Boulder police officers, employees and community members to be recognized for outstanding service


On Wednesday, Feb. 15, the Boulder Police Department will present 23 awards to department employees and community members to recognize them for their contributions in making Boulder a safer place to live. The ceremony will be held at 1805 33rd St. and will begin at 3:30 p.m.


Twelve Boulder residents will receive Outstanding Citizenship Awards:

  • Jared Kaszuba assisted a CU student from Nigeria who was being assaulted;
  • Norman “Matt” Moore, Nick Tarnofsky, Tyler Adams and Joe Sondag tackled suspect Galen Bercaw as he tried to strangle a woman and steal her purse, and held him until police could arrive;
    • “Erin” Kennedy gave police the tip that led to suspect Kevin McGregor, who was recently found guilty of First Degree Murder in the death of Todd Walker;
  • Ben Gilbert, Drew Meyer and Jeff Medanich held down an armed, combative suspect who tried to burglarize Gilbert’s home until police could arrive;
  • Lisa Hupfer and James Hansen are being honored for their heroics in rescuing a man from a burning car at a local gas station.

Department employees who are being honored include:


Purple Heart

  • Sergeant James Byfield was attacked by a suspect with a knife, and suffered a concussion and several broken bones while investigating a vandalism incident on University Hill;
  • Officer Christian McCracken responded to a report of a combative suspect and during the incident, suffered a serious head injury.

Medal for Lifesaving

  • Officer Kathy Lowe who, at great personal risk, pulled a man from a burning car (along with Lisa Hupfer and James Hansen – see above).
  • Officers Ron Perea, Andrew Kirshbaum, Beth McNally and Patrick Vest, who saved a woman who was trying to commit suicide.

STAR Award (Superior Tactics and Response)

  • Officer Nathan Vasquez was able to establish a rapport with a distraught, suicidal male at Boulder Community Hospital. The male was armed with a handgun, but Officer Vasquez was able to help resolve the situation peacefully.

Award for Excellence

  • Officer Marcus Askins provided superior service and built positive relationships with students and the community as a School Resource Officer for the past six years;
  • Police Record Specialist Renée McCoy is our resident composite artist, and her sketches often show an uncanny resemblance to suspects;
  • Detective Steve Faber provides the kind of above-and-beyond service on a day-to-day basis that makes the department proud.