Seth Brigham went out of control on Saturday morning when he attacked Jann Scott at the Boulder 1 Foundation in east Boulder across from the Daily Camera. Scott is the CEO of Channel 1 networks and Boulder Channel 1. Brigham has a restraining order protecting the city council and city staff from him.

Brigham is upset because Scott is a witness for the city in Brigham’s protective order case. Brigham has admitted to Boulder Channel 1 news that he has shown up at city council meeting drunk and under the influence of drugs on many occasions. He is also a mental patient. The combination of which is volatile. Brigham has called Boulder Channel 1 drunk and screaming many times over the past 10 years.

He has physically confronted Jann Scott on multiple occasions. Saturdays attack was the latest occurrence. Brigham was escorted from the building.

The city attorney Tom Carr who is prosecuting Brigham was informed and concerned that Brigham may have violated his restraining order by attacking the city’s witnesses connected with the case. The protective order strictly prohibits Brigham from contacting witnesses.

Boulder police department is investigating Brigham for criminal charges on his attack on Scott, interfering with a witness and other felony charges.

The permanent restraining order on Brigham will be heard next week. It will protect the city from Brigham, but he will still be free to attack citizens at will. Brigham interfered with media operations during the JonBennet Ramsey case in 1998. He has interrupted many city meetings, stalked Journalists and finally attacked Boulder channel 1 s Jann Scott. Brigham has also had run ins with landlords and neighbors over the years.

Brigham has written some columns for Boulder Channel 1, but they have had to be critically edited because of his extreme personal attacks on people. We have had to block his emails and phone calls. Brigham has proven himself to be a violent threat to staff at Boulder Channel 1.

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