We ate at Foolish Craigs on Pearl Street. The food was good, but the waitress was so dirty , that it took away from our dinning experience.   When we talked to another waitress friend about the uncleanliness of the place all we met with was a wall of denial.  But there is nothing worse than to have your waitress wipe her hands on her black apron, have her clothes smeared with food, have her hands dirty and pretty much look and act like a dirty hippie pig.

All of the staff are like that at Foolish Craigs, so that in itself negates any good quality of the food. So we won’t talk about it.  Not that we are overly pristine. On the contrary we appreciate casual. but we hate, absolutely hate dirty floors, dirty tables, dirty kitchen and t0 the extreme, dirty wait staff.  We talked to Craig and he just didn’t seem to care what we thought. WTF. That’s it on them.