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It is flood season in Boulder; floods can occur IN A FLASH

The city reminds residents that the flood season is in effect through the end of September. Boulder is the number one flash flood risk community in Colorado due to the city’s proximity to the Front Range and the number of people who live and work near Boulder’s numerous creeks and floodplains. Remember, flash floods can literally occur IN A FLASH during a severe storm. It’s important that residents and people who work in Boulder familiarize themselves with their surroundings, keep track of the weather and know the dangers.

Here are some steps residents and employees can take to increase their safety if a flood event should occur in Boulder:

Before a flood – Be ready:

  • Have a plan for where to meet in an emergency and make sure children know where to go when they are at school or away from home.
  • Keep an emergency kit accessible. Include a battery-powered radio, extra batteries, flashlights, rubber boots and gloves, first-aid supplies, medicines, water stored in tightly-sealed containers and food that requires no cooking or refrigeration.

During a flood:

  • Move to higher ground immediately.
  • Stay out of flowing waters. Swift moving waters may sweep people away.
  • Avoid driving through flooded areas. Cars float in 18 inches of water and half of all flood fatalities are auto-related.
  • Stay away from power lines and electrical-wires. Electrocution is the number two killer in floods.
  • If time allows, turn off electricity and gas.

After a flood:

  • Do not return to disaster areas until authorized. Clean everything that got wet and take care of yourself.

When an emergency warning is issued by sirens, radio or other media, seek response information immediately. Tune radios to 850 AM or televisions to Boulder’s Municipal Channel 8 or local news.

The city maintains a flood information website that can help residents prepare before, during and after a flood event. Visitwww.boulderfloodinfo.net to see floodplain maps, watch informational videos and obtain a family flood action plan that should be filled out prior to a flood event and posted in homes. The family flood action plan can also be picked up in the Municipal Building, 1777 Broadway. For more information about personal preparedness, visit www.readycolorado.com, or contact the Office of Emergency Management at 303-441-3390.

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