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Robber strikes again!


Boulder police investigating armed robbery at liquor store


The Boulder Police Department is investigating an Aggravated Robbery which occurred at 10:04 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 30, 2013 at The Boulder Beer & Liquor Emporium. The store is located at 4700 Table Mesa Drive.


Two male employees told police that a Hispanic male entered the store, approached the counter and demanded cash. The lower half of the suspect’s face was covered, possibly with a black bandana. The suspect displayed a handgun tucked into the waistband of his jeans during the robbery. No one was injured.

It's possible the same man is responsible for several robberies in the last couple of weeks

It’s possible the same man is responsible for several robberies in the last couple of weeks




One of the employees handed over an undisclosed amount of cash to the suspect, who left the store on foot in an unknown direction.


The employees described the suspect as:


  • Hispanic male
  • Spoke with a Spanish accent
  • Mid-twenties
  • 5’7” tall
  • 135 pounds
  • Black hair, brown eyes, “bushy” eyebrows
  • Wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans, with hood covering his head. May have been wearing a beanie cap.

The case number is 13-17225.



Boulder’s Homeless are bad for business


Christmas day was a nightmare for one Boulder Police officer who spent most of her day shagging drunks out of Starbucks and Jamba Juice at 30th and Arapaho. Both are popular spots for homeless alcoholics and drug addicts to convene. The officer had spent so much time arresting people for fighting, that by the end of her shift she had not had time for a break or a cup of coffee. When we ran into her at Starbucks it  had closed and she was trying to figure out where she could get a cup a Joe on Christmas night ?

It was cold and pitiful that night. But the hardcore homeless who dominate Starbucks, Jamba Juice and King Soopers in that neighborhood were either in jail or sleeping under their tarps in the campsites that litter the bike paths nearby.  This is a crazy violent out of control neighborhood run by street pirates. Boulder PD is determined to clean it up. After weeks of trouble Police presence  is now a constant. They are a welcome site for most Starbuck patrons.

One Patron named Tom who is a 62 year old part time scientist at NOAA across the street from Starbucks was attacked  by one of the homeless drunks two nights ago. We were sitting in the Boulder Channel 1 SUV covering this story when we witnessed the whole event.  Tom had ridden his bike from NOAA to Starbucks and was on his way in to get a cup of coffee for his bike ride home at around 5:30 pm.  He was followed by a big tall  homeless man named Charles. Within seconds Charles had Tom pinned against the wall of Starbucks and was screaming at him that he was going to kill him. It was quite shocking. Patrons who were on their way into Starbucks turned around and left. When we asked Tom what that was all about he said , “he had no idea.  the man was one of the crazy homeless people who hang around Starbucks.”

The next night we told this story to Doc who is a homeless programmer who works out of Starbucks. Doc knows everyone on the streets and avoids them all because they are either drunk or crazy.  ” Charles is seriously crazy” said Doc. “He’s is big and does not feel pain. He gets off on beating people up especially little ole scientist types from NOAA. ” Doc Said.

Doc was an alcoholic who sobered up 4 years ago. He used to be a serious programmer and code slinger making over 100 k a year. Now he sleeps under a bridge.  He’s is not crazy from what we could see. He is just disenfranchised.  He won’t get food stamps, or housing or any kind of disability. He picks up work here and there from small start ups.  Last week he cut himself in the night when he fell near his camp. During the flood in September he nearly drowned when the water came through Arapaho Avenue. But he refused help. He refused help from FEMA, the Red Cross or the county. Doc weighs about 88 lbs but should weigh 160lbs. He is starving to death on the streets of Boulder. What’s weird is that he is a perfectly nice guy and seems normal.  He says he just wants a job and a place to live. It is almost like he is too proud to accept public assistance. Doc is one of the few we met on the streets who actually wants a job and is capable of doing high level work.

Most of the street people we have seen around Starbucks are bums; Drunken street alcoholics who are completely lost. One Starbucks manager told us ” we have had it with these people. They have no respect for anything and they drive customers off” Starbucks has started calling the police two and three times a day to have the street people thrown out in an intensive campaign.  Police now come in go table to table see who is homeless. They then 86 them with a warning ” if you come back you will be ticketed arrested and jailed. ” This is all new. Last fall we witnessed the police being all nice , sweet and kind to trouble makers. Better late then never.

Last night when we were in Starbucks at 5:30 the place was empty except for 3 homeless men all of whom were very homeless looking and smelling. One of them had brought in a giant two wheeler with a ton of homeless bags on it. Doc was there too. He had a   computer but 5 layers of clothes, bags and he looked pretty bad. Meaning, he had dirty long hair, a beard, ski pants and homeless gloves. He just didn’t fit the Starbucks mold.

On Christmas there were 30 or 40 homeless men and women in and out all day and night. They were drinking and fighting inside , out side, with patrons and with police. Boulder Homeless are bad for business. They have nearly ruined a popular Starbucks.  The Starbucks in King Soopers across the parking lot is just as bad. It is packed with homeless men and women every day and night. It is just not the kind of Starbucks you would go to.

Lately Doc has been thrown out of all the Starbucks and he has no place to work. But who wants a homeless dirty sucking up the oxygen in a business that likes to turn table every hour.

Bo is a black man. He recently lost his job at NIST and now lives under a camper shell in  a storage lot on Arapaho. He comes to Starbucks about 3 times a week to check his email and go online. Bo is a rubber tramp. He has a jeep, gets  unemployment, but he’s still homeless. He does not look as rough as Doc so Starbucks does not throw him out.

Chief is an Indian from the Rose Bud reservation in Nebraska.  He comes to Boulder to hang out. But he too is homeless. He lives in a mini van that he parks around Boulder at night. But chief is very disturbed. He likes to rape women and often talks about killing people. He is known to Boulder PD but they can’t do anything about him unless someone files a complaint.

Stevie is a black man who got washed out by the flood. He is homeless and crashes where he can. Doc says a lot of these guys are losing their minds and are getting worse. Stevie has been a Boulder bum for years and has a long criminal record to go along with it. It includes robbery, breaking and enter, rape, theft, forgery. He’s a model citizen.


Most of the people on the Boulder streets are white adult males. A few are black, Indian or Mexican. Fewer still are women. All of them are in same kind of Dominate addiction or have severe mental health issues. Only a hand full are homeless for loss of job or the flood.

Ashton was homeless but  got it together to get SSI, a room to rent, medical, mental health , food stamps, but he drinks.. a lot. He still lives the homeless drunken lifestyle. A lot of his friends are low bottom drunks, “trailer court trash” Ashton himself is a convicted felon with a long prison jacket. Though he stays out of trouble , he can’t quite shake the old street alcoholic mentality.

Jeanie is 18 and lives in a camp near Starbucks. She and her boyfriend Dan and Dans father and his old lady all live together at Starbucks on 30th. Danny beat Jeannie up last week at Starbucks so he went to jail. Jeannie is trying to get away from Danny but she is addicted to Heroin and Danny pimps her out for dope.  Jeannie tried to sell herself to us for a bus ticket back to Arkansas and enough Heroin to get her there. According to Doc Jeannie also has aids and is pregnant.  But no one around Starbucks seems to mind or care .

Rick is homeless. He works nights at IBM. During the day he trys to pick up college girls at Starbucks but they are repulsed by Rick. He latches on to them and stalks them and then threatens them. So rick is a scary guy.

Toby is not homeless but he works at King Soopers as a manger. He befriends homeless people especially young homeless girls. He then offers them a place to live for free which happens to be a town house his mother left him 3 blocks away. Toby is a bad alcoholic and often runs the risk of being victimized by the street girls he helps. According to Ashton who lives with Toby says ” they always steal from Toby. Sometimes they will have their boyfriends come  over , beat Toby up and rob him. Toby never files a crime report.  ”

Two weeks ago Sara  got killed in a drunk driving accident on Highway 93 after leaving Starbucks, high on dope. she had just robbed Toby and was on her way out of town. Toby went to her memorial service.

Across Arapaho from Starbucks is a shed where three homeless men got into a fight over this camp. There was a murder and then there was prison. They were all Starbuck homeless regulars.

The patio in front of Starbucks and the outdoor section at Jamba juice is a  homeless pirate  territory. There are dozens of street addicts there each day planning robberies, dealing dope, knifing each other. It is a very unsafe zone and the public is not invited.

This story was written by Boulder channel 1 staff. Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent



sheriff badge

Another armed robbery, same suspect?


Monday, December 30, 2013

BOULDER COUNTY-On December 29, 2013 at approximately 7:35 p.m. The Short Stop gas station located at 1595 55th Street in Boulder County was robbed.  The station clerk reported a male displayed a gun, which he had in his waistband, and demanded money before leaving the area.

The suspect is described as a Latin male approximately 5’8-5’10 with  a “scrawny build”. He wore a gray beanie hat with an orange decal or writing on one side that may have been a Denver Broncos logo or emblem. He had a dark gray jacket with a black inside or liner and blue jeans. The jeans were held on by a black belt and his jeans were sagging quite a bit. He had a tattoo on his abdomen that appeared to be old English writing.

He was driving a dark colored older model 2-door Chevrolet blazer with duct tape on the rear passenger wing window and left driving southbound on 55th Street from Arapahoe Road.

Anyone with information about this robbery is asked to contact Detective Brian Jones at 303-441-1681 and refer to case number 13-6916.

Commander Heidi Prentup
Boulder County Sheriff’s Office

sheriff patch

Victim of officer-involved shooting dies


- At approximately 8:35 a.m. this morning Boulder County Communications received a call for a welfare check at a residence in the 8300 block of North 95th Street, Boulder County.

Deputies arrived at approximately 8:45 a.m. and spoke with two women in the residence.  They were directed to a bedroom where one of the woman indicated her 44-year-old son had been for the past several days.  She said he had made some veiled suicidal statements, but indicated he did not have access to weapons.

As the deputies spoke to the man he displayed a hand gun.  He was shot by one of the deputies.  After rendering medical assistance on scene the victim was airlifted by Med Evac Air Ambulance to Denver General Hospital where he was taken into surgery.

The Boulder County Multi Agency Critical Incident Investigation Team comprised of detectives and District Attorney’s Office representatives will investigate the incident.  Per Sheriff’s Office procedures the Deputy involved in the shooting will be placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.  The name of the Deputy and the shooting victim are not currently being released.


At approximately 1:15 p.m. this afternoon the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office received information that the 44-year old male involved in the shooting on 95th Street had died.

The Boulder County Coroner’s Office is now assisting in the investigation and the Coroner will release the name of the decedent once they determine all family members have been notified.


Case number 13-6910


Perv arrested for assault and attempted car theft


Boulder police arrest sexually violent predator in assault, attempted vehicle theft


Boulder police arrested Sean Christopher Jackson (DOB 10/12/1985) on the evening of Dec. 26, 2013 after an investigation revealed that Jackson was likely responsible for assaulting an adult female and attempting to steal her vehicle.


At 6:03 p.m., Boulder police dispatch received a call reporting an assault in the 1500 block of Easy Rider Lane (near the 1400 block of Lee Hill Road). A 44-year-old woman who lives in the neighborhood had parked her car on the street and gotten out to retrieve some belongings from the passenger side of the car. At that point, a male approached her from behind and demanded her car keys. He grabbed her coat with one hand and began spraying her with pepper spray with the other hand. The victim struggled with the suspect and was able to run to her home where a roommate called police.

SVP Sean Christopher Jackson


The suspect fled on foot.


At 6:09 p.m., police dispatch received a call from a man saying that he’d been cut and needed help. The caller refused to give any other details to dispatchers. The man, Sean Christopher Jackson, was found in the area of the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express, located at 4777 N. Broadway (Lee Hill Road and Broadway). Jackson was bleeding profusely from at least one of his hands. Although officers tried to help him, he became aggressive and threatening toward the officers, who took him into protective custody.


The area where Jackson was found is approximately two blocks from the neighborhood where the assault and attempted car theft occurred.


Police responding to Jackson’s location on N. Broadway noticed a blood trail, which they were able to follow back to the 1500 block of Easy Rider Lane.


AMR transported Jackson to the hospital by ambulance for treatment of his wounds. One of his hands suffered serious lacerations, which needed stitching. He was later taken to the police department for questioning, then to the Boulder County Jail after his arrest.


The victim was taken to the hospital and treated for exposure to pepper spray, and later released.


Jackson was uncooperative with investigators. He faces charges of First Degree Assault, Attempted Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft, Robbery, Criminal Attempt – Aggravated Robbery and Criminal Attempt – Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft.

Jackson recently moved to Boulder, where he registered as a sex offender. Jackson is considered a sexually violent predator and the Boulder Police Department notified the public earlier this week, as required by state statute.



hit and run

Suspect in a hit-and-run accident sought



Boulder police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who collided with a pedestrian in the intersection of Baseline and Broadway. The accident occurred on Dec. 19, 2013 around 2:03 a.m. Police need the public’s help to identify the driver.


The victim is a 23-year-old male who told police that he was crossing eastbound in the south crosswalk of Baseline, at Broadway, when he was struck by an unknown vehicle. The driver of the vehicle didn’t stop, and the victim crawled to the safety of the sidewalk when he realized he was lying in the street.



Two passers-by saw the victim on the sidewalk. They stopped to help him and contacted police. They did not witness the accident.


The victim was treated at the scene by Boulder Fire-Rescue crews, and then transported to the hospital for treatment. The victim’s leg was broken.


The case number is 13-16761.


Police are asking the public for help in identifying the vehicle and driver responsible for this accident. Anyone who has any information, or who may have been in the area of Broadway and Baseline at the time of the accident is asked to contact Boulder Police Dispatch at 303-441-3333.


Those who have information but wish to remain anonymous may contact the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-444-3776. Tips can also be submitted through the Crime Stoppers website at Those submitting tips through Crime Stoppers that lead to the arrest and filing of charges on a suspect(s) may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000 from Crime Stoppers.





Quiznos robbed last week


  An employee of Quiznos, located at 1606 Conestoga St., reported that she had been robbed by an unknown male at 3:11 p.m. on Dec. 18, 2013.   The female clerk was working alone in the store when the male approached the counter and demanded cash from the register. The suspect then told the clerk that he had a gun and would shoot her if she didn’t give him the money. 13-16740 Quiznos Photo 3

The suspect then grabbed a small amount of money from the counter and fled the building. The clerk did not see a gun and no one was injured.   The suspect wore a white towel to cover his face. The clerk believes the man had brown eyes with long, black eyebrows.

The suspect is described as:

·         Hispanic or Indian

·         Between 5’9” and 6’0” tall

·         “Tall and skinny”

·         Tan or khaki-colored shorts ·

  • Gray hoodie
  • ·         Brown, flat shoes with no socks ·
  • Dark blue or black knit hat ·
  • Dark blue or black light jacket ·
  • Black gloves with three white, circle or diamond-shaped patterns on the knuckle areaThe case number is 13-16740.

Police are asking the public to look at the attached surveillance photos and to contact detectives if they recognize the suspect. Detective Kurt Foster may be reached at 303-441-4329. Those who have information but wish to remain anonymous may contact the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-444-3776. Tips can also be submitted through the Crime Stoppers website at Those submitting tips through Crime Stoppers that lead to the arrest and filing of charges on a suspect(s) may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000 from Crime Stoppers.  – CITY–    

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Subway on Folsom and Arapahoe was robbed




Boulder police are investigating an aggravated robbery at the Subway restaurant, located at 2359 Arapahoe Ave., which occurred on Friday, Dec. 20, 2013 at 2:27 p.m.


A female clerk told police she was counting cash behind the register when a male walked into the store and up to the counter, and then demanded the cash. The suspect lifted up his shirt and showed what the clerk described as a “bulge,” and she handed over the cash. The clerk thought the bulge may have been a weapon, although she did not see a weapon. No one was injured.



The suspect was wearing a white cloth which covered his face. He fled on foot after the robbery, heading eastbound from the store. The suspect is described as:


·         White male

·         5’6” – 5’7” tall

·         Between 20-and-30 years old

·         Wearing blue jeans and a white and blue striped hooded sweatshirt, with a hunting-type cap with ear flaps

·         Eye color is possibly blue or green

The case number is 13-16846.


Surveillance video from the store is attached. Police are trying to identify the suspect and ask that anyone with information about the robbery or the suspect contact Detective Kurt Foster at 303-441-4329. Those who have information but wish to remain anonymous may contact the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-444-3776. Tips can also be submitted through the Crime Stoppers website at Those submitting tips through Crime Stoppers that lead to the arrest and filing of charges on a suspect(s) may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000 from Crime Stoppers.


SVP Sean Christopher Jackson

Sexually violent predator moves to Boulder



Police warn against vigilante reprisals


Sean Christopher Jackson (DOB 10/12/1985) has registered as a sex offender in Boulder. He was convicted of sexual assault and of failing to register as a sex offender.


Jackson is a white male, 5’8” tall, weighs 175 pounds and has brown hair and green eyes. A photo is attached. He has no known address and is staying at a local homeless shelter.

Sean Christopher Jackson, wh is a convicted sexually violent predator.

Sean Christopher Jackson, wh is a convicted sexually violent predator.


He has completed his parole sentence and is free to live where he chooses without restriction. He is required to register as a sex offender every four months and has complied with this requirement by registering in Boulder.


A sexually violent predator is defined as someone who is 18 years old or older as of the date the offense was committed, or who is tried as an adult for the offense and who has been convicted of one of the following offenses:


  • Sexual assault in the first, second or third degree
  • Unlawful sexual contact
  • Sexual assault on a child
  • Sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust

A person is also considered a sexually violent predator if, based on the results of a risk assessment screening, he or she is considered likely to re-offend.


More information is available on the Boulder Police Department’s website


The purpose of this news release is to educated members of the community about the sexually violent predator who is now living in Boulder. People should be cautious around Jackson. The information should not be used for vigilantism or to harass Jackson.





“Armed” suspects hit Lolita’s



Two suspects wanted in connection with robbery at grocery store


Boulder police are investigating an Aggravated Robbery which took place at Lolita’s Market, 800 Pearl St., on Dec. 9, 2013.


Two suspects dressed in black hoodies entered the store at 10:48 p.m. and demanded cash from the clerk. Their hoods were pulled tight around their faces and they were possibly wearing masks or neck gaiters. One of the suspects’ claimed to have a gun, though the clerk never saw a weapon. The men stole cash and cigarettes before leaving the store on foot, ultimately heading south along 8th St. No one was injured.


One suspect is wearing a hoodie with large white lettering written down the sleeve. The other suspect is wearing a hoodie with some kind of pattern across the front.


The case number is 13-16378.


Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Heather Frey at 303-441-3369. Those who have information but wish to remain anonymous may contact the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-444-3776. Tips can also be submitted through the Crime Stoppers website at Those submitting tips through Crime Stoppers that lead to the arrest and filing of charges on a suspect(s) may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000 from Crime Stoppers.



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