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Barbara Jo & the Hippie Buckaroos Jammin' January

Barbara Jo & the Hippie Buckaroos Jammin’ January


Back to Back shows for Barbara Jo & the Hippie Buckaroos Jan. 27th and 28th.

Starting Friday January 27th from 7:30-10pm at Cannon Mine Coffee in Lafayette for an all night set with special guests Dean Himes and Lonesome Rolan. Then Saturday the 28th they’re headed to the Pinehurst Country Club in Denver at a Private event for the Colorado Toy Train Group. Come share the love with them!

Find music, videos and more from the Hippie Buckaroos here :

Barbara Jo & the Hippie Buckaroos Jammin' January

4th of July Fireworks at Vista Ridge Golf Course

Boulder’s Gasoline Lollipops


Boulder alt-country band Gasoline Lollipops,proudly present the new video for “Love Is Free,” an advance single from the band’s upcoming Resurrection album that’s been in rotation the last month on the Colorado Sound, KBCO and KGNU.

While the GasPops have sold out their New Year’s Eve show at the Gold Hill Inn, tickets are still available for the CD-release shows at the Fox Theatre in Boulder (Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, 2/14) and Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins (Friday, 2/10).

Below is a list of upcoming Gasoline Lollipops gigs. For more information head to or email
Saturday, 12/31 (Gold Hill Inn) SOLD OUT
Sunday, 1/22 (Dive Bar, Belize)
Friday, 2/10 (Hodi’s, Fort Collins)
Tuesday, 2/14 (Fox Theatre, Boulder)
Saturday, 5/6 (Oskar Blues, Lyons) with SLIM CESSNA
“Love Is Free” video

Hippie Buckaroo Holiday Hoedown!

Hippie Buckaroo Holiday Hoedown!


Hippie Buckaroo Holiday Hoedown!

Saturday, December 17th, 2016 – 7 P.M. – 9:30 P.M., Barbara Jo and the Hippie Buckaroos are playing at the East Simpson Coffee Co. in Lafayette, CO.

With Music From: Emmylou Harris, Patsy Cline, Linda Ronstadt, Bill Monroe, & Hank Williams.
Special Guest: Lafayette’s Own, Lonesome Rolan with his accordion, Big Red!

Come enjoy out fun Country Folk Rocking music this holiday.

414 East Simpson St.
Lafayette, CO 80026

Women on Top

New Breed Dance Company Presents: Women on Top


New Breed Dance Company presents their latest and greatest cabaret Women On Top at the Dickens Opera House, Longmont, CO.

Women on Top

November 21st and 22nd 7PM
The Dickens Opera House
300 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501

Tickets $20 in advance
or $25 at the door

Find out more and order tickets at:

This sexy, athletic, and wildly entertaining show promises to tell the tongue-in-cheek story of some of history’s most unique leading ladies. Featuring the dancing talents of Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette, Josephine Baker, Hillary Clinton and more, audiences are in for a night of phenomenal showmanship, rocking live music, and raising cocktails for girl-power around the world.

Women on Top - Laura Rose

Laura Rose

Women on Top

Women on Top

Get On Up (The James Brown Story) Movie

Get On Up (The James Brown Story)


A chronicle of James Brown’s rise from extreme poverty to become one of the most influential musicians in history.


The Lumineers from Denver appear on Saturday Night Live


The Lumineers are an American folk rock band, based in DenverColorado. The core band consists of singer Wesley Schultz on guitar,Jeremiah Fraites on drums, and Neyla Pekarek on cello and vocals. Two fulltime touring members are with added musicians for tours.[1][2]Their self-titled debut album was released on Dualtone Records on April 3, 2012, peaking at number 8 on the Billboard 200 chart. As of December 2012, their debut album has been certified gold in the US, Canada and Ireland.

“Just” Daniel at Sweet Noise Cafe – August 11, 2012


I stubled upon this gentleman performing at the outdoor Sweet Noise Cafe event in Lafayette. I was stunned by his honest presence on the outdoor stage. Nothing fancy, just a man in black with a black guitar singing folk songs. Powerful.

Here’s one straight shot of a real straight shooter. He slayed Buffalo Springfield’s classic “For What It’s Worth”.



Boulder Art and Jazz Fest May 5-6


The 7th annual Boulder Arts, Craft and Jazz Festival kicked off today Saturday May 5th and runs through Sunday May 7. It features music all day from a main stage on the Pearl Street Mall at the court house. Other musicians are spread up and down the mall. There are literally hundreds of arts and crafts tents from one end of the mall to the other. Interspersed are food tents with everything from Mexican, Oriental  to American. It was a beautiful day on Saturday at the festival with a friendly relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of a Boulder old school event. A lot of Boulderites were present with a fine mixture of tourists. This is the big event of the year that kicks off summer in Downtown Boulder. The event is promoted by the folks from the Dickens Store who started the original Bands on the Bricks many years ago They really know how to put on a family event. You don’t want to miss this one because it was not a crush of people who have been drinking all day.  Of course the bars and restaurants are all open on Pearl Street and they were packed with festival goers as well. The theme is early 1969 Woodstock and for those of you who were there, it is all love, peace and music at the The 7th annual Boulder Art and Jazz Festival.  The music is excellent too. Bands played all day today and will start on the stage at 11:00 am til 6:30 pm: see the line up below.  This appears to be the largest authentic music festival in Boulder. There are some others but they  take place in theaters and bars and not on one stage. The Boulder Creek Festival is of course the very largest muical event just 3 weeks away on Memorial Day weekend with  5 music and dance stages. But Sunday afternoon will be the highlight of the festival.   The event is a charity event for Olive Branch a non-prot organization which brings resources and opportunities to widows and orphans in Rwanda and Uganda. They are active in building Orphanages, Medical Clinics and Schools in this country!

dick clark

Dick Clark 1929-2012


TV and music pioneer Dick Clark dies at age 82

American Bandstand is an American music-performance show that aired in various versions from 1952 to 1989 and was hosted from 1956 until its final season by Dick Clark, who also served as producer. The show featured teenagers dancing to Top 40 music introduced by Clark; at least one popular musical act—over the decades, running the gamut from Jerry Lee Lewis to Run DMC—would usually appear in person to lip-sync one of their latest singles. Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon holds the record for most appearances at 110.

The show’s popularity helped Dick Clark become an American media mogul and inspired similar long-running music programs, such as Soul Train and Top of the Pops. Clark eventually assumed ownership of the program through his Dick Clark Productions company.

It premiered locally in late September 1952 as Bandstand on Philadelphia television station WFIL-TV Channel 6 (now WPVI-TV), as a replacement for a weekday movie that had shown predominantly British movies. Hosted by Bob Horn as a television adjunct to his radio show of the same name on WFIL radio, Bandstand mainly featured short musical films produced by Snader Telescriptions and Official Films, with occasional studio guests. This incarnation was an early predecessor of sorts of the music video shows that became popular in the 1980s, featuring films that are themselves the ancestors of music videos.

Historic marker at WFIL studiosHorn, however, was disenchanted with the program, so he sought to have the show changed to a dance program, with teenagers dancing along on camera as the records played, based on an idea that came from a radio show on WPEN, The 950 Club, hosted by Joe Grady and Ed Hurst. This more-familiar version of Bandstand debuted on October 7, 1952 in “Studio ‘B’,” which was located in their just-completed addition to the original 1947 building (4548 Market Street), and was hosted by Horn, with Lee Stewart as co-host until 1955. Tony Mammarella was the original producer with Ed Yates as director. The short Snader and Official music films continued in the short term, mainly to fill gaps as they changed dancers during the show—a necessity, as the studio could not fit more than 200 teenagers.

On July 9, 1956, Horn was fired after a drunk-driving arrest, as WFIL and dual owner Walter Annenberg’s The Philadelphia Inquirer at the time were doing a series on drunken driving. He was also involved in a prostitution ring and brought up on morals charges. Horn was temporarily replaced by producer Tony Mammarella before the job went to Dick Clark permanently.

In late spring of 1957, the ABC television network asked their O&O’s and affiliates for programming suggestions to fill their 3:30 p.m. (ET) time slot (WFIL-TV had been pre-empting the ABC program with ‘Bandstand’). Clark decided to pitch the show to ABC brass, and after some badgering the show was picked up nationally, becoming American Bandstand on August 5, 1957.

“Studio ‘B’” measured 80′x42′x24′, but appeared smaller due to the number of props, television cameras, and risers that were used for the show. It was briefly shot in color in 1958 when WFIL-TV began experimenting with the then-new technology. Due to a combination of factors that included the size of the studio, the need to have as much space available for the teenagers to dance, and the size of the color camera compared to the black-and-white models, it was only possible to have one RCA TK-41 where three RCA TK-10s[1] had been used before. WFIL-TV went back to the TK-10s two weeks later when ABC-TV refused to carry the color signal and management realized that the show lost something without the extra cameras.

Clark would often interview the teenagers about their opinions of the songs being played, most memorably through the “Rate-a-Record” segment. During the segment, two audience members each ranked two records on a scale of 35 to 98, after which the two opinions were averaged by Clark, who then asked the audience members to justify their scores. The segment gave rise, perhaps apocryphally, to the phrase “It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.” In one humorous segment broadcast for years on retrospective shows, comedians Cheech and Chong appeared as the record raters.

Featured artists typically performed their current hits by lip-synching to the released version of the song.

The only person to ever co-host the show with Dick Clark was Donna Summer, who joined him to present a special episode dedicated to the release of the Casablanca film Thank God It’s Friday. Throughout the late `50s and most of the `60s, Clark’s on-camera sidekick was announcer Charlie O’Donnell, who later went on to announce Wheel of Fortune and other programs hosted or produced by Clark, such as The $100,000 Pyramid.
by the BacMaster youtube


Get free music downloads at BPL


Free music downloads now available from Boulder Public Library via Freegal


For everyone who’s ever heard a song on the radio and wanted to add it their collection, wanted a hit single off an album, or just wanted to explore the work of new musical artists, Boulder Public Library offers a new, free online music download service.  Freegal Music, a downloadable music service designed for libraries, is now available through the library’s website at:


Freegal is free for all Boulder Public Library (BPL) cardholders who live in Boulder County, and all downloads may be kept permanently. Each library cardholder may download up to three songs per week (156 per year) and keep the songs forever. All that is needed to access this service is a Boulder Public Library card number in good standing.


Freegal Music provides access to the Sony Music Entertainment catalog, which includes hundreds of thousands of songs, more than 100 genres of music, and more than 50 record labels. No special software is needed to use the service, and there are no digital rights management restrictions. Downloading of songs is completely free and legal for library cardholders. Songs are downloaded in a universally compatible MP3 format, so they can be saved to any computer, mobile device or MP3 player, including an iPod. Songs can be downloaded at home or at computer stations in libraries via a USB device, such as a flash drive or MP3 player.  One click and you can save the songs to your iTunes or Windows Media Player.


“We are excited to be able to offer this free music download service to Boulder Public Library cardholders,” said Valerie Maginnis, library director. “It gives our patrons access to more of the materials they want, in a convenient, accessible format, while also being highly efficient for the library. We anticipate that this will be a very popular new service.”

More information and answers to frequently asked questions about Freegal are available on the BPL website,  Music can also be found in the library’s catalog by searching for “Freegal.”  BPL offers other music and film streaming services, such as Alexander Street, which offers 30,000 albums for streaming, at:

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