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2015 update of the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan

City of Boulder, Boulder County survey residents about community issues

 As part of the 2015 update of the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan, the City of Boulder and Boulder County are asking 6,000 households in Boulder and the portions of the county that are in the Boulder Valley planning area to participate in a statistically valid survey that will help shape the future of their community.boulder comp

The City of Boulder and Boulder County are working together with the community to update the Comprehensive Plan, which guides public policy and land use regulations in the area. The survey is a cornerstone of the effort and asks residents for their opinions about issues facing the Boulder Valley now and in the future. Responses to these questions will help shape the plan to reflect what people in the community want Boulder’s future to be like.

The city and county worked with RRC Associates, an independent consulting company, to create the survey. RRC Associates is administering the survey and selected the households to create a sampling that will yield a statistically valid result that accurately reflects opinion in the larger community. The firm will compile the responses and present the results to the city and county this December. One resident in each household who is older than 18 can take the survey. Residents who receive the survey can find instructions online

Boulder and Boulder County ask that the 2,000 households that received paper surveys return them using the postage-paid envelope by Saturday, Oct. 10. The 4,000 households that received postcards inviting them to take the online form of the same survey are asked also are asked to complete it by Saturday, Oct. 10. Participants can choose to take either form of the survey, but can only take the survey once. Individual responses are confidential, and the survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.

For people interested in the plan update, the website contains a wealth of information about the plan, including area maps, the Trends Report and data, subcommunity fact sheets and information about how to get involved with the plan update.