When South Boulder Creek jumped its banks last year there were just too many acre feet of rain to stay put. That’s how my brain feels after the deluge of:

The Globalization of Terror
In a Single Garment of Destiny
Gays Saved Marriage
Song making
Kick Ass Career Advice
Science Ethics: Means & Ends
Tuesday’s Jazz Concert
Negotiating Nukes with Iran
Lessons Not Learned in School
Performance: Art & Social Change

Wrangling with essential, complex questions, feelings, and conflicts about U.S. & international political issues, I am deeply grateful to end each conference day with the solace of cultivated beauty shared. Thank you, panelists, ALL, for your courage and willingness to come, to speak, to listen, to dare to live and give in ways that are uniquely yours. We need all the voices, all the knowledge and all the distilled wisdom. May we have the courage to sip and hydrate from the fire hose, not very comfortable….