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2 black protestors arrested in Boulder during Saturday demonstrations


Joe Harris the black protestor who cursed out Boulder PD two weeks ago landed himself in jail this time for spitting on a motorist and becoming combative during march.

Police arrested two protestors this afternoon during a planned march in Boulder.
The first protester was arrested after a motorist complained to police that the protestor spit on the motorist’s car. The protestor did not have any identification on him and gave the police officer his name and date of birth. The initial clearance indicated he was wanted on several warrants.

An officer arrested the protestor in the 2700 block of Pearl St. and attempted to transport him to the Boulder County Jail, but was surrounded by dozens of people involved in the planned march who blocked the officer from leaving the area.

At this time, another protestor, Joseph Virgil Harris Tolbert (DOB 11/23/1983), became combative with police and refused to cooperate with orders to clear the area around the police car which had been surrounded. Tolbert sat on the hood of the patrol car, preventing the police officer from leaving the area to go to the Boulder County Jail.

Tolbert fought with several officers as he was being arrested and continued to be combative in his efforts to resist being taken into custody. Tolbert was transported to the Boulder County Jail and faces charges of Resisting Arrest and Obstructing a Peace Officer.

Police have released the first protestor who had been arrested on the warrants. There was a miscommunication regarding his social security number and the warrants do not apply to him. He was cooperative during the investigation.

Tolbert has been released from jail on a personal recognizance bond.

The case number is 14-15862. No further information is available and nothing further will be released this weekend.

christmastime 3

‘Christmastime’ filming begins Nov. 13 – Nov. 21 Boulder


christmastime 3HOLLYWOOD COMES TO BOULDER City of Boulder Welcomes the Filming of ‘Christmastime’
LOCATION: The City of Boulder is finalizing preparations for the filming of a movie, ‘Christmastime’ on and around the Pearl Street Mall. Filming will begin this Friday, Nov. 14 and continue through Friday, Nov. 21.

‘Christmastime,’ directed by Michael Landon, Jr., includes Ernie Hudson, Marley Shelton, and Christian Kane in the cast. The plot is focused around a couple who owns a business on the Pearl Street Mall and is visited by an angel during the holiday season. Approximately 150 residents from in and around Boulder will work as extras during the week of the filming.

STAGING AREA: The Municipal Center parking lot on Canyon Boulevard, just west of Broadway, will serve as the primary staging area for film crews from Thursday, Nov. 13 at 5 p.m. until Friday, Nov. 21 at 11:59 p.m. The Municipal Center parking lot will be closed to city employees and the public throughout this time period. The Library parking lot across the creek, accessible from Arapahoe Avenue, will remain open and available for public parking.

PLOT SUMMARY Echoing in the deepest depths of space, a humble prayer ascends: One from Maire Taylor, a smart, beautiful businesswoman who asks that her husband find the strength and wisdom to let go of their 9 year old marriage … While a second prayer simultaneously comes from Billy Taylor, a hopelessly romantic artist who asks that his wife receive the strength and wisdom to hold on. From these humble pleas, comes an answer in the form of a little miracle (an 8 year old runaway from heaven) who takes it upon herself to rekindle the once intimate friendship and romance that has slowly, but surely slipped away from Billy and Maire due to a heart-wrenching loss. Using all of her skill and charm (as well as some well-intentioned mischief!) our little 8 year old runaway comically sets out to heal their broken hearts and save their marriage by helping them get back to the basics of love.

FULL CAST AND CREW Christmastime

The Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

The Boulder Shelter for the Homeless


Greg Harms the executive director of the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless talks to us about the help they provide to people who can’t or are struggling to find a place to live and the mission the shelter provides to homeless adults in and around the Boulder community. With 160 beds and 2 hot meals a day they serve around 90,000 meals a day and provide 5 different programs of supportive help for clients. The Winter Overnight sheltering from October thru April for anyone who needs a place to stay. The year round Transition Program that helps people stay sober and find housing, as well as the Housing First program, that helps chronic homeless people to find and permanent place to stay and get care. Also they run the Boulder County Care which is a street outreach program helping unsheltered people who won’t make it in for the night to get blankets, food and clothing for the cold winter nights. Also if you want to donate or volunteer to help the Boulder Shelter you can visit their website at and find of list of what they need and what positions are available at anytime.

Art Cleaners - Best in Boulder 8 Years in a Row!!

Art Cleaners – Boulder’s Best for 8 Years In A Row!!!


Art Cleaners - Best in Boulder 8 Years in a Row!!

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Restrictions Established in James Canyon



boulder county 1Traveling and Cycling Restrictions in James Canyon

Mayor Schoedinger asks for patience and cooperation to assist with recovery

Due to continued recovery and repair operations associated with the September 2013 flood event, Boulder County is re-establishing restrictions on non-local traffic, including bicycles, in James Canyon from the junction with Left Hand Canyon, through Jamestown, to the junction with State Highway 72 (Peak to Peak). The restrictions will go into effect immediately. Lefthand Canyon will remain open to all roadway users.

While the county’s high-hazard area remediation work has moved out of the area and into Fourmile Mile Canyon, private recovery efforts remain extensive. There continues to be a high-volume of large trucks and heavy machinery moving in and around Jamestown, which is creating a hazardous environment for motorists and cyclists alike.

After the flood event, many sections of Lefthand Canyon and James Canyon Drive were completely destroyed and Boulder County worked quickly to replace the previous asphalt roadway by installing temporary dirt “winter roads.” In areas where “winter roads” were created, the unpaved roadway narrows significantly and safe, uphill shoulders for cyclists are no longer available. This forces cyclists into the main flow of traffic for extended lengths, creating hazardous riding and driving conditions for travelers in both directions.

County Transportation Director George Gerstle asks for everyone’s patience and understanding by avoiding travel in James Canyon, as well in the Fourmile Canyon and the Raymond/Riverside area unless you are a resident or have business in the area. “If you don’t live in these areas and aren’t helping rebuild these hard-hit communities, you’re probably obstructing recovery operations. We want to remind folks who want to travel the mountain canyons that Lefthand and Sunshine canyons are better options and are open all the way to the Peak to Peak Highway. These canyons are also are narrow and have been reconstructed out of dirt in many areas, so we are asking everyone to be patient and drive slowly, and remember we’re working to make the roads more safe for everyone.”

As was available before to area residents who routinely commute by bicycle, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office is offering special permits that will allow those people to continue cycling. Please call 303-441-3650 to obtain a permit. Failure to comply with the cycling restriction may result in a court summons.

For more information, contact Andrew Barth, Transportation Department communications specialist, at 303-441-1032.


Source: Boulder County


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Show up Early CU-Boulder commencement


Show up early for CU graduation here in Boulder this morning.The University of Colorado Boulder will hold its spring commencement ceremony on Friday, May 9, at 8:30 a.m. at Folsom Field and people planning to drive to campus should arrive early. Early arrival recommended for CU-Boulder commencement May 9 – See more at:
Due to traffic delays, and ongoing construction on U.S. 36 leading into Boulder, early arrival is strongly advised. Gates open at 7 a.m. and guests should plan to be seated by 8:15 a.m.
Campus parking meters and pay stations are free for commencement parking, with the exception of Euclid Auto Park, which will require payment all day. Traffic officers and parking supervisors and attendants will be available to assist campus visitors.
For more information about commencement visit, and for information on commencement parking visit

- See more at:
source CU

Child Protection Recruitment Team 1

Child Protection Recruitment Team Needs Representative



boulder county 1Boulder County is seeking a community representative to serve on the Child Protection Review Team to help protect Boulder County’s children.

The Child Protection Review Team is a group of professional and community representatives who reviews child protection cases. The community representative will help review diagnostic, prognostic and treatment services available to the child and family. The Team also serves in an advisory capacity to the Boulder County Department of Housing and Human Services.

Applicants should be able to objectively and confidentially review cases. Have the ability to process emotionally charged information and be able to follow confidentiality protocol. For this vacant seat, preference will be given to applicants who are parents, stepparents, grandparents, foster parents, etc.

The Community Representative will need to be able to meet for up to two hours per week during a one year commitment.

Those interested should contact Diane Ludwig at 303-441-4994 for more information and for an application.


Source: Boulder County


neanderthal 1

CU Boulder – Neanderthals Not Inferior To Modern Humans



neanderthal 2The widely held notion that Neanderthals were dimwitted and that their inferior intelligence allowed them to be driven to extinction by the much brighter ancestors of modern humans is not supported by scientific evidence, according to a researcher at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Neanderthals thrived in a large swath of Europe and Asia between about 350,000 and 40,000 years ago. They disappeared after our ancestors, a group referred to as “anatomically modern humans,” crossed into Europe from Africa.

In the past, some researchers have tried to explain the demise of the Neanderthals by suggesting that the newcomers were superior to Neanderthals in key ways, including their ability to hunt, communicate, innovate and adapt to different environments.

But in an extensive review of recent Neanderthal research, CU-Boulder researcher Paola Villa and co-author Wil Roebroeks, an archaeologist at Leiden University in the Netherlands, make the case that the available evidence does not support the opinion that Neanderthals were less advanced than anatomically modern humans. Their paper was published today in the journal PLOS ONE.

Villa and Roebroeks scrutinized nearly a dozen common explanations for Neanderthal extinction that rely largely on the notion that the Neanderthals were inferior to anatomically modern humans. These include the hypotheses that Neanderthals did not use complex, symbolic communication; that they were less efficient hunters who had inferior weapons; and that they had a narrow diet that put them at a competitive disadvantage to anatomically modern humans, who ate a broad range of things.

The researchers found that none of the hypotheses were supported by the available research. For example, evidence from multiple archaeological sites in Europe suggests that Neanderthals hunted as a group, using the landscape to aid them.

Researchers have shown that Neanderthals likely herded hundreds of bison to their death by steering them into a sinkhole in southwestern France. At another site used by Neanderthals, this one in the Channel Islands, fossilized remains of 18 mammoths and five woolly rhinoceroses were discovered at the base of a deep ravine. These findings imply that Neanderthals could plan ahead, communicate as a group and make efficient use of their surroundings, the authors said.

Other archaeological evidence unearthed at Neanderthal sites provides reason to believe that Neanderthals did in fact have a diverse diet. Microfossils found in Neanderthal teeth and food remains left behind at cooking sites indicate that they may have eaten wild peas, acorns, pistachios, grass seeds, wild olives, pine nuts and date palms depending on what was locally available.

Additionally, researchers have found ochre, a kind of earth pigment, at sites inhabited by Neanderthals, which may have been used for body painting. Ornaments have also been collected at Neanderthal sites. Taken together, these findings suggest that Neanderthals had cultural rituals and symbolic communication.


Source: CU Boulder


folsom field 2

Seats3D For Folsom Field



folsom field 1University of Colorado Athletic Ticket Office is three days into the use of a new, interactive website that gives season ticket holders more control in the seat improvement process.

Partnering with Ballena Technologies, CU has launched Seats3D, enabling those football season ticket holders who wish to move their current seats or add additional seats to their account for the upcoming 2014 football season.

Last September, the University of Colorado Athletic Department announced the “We Care Customer Service Pledge.” This initiative was designed to raise the level of service expectation for every customer service interaction with the athletic department, specifically focused on the CU Athletic Ticket Office and Buff Club.? The Seats3D process is one of the new ways the ricket office is hoping to improve the customer experience and move towards fulfilling that pledge.

Fans have received an email with a designated date and time, at which point they can login to the interactive website. They can see what seats are available, the views from those seats, and have the opportunity to make choices. Fans who are satisfied with their seat locations and do not want to make any changes for the upcoming season do not need to go through this process.

The upgrade process will continue until May 9 of this year, and will be utilized again for men’s basketball in June and July.?

If you would like to become a season ticket holder, please call 303-492-8282 and one of our Customer Service Representatives will assist you between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.


Source: CU Buffs


City of Boulder

Boulder Flood Info Expansion




boulder flood 01Inquire Boulder and dedicated phone line Expansion for Boulder Flood Info

To continue to provide the most up-to-date information, resources and a dedicated contact for flood-related information, Boulder Flood Info will now have a presence on Inquire Boulder as well as a dedicated phone line.

Boulder Flood Info is the city’s comprehensive resource for all flood-related information.  Currently, community members can visit for timely flood preparedness and recovery information or email with questions or concerns.

With flood season upon us, expanding Boulder Flood Info was essential to provide our community with more options to get the most up-to-date information, said City Manager Jane Brautigam.  We understand that community members are at very different stages of recovery and want to ensure they can get the information they need in various different ways.

Flood Info on Inquire Boulder
Inquire Boulder – the city’s virtual information desk – has been expanded to include a ‘Flood Information’ topic.  This topic covers all flood-related information requests citywide.  Community members can visit the Flood Information topic and make a service request.  Inquire Boulder also has a specific topic dedicated to Flood Cleanup.  If you have a Smartphone, residents are encouraged to download Inquire Boulder app.  This app automatically geolocates service requests and provides the ability to take a picture with your device and include it with the submission.

Flood Info dedicated phone line
The Boulder Flood Info phone line, available at 303-441-1856, will be a central point of contact for residents and community members.  As a citywide entry point, this phone line is a resource to answer questions as appropriate as well as route calls for department or topic-specific questions.

These additional resources should be used for informational purposes and are not intended for emergency requests.  If residents feel their flood question or concern is an emergency, call 911 immediately.

Other ways to get Boulder Flood Info:
Visit for comprehensive, up-to-date flood-related info including:
Downloadable Community Guide to Flood Safety;
See the Flood Recovery Status Map; and
Learn about what the city is doing and what you can do to recover and prepare for flooding in Boulder.
Sign up for the Boulder Flood Info email list
Submit questions via



Source: City of Boulder


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