Who Are You?  What is your Life Path?                        

Find out in a new book entitled, Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born To Be written by Chetan Parkyn and published by New World Library this month.  The book cover is here through the courtesy of the publisher.

In 1972, while traveling in India, a psychic told the author that he should “get ready”  to introduce thousands of people to a system that would enhance their lives.   Over the next several years, Chetan was into face reading, Tarot cards, astrology, the I Ching and others.  He found out about a teacher Ra Uru Hu who was teaching a new system called Human Design.  Chetan studied this system which is a combination of four ancient wisdom traditions:  astrology, the chakra system, the I Ching and the Kabhalah.

Chetan’s book teaches readers how to create their own life charts.  The book includes some celebrity life charts from Madonna, Princess Diana, David Beckham and Sandra Bullock among others.

The “system” is a different way of finding self-awareness by using three keys:  the type of natural being; authority which  leads an individual to their own design by using their birth time and date; profile provides a portrait of how a person interacts with life and other people.

Author Chetan Parkyn Signings in Boulder/Denver areas

….Friday September 24th – 6:30 pm – Spirit Wise Books – Free! – Centennial, CO  –   
….Saturday,  September 25th – 3-5 pm – Isis Books – Free! – Englewood, CO –  
….Sunday September 26th – 10 am – 6 pm – Day Long Workshop – Creative Living Center – Denver, CO –

It is a fascinating philosophy and not light reading.  Read it when you are in the mood to dig deep within yourselves. And, there is downloadable software to enhance reading this book.

Okay, this weekend is filled with activities in downtown Boulder and at the 29th Street Mall.  Parades, music and much more are readily available.

On top of that the Four Mile Canyon Fire is out, people are returning to their home sites or homes to sift through their belongings.   Time to let them heal.   We will be covering the parade, if there really is a parade to honor firefighters, law enforcement and others involved in the recent fire.  Pretty miraculous, wasn’t it, that 3000 people are safe after being evacuated either through the reverse 911 or the work of Boulder County Sheriff’s Deputies knocking on doors.   What an exhausting 10 days!

Enjoy the lovely days and the football game!   CU vs Hawaii.         Aloha!