7/14 3 p.m. Gold Hill residents advised to use Sunshine Canyon Drive
Fourmile Canyon Drive and Gold Hill Run are closed from Poorman to Dixon in Fourmile Canyon. Residents of Gold Hill are advised to take alternate routes. Sunshine Canyon Drive is clear.

7/14 2:56 p.m. Impacts to Ann U. White Trail/Wagon Wheel Gap Road
Water is currently running down Ann U. White Trail and rising quickly. Wagon Wheel Gap Road (off Lee Hill Road) may be affected because of trail drainage.

7/14 2:21 Call center now open
A public information call center is now open. Call 303-413-7730 for updates on today/tonight’s weather event and related emergency information.

7/14 2:12 p.m. – Rock slide on Boulder Canyon Highway 119
A rock slide has occurred on Highway 119 at approximately mile marker 35. The westbound lane is completely closed. The Boulder County Sheriffs Office and the Colorado Department of Transportation are en route to respond. Motorists can expect delays; alternate routes are advised.

7/14 1:10 p.m. – FLASH FLOOD WARNING for Fourmile Fire burn area
The National Weather Service has issued a FLASH FLOOD WARNING for the Fourmile Fire burn area effect immediately.

Prepare for possible flooding and take appropriate actions in low lying and heavy drainage areas for Fourmile Creek and Fourmile Canyon Creek.

The Boulder Emergency Operations Center is activated and providing support to field emergency operations.

Further information will be provided as it becomes available.

7/14 10:30 a.m. – Anne U. White Trail in north Boulder area is closed due to flooding
The Anne U. White Trail (which follows follows the Four Mile Canyon Creek in an area near north Boulder) was closed last night by the Sheriff’s office due to flooding. The trailhead is located off Wagonwheel Gap Road and Lee Hill Road.

Continued flash flood warnings in the trailhead area are expected throughout the day today. Damage to the trail, including wash-outs and log jams may require the trail to remain closed for longer for repairs.

Updates will be made available as repair assessments and time frames can be estimated by the Boulder County open space trails staff.

7/14 9:10 a.m. – Current status of Fourmile Fire burn area after last night’s storm activity
Boulder County Road Maintenance crews are in the area clearing roads and culverts. All roads are open with the exception of Fourmile Canyon from Poorman Road to Gold Run Road and Gold Run Road to Dixon Road. Even though the other roads are passable, people are being asked to proceed with caution because of the debris remaining on the roads.

This morning, deputies and firefighters are in the Fourmile burn area assisting residents and assessing damages. There have been reports of a number of structures (both residences and outbuildings) and vehicles that were damaged by the rising water and debris flows. The reports indicate that these occurrences were throughout the burn area and not in any one isolated location. At this time, we do not have any estimates of the total cost of damages from these storms.

The weather forecast for today is predicted to be similar to the weather patterns we experienced yesterday (July 13, 2011). Residents living in the Fourmile burn area need to remain alert and cognizant of the potential for additional flooding.

7/14 9 a.m. – Notice about water quality after heavy rainfall
Heavy rainfall increases the flow of sediment into our local streams and creeks, increasing the cloudiness of water. As a result of recent heavy rainfall over the Four Mile burn area, this sediment has been significant, contributing to a temporary discoloration of Fourmile Creek and Boulder Creek.

The cloudiness and discoloration is an indicator of poor water quality and can mean an increased level of pathogens, such as E. coli and Giardia. People should always avoid drinking untreated and unfiltered water from streams, creeks, lakes, etc. Cloudy, fast-moving water may also have hidden debris that poses a safety risk, so people should avoid recreational activity in the creeks after heavy rainfalls or, at a minimum, exercise extreme caution.

Treatment plants for drinking water are designed to remove sediment and disinfect the water against pathogens, so the cloudy stream is not a concern for tap water. The City of Boulder does not draw any of its drinking water from these creeks.

7/14 1:10 a.m. – Secondary surge has occurred, no problems reported in city
The secondary surge on Boulder Creek has moved through the City of Boulder without causing any major impacts. While some emergency staff will remain at EOC throughout the night to monitor the possibility of more bad weather, no additional updates to this website are anticipated until after 8 a.m. unless there is a significant change in circumstances.

7/14 12:45 a.m. – Second surge possible in City of Boulder between 1:15 and 1:30 a.m. – no significant impacts anticipated
Emergency officials are expecting a possible second surge of water from the Fourmile Canyon burn area in approximately 30 to 45 minutes from now. This surge could affect Boulder Creek and move into a portion of the city east of Eben G. Fine Park, similar to what occurred several hours ago. The surge is expected to be no worse than the first one, when the excess water fanned out and dissipated without causing any major problems in the city. As a result, no alerts are being sent out and no sirens are being sounded. Police officers are, however, walking the creek paths and urging anyone who might be outdoors in these low-lying areas to move away from the water. Emergency crews continue to monitor the anticipated impacts in the city, and if notifications become necessary, will notify dispatch immediately.

7/13 8:18 p.m. – Event Update
Predicting Boulder Creek to rise to appoximately 1800 cfs, which will create nuisance flooding in low lying areas around the creek. Sirens being activated to warn people of flooding and to stay out of low lying areas. People living in Married-Studen Housing around 17th and Arapahoe should be aware of nuisance flooding in area.

7/13 8:15 p.m. – Water Surge near Boulder
The water surge is two miles from the City of Boulder.

7/13 8:10 p.m. – Additional road updates
Additional road updates:

Lee Hill at Lefthand Cayon is open.
Lee Hill at Old Stage closed.
784 Bow Mountain is closed.
1178 Carriage Hills is closed.

7/13 8:00 p.m. – Flood waters hitting Eben G Fine Park
Approximately 4-foot water surge hitting intersection of Boulder Canyon and Fourmile Canyon. Eben G. Fine park being evacuated. People must evacuate low-lying areas along Boulder Creek now. Approximately 15 minutes till 4-foot water surge hits City of Boulder limits. Boulder Police officers are in the area warning people of the expected water surge. Residents near Boulder Creek should stay alert and ready to evacuate.

7/13 7:45 p.m. – Event Updates
Flooding reported in Fourmile Canyon. Water levels appear to be receding. About 2″ of rain reported in burn area in less than one hour. One home reporting damage from significant debris flows in the 1500 block of Gold Run. Debris flows on many roads in area.

Four Everbridge (emergency call back) messages have gone out to different residential areas. First call went out at 6:22 p.m. to 304 numbers warning residents of active flooding in area. Second went out to 108 numbers at 6:48 p.m. with the same message. Third went out at 6:57 p.m. to 41 numbers advising to shelter in place because of road closures, and fourth went out at 7:24 p.m. to 67 numbers warning of flooding in low lying.

Members of the public are asked to not call the media line for information.

7/13 – 7:20 p.m. Road Closures
Storm is moving through. Fourmile Canyon Road is closed from Ingram Gulch to Logan Mill Road due to water and debris. Gold Run Road is closed at Dixon. Lee Hill is closed at Lefthand Canyon.