had an impressive professional debut that summer, leading the rookie-level Pioneer League in batting (.379), slugging (.625) and OPS (1.048).

Dahl was unable to build on that momentum in 2013. He opened the season with Asheville, only to be sent back to extended spring training after just one game because of a disciplinary problem. He returned to the club in late April, but his season ended the next week when he tore his right hamstring a week later.

Dahl is making up for lost time now. In 28 games this season, he is hitting .276 with eight home runs and nine stolen bases. He ranks second in the South Atlantic League in home runs, trailing only Ryan McMahon, his Asheville teammate and the Rockies’ No. 5 prospect.


Source: MLB


Child Protection Recruitment Team 1

Child Protection Recruitment Team Needs Representative



boulder county 1Boulder County is seeking a community representative to serve on the Child Protection Review Team to help protect Boulder County’s children.

The Child Protection Review Team is a group of professional and community representatives who reviews child protection cases. The community representative will help review diagnostic, prognostic and treatment services available to the child and family. The Team also serves in an advisory capacity to the Boulder County Department of Housing and Human Services.

Applicants should be able to objectively and confidentially review cases. Have the ability to process emotionally charged information and be able to follow confidentiality protocol. For this vacant seat, preference will be given to applicants who are parents, stepparents, grandparents, foster parents, etc.

The Community Representative will need to be able to meet for up to two hours per week during a one year commitment.

Those interested should contact Diane Ludwig at 303-441-4994 for more information and for an application.


Source: Boulder County


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