Well its not at Trident cafe. Nope its not at the Cup. Absolutely not. Its not at Starbucks . Where is the best mocha brewed in Boulder? In our kitchen that’s where .

And here’s how you do it.
Take a small coffee pot that brews four cups.  Take a package of Swiss Miss pour it into the bottom of the pot.  Then brew the coffee. When thei coffee is all brewed take a spoon and stir the bottom of the pot o get all the chocolate off the bottom. Pour into your favorite cup and then add a bit of half and half. Then take that concoction stick it in the microwave for 30 seconds and wallah, steaming Swiss mocha to die for.
The problem with all the coffee shops in Boulder is they will take espresso and then a ton of milk and then some chocolate syrup crap and throw in a cup, steam it and call that Swiss mocha and is absolutely not Swiss mocha is made from hot chocolate and coffee (not espresso) and mocha mocha mocha is Swiss Swiss Swiss. Coffee baristas need to get it through their head and stop serving up watery crap to us.  Your kitchen you can do it 10 times cheaper. I mean who wants to go to say the Cup and spend $4.50 for their crappy mocha when for $1.50 you can go buy Swiss Miss, coffee $2.00 a can, and some half and half for 1.50. You can make your


own what we do. And it’s yum