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The Better Back Store Motto!

The Better Back Store Motto!


The Better Back Store Motto!

They’ll literally bend over backwards for you at The Better Back Store in Boulder. That’s what their motto is and what their products do.

Call 303-442-3998

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Haystack Mountain Golf Course 50th Anniversary Celebration! Saturday, July 2nd

Haystack Mountain Golf Course 50th Anniversary Celebration! Saturday, July 2nd


Saturday July 2nd, 2016

Haystack Mountain Golf Course is hosting their 50th Anniversary with Golf, Burgers, Beer, and Games. A round of golf is only $5 all day Saturday July 2nd and stick around for food and games in the evening. Food will be served from 1-6pm and games will be played from 3-5pm. It will be fun for the whole family, come check it out!

Events Include

$5 Dinners – Veggie or Beef burgers and Hot-Dogs from 1-6 p.m.
$3 Craft Beers – Left Hand Brewery, Bootstrap Brewery & Oskar Blues
$2 Domestic – Miller draft

Closest to the Pin
Two distances +/- 5 yds is a win. Prizes at all levels!

Putting Course
Becky Clarke will be organizing a fun putt-putt course with lots of fun prizes for the little ones.

Featuring Live Bands 1-7:30 pm
Kevin Dooley – 1-4 pm
The Modniks – 4:30-7:30 pm



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Haystack Mountain Golf Course is Green and Lively

Haystack Mountain Golf Course is Green and Lively


Haystack Mountain Golf Course is Green and Lively
The sun and rain brought green grass and a lively atmosphere to Haystack Mountain Golf Course in Niwot. Grab your clubs and get some great exercise while having fun playing the relaxing sport of golf, plus when your game is done you can hang out and watch live bands on Grill Night Wednesdays and have a cold pint in the club house. Or if need some lessons, Becky Clark, LPGA offers some very personalized training through the summer for both young and older players.

Check out their Calender of Events

Download the 2016 Lesson Brochure

Find out more On Boulder Channel 1 Here

Haystack Mountain Golf Course Lessons

Haystack Mountain Golf Course Lessons


This time at Haystack Mountain Golf Course in Niwot, we talk with Becky Clark, LPGA Golf Professional. She shows us the great equipment they have for monitoring and practicing on your golf swing. Including slow motion video playback to see your swing and drills to help you work on improving it and using the flightscope launch monitor to see your ball flight and the numbers it tracks for your golf swing.

If you’d like to take advantage of this equipment or schedule training or lessons you can visit or, or contact Becky Clark directly at

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Aspen Eyewear

Aspen Eyewear


A full service family owned Optical shop in Boulder and the largest selection of eyewear frames and lenses in town, possibly Colorado. If your looking for fashion foward style frames or something for everyday, they’ve got you covered at Aspen Eyewear!

Aspen Eyewear2525 Arapahoe Avenue Suite E-23
Boulder, CO 80302

Phone: (303) 447-0210
Fax: (303) 413-9421

Monday, Wednesday 9am – 7pm
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 4pm
Sunday Closed

Map & Reviews
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Aspen Eyewear News

Aspen Eyewear TAVAT Trunk Show Nov 12th, 1-5pm

Aspen Eyewear TAVAT Trunk Show Nov 12th, 1-5pm

Come in to Aspen Eyewear Wednesday Nov, 12th, 2014 from 1-5pm for the TAVAT Eyewear Trunk Show for 20% off TAVAT Eyewear made in Italy.[READ|SHARE]
Aspen Eyewear Commercial

Aspen Eyewear Commercial

With over 100 years of combined experience, Aspen Eyewear - A full service family owned Optical shop in Boulder has the largest selection of eyewear frames and lenses in town, If your looking for fashion foward style frames or something for everyday, they’ve got your eyes covered at Aspen Eyewear![READ|SHARE]
Aspen Eyewear Creative Style Consultant on Oct 3rd + 11th, 2014

Aspen Eyewear Creative Style Consultant on Oct 3rd + 11th, 2014

Nancy Taylor Farel, Creative Consultant will be at Aspen Eyewear, two days in October, to provide One Hour consultations that maximize appearance potential, enhance your personal and professional presence.[READ|SHARE]
Aspen Eyewear - It's A "Sunny" Day

Aspen Eyewear - It's A "Sunny" Day

Get your eyes to Aspen Eyewear for the Sunny Day special of 20% off their large section of Sunglasses and don't forget your kids, their eyes are particularly susceptible to the sun's damaging rays. Aspen Eyewear has a wide variety of sunglasses for kids at well. Have a Look![READ|SHARE]
Boulder Rock Club

Boulder Rock Club


Voted the Best Indoor Climbing Facility in Boulder 11 years running!

The Boulder Rock Club is the nation’s most progressive climbing gym and one of the first climbing gyms in the country, opening our doors in November 1991. They are proud to be an integral part of the local climbing community and Boulder, the epicenter of American climbing.

To meet the needs of the most discerning climbers in the world, they provide a combination of 200 high-quality routes and boulder problems, set routes three times weekly, and no route or problem is over two months old.

They also offer the nation’s most complete indoor climbing curriculum in our newly remodeled 10,000 sq. ft. building. With programs that include youth and adult instruction, competition teams, weight lifting and cardiovascular equipment, personal training, group fitness, and yoga.

Boulder Rock Club2829 Mapleton Avenue
Boulder, CO 80301

Phone:(800) 836-4008

Monday – Friday 6:00 am – 11:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Map & Reviews

Colorado Mountain School:

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Boulder Rock Club

Boulder Rock Club News

Boulder Rock Club Commercial

Boulder Rock Club Commercial

The Boulder Rock Club is the nation's most progressive climbing gym offering instuction, personal traning and compititions. Boulder Rock Club is one of the first of it's kind in the nation, meeting the needs of all levels of climbers.[READ|SHARE]
Boulder Rock Club

Boulder Rock Club

Boulder, Colorado indoor climbing gym, offering top-roping, lead climbing, bouldering, group fitness classes, as well as youth and adult courses. We are a family friendly facility catering to beginners and experts alike. We have been voted the “Best of Boulder” 11years running.[READ|SHARE]
Boulder Rock Club 2014

Boulder Rock Club 2014

The Boulder Rock Club wins the Best Indoor Climbing Facility in town and we visit them to learn about the personalized training they offer for climbers, of all ages, both in their fitness center and out on the mountains with the Colorado Mountain School.[READ|SHARE]
Boulder Rock Club 2003

Boulder Rock Club 2003

Jann Scott takes us to the Boulder Rock Club, winner of the best climbing gym in Boulder and we learn a little about what they offer for climbers and training for rock climbing for all ages.[READ|SHARE]
Boulder Rock Club 2014

Boulder Rock Club 2014


The Boulder Rock Club wins the Best Indoor Climbing Facility in town and we visit them to learn about the personalized training they offer for climbers, of all ages, both in their fitness center and out on the mountains with the Colorado Mountain School.

See more of our videos from Boulder Rock Club here

City of Boulder

Boulder Flood Info Expansion




boulder flood 01Inquire Boulder and dedicated phone line Expansion for Boulder Flood Info

To continue to provide the most up-to-date information, resources and a dedicated contact for flood-related information, Boulder Flood Info will now have a presence on Inquire Boulder as well as a dedicated phone line.

Boulder Flood Info is the city’s comprehensive resource for all flood-related information.  Currently, community members can visit for timely flood preparedness and recovery information or email with questions or concerns.

With flood season upon us, expanding Boulder Flood Info was essential to provide our community with more options to get the most up-to-date information, said City Manager Jane Brautigam.  We understand that community members are at very different stages of recovery and want to ensure they can get the information they need in various different ways.

Flood Info on Inquire Boulder
Inquire Boulder – the city’s virtual information desk – has been expanded to include a ‘Flood Information’ topic.  This topic covers all flood-related information requests citywide.  Community members can visit the Flood Information topic and make a service request.  Inquire Boulder also has a specific topic dedicated to Flood Cleanup.  If you have a Smartphone, residents are encouraged to download Inquire Boulder app.  This app automatically geolocates service requests and provides the ability to take a picture with your device and include it with the submission.

Flood Info dedicated phone line
The Boulder Flood Info phone line, available at 303-441-1856, will be a central point of contact for residents and community members.  As a citywide entry point, this phone line is a resource to answer questions as appropriate as well as route calls for department or topic-specific questions.

These additional resources should be used for informational purposes and are not intended for emergency requests.  If residents feel their flood question or concern is an emergency, call 911 immediately.

Other ways to get Boulder Flood Info:
Visit for comprehensive, up-to-date flood-related info including:
Downloadable Community Guide to Flood Safety;
See the Flood Recovery Status Map; and
Learn about what the city is doing and what you can do to recover and prepare for flooding in Boulder.
Sign up for the Boulder Flood Info email list
Submit questions via



Source: City of Boulder



CU develops solar toilet for third world use


Innovative solar-powered toilet developed
by CU-Boulder ready for India unveiling

A revolutionary University of Colorado Boulder toilet fueled by the sun that is being developed to help some of the 2.5 billion people around the world lacking safe and sustainable sanitation will be unveiled in India this month.

The self-contained, waterless toilet, designed and built using a $777,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has the capability of heating human waste to a high enough temperature to sterilize human waste and create biochar, a highly porous charcoal, said project principal investigator Karl Linden, professor of environmental engineering. The biochar has a one-two punch in that it can be used to both increase crop yields and sequester carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.

The project is part of the Gates Foundation’s “Reinvent the Toilet Challenge,” an effort to develop a next-generation toilet that can be used to disinfect liquid and solid waste while generating useful end products, both in developing and developed nations, said Linden. Since the 2012 grant, Linden and his CU-Boulder team have received an additional $1 million from the Gates Foundation for the project, which includes a team of more than a dozen faculty, research professionals and students, many working full time on the effort.

Sol-Char Toilet 2014

According to the Gates Foundation, the awards recognize researchers who are developing ways to manage human waste that will help improve the health and lives of people around the world. Unsafe methods to capture and treat human waste result in serious health problems and death – food and water tainted with pathogens from fecal matter results in the deaths of roughly 700,000 children each year.

Linden’s team is one of 16 around the world funded by the Gates “Reinvent the Toilet Challenge” since 2011. All have shipped their inventions to Delhi, where they will be on display March 20-22 for scientists, engineers and dignitaries. Other institutional winners of the grants range from Caltech to Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and the National University of Singapore.

The CU-Boulder invention consists of eight parabolic mirrors that focus concentrated sunlight to a spot no larger than a postage stamp on a quartz-glass rod connected to eight bundles of fiber-optic cables, each consisting of thousands of intertwined, fused fibers, said Linden.  The energy generated by the sun and transferred to the fiber-optic cable system — similar in some ways to a data transmission line — can heat up the reaction chamber to over 600 degrees Fahrenheit to treat the waste material, disinfect pathogens in both feces and urine, and produce char.

“Biochar is a valuable material,” said Linden. “It has good water holding capacity and it can be used in agricultural areas to hold in nutrients and bring more stability to the soils.” A soil mixture containing 10 percent biochar can hold up to 50 percent more water and increase the availability of plant nutrients, he said. Additionally, the biochar can be burned as charcoal and provides energy comparable to that of commercial charcoal.

Most public toilets look like this

Most public toilets look like this

Linden is working closely with project co-investigators Professor R. Scott Summers of environmental engineering and Professor Alan Weimer chemical and biological engineering and a team of postdoctoral fellows, professionals, graduate students, undergraduates and a high school student.

“We are doing something that has never been done before,” said Linden. “While the idea of concentrating solar energy is not new, transmitting it flexibly to a customizable location via fiber-optic cables is the really unique aspect of this project.” The interdisciplinary project requires chemical engineers for heat transfer and solar energy work, environmental engineers for waste treatment and stabilization, mechanical engineers to build actuators and moving parts and electrical engineers to design control systems, Linden said.

Tests have shown that each of the eight fiber-optic cables can produce between 80 and 90 watts of energy, meaning the whole system can deliver up to 700 watts of energy into the reaction chamber, said Linden. In late December, tests at CU-Boulder showed the solar energy directed into the reaction chamber could easily boil water and effectively carbonize solid waste.

While the current toilet has been created to serve four to six people a day, a larger facility that could serve several households simultaneously is under design with the target of meeting a cost level of five cents a day per user set by the Gates Foundation. “We are continuously looking for ways to improve efficiency and lower costs,” he said.

“The great thing about the Gates Foundation is that they provide all of the teams with the resources they need,” Linden said. “The foundation is not looking for one toilet and one solution from one team. They are nurturing unique ideas and looking at what the individual teams bring overall to the knowledge base.”

Linden, who called the 16 teams a “family of researchers,” said the foundation has funded trips for CU-Boulder team members to collaborate with the other institutions in places like Switzerland, South Africa and North Carolina. “Instead of sink or swim funding, they want every team to succeed. In some ways we are like a small startup company, and it’s unlike any other project I have worked on during my career,” he said.

CU-Boulder team member Elizabeth Travis from Parker, Colo., who is working toward a master’s degree in the engineering college’s Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities, said her interest in water and hygiene made the Reinvent the Toilet project a good fit. “It is a really cool research project and a great team,” she said. “Everyone is very creative, patient and supportive, and there is a lot of innovation. It is exciting to learn from all of the team members.”

“We have a lot of excitement and energy on our team, and the Gates Foundation values that,” Linden said.  “It is one thing to do research, another to screw on nuts and bolts and make something that can make a difference. To me, that’s the fun part, and the project is a nice fit for CU-Boulder because we have a high interest in developing countries and expertise in all of the renewable energy technologies as well as sanitation.”

The CU-Boulder team is now applying for phase two of the Gates Foundation Reinvent the Toilet grant to develop a field-worthy system to deploy in a developing country based on their current design, and assess other technologies that may enhance the toilet system, including the use of high-temperature fluids that can collect, retain and deliver heat.


Ron Baird

FLY FISHING THE SEASONS IN COLORADO by Ron Baird— just in time for Spring


An Essential Guide for Fishing through the winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
Author Ron Baird

“The single most important factor that determines a fly angler’s approach to a stretch of water isn’t the time of day, nor is it a hatch of insects or even the character of the water itself. It’s the season. From spring and summer through fall and winter, changes in weather dictate changes in strategy. This can be intimidating. If fish were biting here a month ago, why are things so different now? Where to go where they might be better? The seasonal variation of fishing strategy is necessary knowledge for any fly angler, and Fly Fishing the Seasons: Colorado is the first-ever guidebook to address this subject.”

Focusing on the world-class waters of the Centennial State, and with full-color photos throughout, this book comprises four equal sections—summer, fall, winter, and spring—each with a general locator map and each covering five to ten primary locations. The best waters to fish in this particular month or span of months? What flies and techniques to use? Look no further than Fly Fishing the Seasons in Colorado.”

Ron Baird worked for the Colorado Division of Wildlife,  where he researched and wrote about fishing spots for anglers visiting our state. His first book was Fishing Colorado. His new book Fly Fishing the Seasons in Colorado was released just in time for Christmas. It is available in book stores and fly shops all over Colorado or world-wide on

Mr. Baird is the news editor for Boulder Channel 1 and Channel One Networks

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