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2016 Boulder Creek Festival - Police

2016 Boulder Creek Festival – Police


Jann talks with the Boulder Police, Animal Control and Marijuana Enforcement officers at the Boulder Creek Festival and we have a look at some of the gear they use to help keep the peace.

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Boulder Channel 1

Jonbenet Ramsey murdered in Boulder Christmas 1996: Unsolved?


Jjonbenet 6onBenét Ramsey, was murdered here in Boulder December 26, 1996. This is a case and a story we all know well. Perhaps now with a DA and a police department working together, there may be justice for JonBenet. You can find everything you will ever need to know about the case here: Jonbenet Ramsey Murder Case .

jonbenet 4

John and Patsy Ramsey

Boulder Police believe John and Patsy Ramsey killed their daughter Christmas night 1996. In a fit of rage, Patsy Ramsey who had just returned from a party, grabbed her daughter and smashed her head against the bath tub. The child had wet her bed. But she was killed instantly.  Throughout the night  Patsy and her husband John created an elaborate scenario right out of the movies of how a group of Arabs had come into their home , left a ransom note, strangled and raped their daughter and left her body in the basement.

As soon as the first cop and detective arrived on the scene, they saw through the story.  By nightfall the Ramseys were on their private jet to Atlanta. Surrounded by a team of lawyers and PR people they went into hiding and on CNN to proclaim their innocence. They created a media frenzy the like of which Boulder nor America had ever seen. There was no way these rich freak were going to be charged with their daughters murder. First of all it would upset their social setting. Secondly it would ruin their image as a family of beauty queen socialites. Murder does not have a place there.

jonbenet 2

Burke Ramsey age 27 and his girlfriend.. ( striking resemblance to Jonbenet)

Burke Ramsey who was 9 years old at the time was whisked away. He has never been heard from since.  Police believe he witnessed the murder and was told by Patsy and John that if he planned on living he better shut up for the rest of his life.  Then district attorney Alex Hunter believe that to this day.  The hope is now that Burke Ramsey has come of age (27) he will come forward and tell what he knows.

That’s not likely. But current Boulder DA Stan Garnet could arrest John Ramsey for the murder of is daughter and he could arrest Burke Ramsey too.  That is not completely out of the question, but there is this legal issue ” beyond reasonable doubt”

Garnet gave the case back to Boulder Police department who reopened it. It is not a cold case.

One celebrated Boulder criminal defense attorney Skip Wollrab told us now that Burke Ramsey is of age”he could be subpoenaed to appear before a Grand jury to tell about what he knew , saw and heard the night of the murder. Just the facts. Some of it might be privileged” but this would give Burke a chance to tell his story.   Attorney Wollrab  told Boulder Channel 1 the “DA has got to be able to prove his case to a jury of 12 unanimously beyond a reasonable doubt. Knowing they did it is one thing , proving they did it is something else” he said.

There was also some level of semen found in Jonbenets body and police have not revealed whether they think it is Burkes.  At one point Burke Ramsey was himself a suspect and  police theorized that he might have killed his sister out of Jealousy.

The question is will the DA move this case forward this Christmas.



Lolita’s Robbed Again



Lolitas RobberyBoulder Police are investigating a robbery which occurred Tuesday, April 1 at about 5:16 a.m., at Lolita’s Market, 800 Pearl St.

The suspect approached the clerk, presented a gun and demanded money from the cash register. After receiving an undisclosed amount of cash, the suspect gave the clerk back some of the money, telling him that it was for the clerk. The suspect then exited the business and left the area in a white SUV of unknown make and model. The vehicle was also described as looking like a minivan. No one was injured during the robbery.

The suspect is described by witnesses as a white male, 5’9” to 5’11” tall. He was wearing black pants and a black hooded sweatshirt. The hood was pulled over the suspect’s head. He also had a brimmed cap and a bandana on to try to obscure his face.

There was another white male who was seen coming and going from the business earlier that morning who is believed to be involved with the robbery. He was seen wearing a yellow CU Boulder t-shirt along with black and white “Beatles” pajama pants. He has short brown hair and some facial hair.  Photos of both suspects and the vehicle are attached along with videos of the second suspect. The case number is 14-3962.

Anyone with information about this crime or the suspect is asked to contact Detective Kristin Weisbach at (303) 441-4474.  Those with information regarding the identity of the suspect and who wish to remain anonymous should contact Boulder County Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (8477) or (800) 444-3776.  Tips can also be submitted via the Crime Stoppers Web site at  Those submitting tips that lead to the arrest and filing of charges on a suspect(s) may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000 from Boulder County Crime Stoppers.


Source: City of Boulder


Boulder police: Serial bike theft suspect arrested


Suspect faces dozens of felony charges in bike theft series


Boulder Police detectives have been investigating a series of thefts of high-end bicycles from the downtown area and today, March 10, 2014, formally arrested the suspect, John William Samson III (DOB 10/04/1975). Samson was arrested at the Boulder County Jail, where he has been incarcerated on separate charges.


Samson faces 34 counts of Theft, one count of Third Degree Burglary, one count of Criminal Trespass and one count of Criminal Mischief. Twenty-nine of the charges are felonies.

bike thefts


Investigators believe Samson is responsible for the thefts of 43 bicycles from May 2013 until September 2013. The bikes are worth a total of approximately $147,000.00. The bicycles range in price from $700.00 to $9,000.00 each.


The majority of the thefts took place in the downtown business area during daylight hours. Most of the bikes were locked, either to bike racks or on vehicle racks. None of the stolen bikes have been recovered, and they have not shown up in area pawn shops.


Several bicycles were stolen from the campus of Boulder High School, including five bikes belonging to the Boulder High School’s mountain bike team. Those bicycles had been stored in a locked trailer and were taken during the Boulder flood.


Victims include local residents, people travelling through Colorado on vacation and at least one victim who had driven to Boulder for a bike competition, only to find his bicycle stolen the day before he was to compete. Victims are juveniles, students, professionals, a professor and an out-of-state fire fighter.


Brands of the stolen bikes include: Yeti, Santa Cruz, Transition, Titus, Felt, Scott, Specialized, Kona, Gary Fisher, Trek and Klein.


Samson is currently in jail, and his bond has been set at $100,000.00. Detectives are continuing to investigate.


The Boulder Police Department has been working in partnership with the Colorado Department of Corrections, which provided critical information and timely assistance during our investigation.


Anyone with information about these thefts is asked to contact Detective Craig Beckjord at 303-441-3336. Those who have information but wish to remain anonymous may contact the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-444-3776. Tips can also be submitted through the Crime Stoppers website Those submitting tips through Crime Stoppers that lead to the arrest and filing of charges on a suspect(s) may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000 from Crime Stoppers.





BPD: Chief Beckner moving on


  Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner today announced his retirement effective April 1 after 36 years as a Boulder police officer.   Beckner joined the department in 1978 as a patrol officer, became a detective, sergeant, hostage negotiator, commander, including commander of the SWAT team, and, in 1998, was selected as Boulder’s police chief.

Beckner retiring after 36 years with BPD

Beckner retiring after 36 years with BPD

“Throughout Chief Beckner’s career, he has served with honor and integrity,” said City Manager Jane Brautigam.  “His commitment helped to define the culture of the Boulder Police Department and what our community expects from its public servants. I am very grateful to have had Mark’s counsel and experience as we dealt with community emergencies from wildfires to last year’s enormous flood, and as we worked to make Boulder a safer community. Through his leadership, we have built a strong police department that will continue to serve and protect the community for years to come.”

During Beckner’s tenure as chief, the Police Department opened the Communications Center, implemented the motorcycle traffic unit, received Colorado Accreditation through the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police, created the Major Crimes Unit, oversaw the planning and construction of the police training center and firearms range, brought Animal Control Services and Code Enforcement under the department, and worked with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to create, fund, and staff a CBI DNA lab in the Boulder Police Department.

“It has been a privilege and an honor to serve Boulder,” said Beckner. “Over the past 36 years, we’ve covered a lot of ground from riots to Presidential visits, but what I will treasure most is the interactions and support from the community as we faced tragedies and celebrated successes together.   “Boulder has been a very rewarding career,” he said. “I am very appreciative to have served with so many fine men and women who helped build a strong, honorable department. And while it’s difficult to close this final chapter of a long and exciting career in law enforcement, I know that the department is in very capable hands, and I’m looking forward to new opportunities in my future.”

Over the next few weeks, Brautigam will be working with the police and city human resources departments to develop a search process for Boulder’s next police chief.


Boulder Police Badge

ID thieves targeting vehicles, cops say


Boulder police warn of ID theft ring operating in Boulder, metro area


Boulder police are reminding residents to lock their vehicle doors and to remember to take valuable items, such as purses and wallets, with them when leaving vehicles unattended.


The theft ring is believed to be involved in three cases in Boulder and more than 50 cases in other jurisdictions. So far, the thieves are responsible for approximately $100,000 in thefts. (Boulder police case numbers are: 14-1105, 14-1101 and 14-1475).


Investigators believe that at least two male suspects forcibly enter victim vehicles by breaking windows and then stealing purses and wallets, which were left in clearly visible areas of the cars. The suspects then deposit and cash the victim’s checks using the stolen IDs and often use wigs and other disguises when dealing with banks.

ID Theft Suspect2

ID Theft Suspect

It’s believed the suspects are using newer-model SUVs when they make deposits at drive-up bank windows. Some of the vehicles used include a new, mint-green Ford Explorer with tinted windows; a white SUV and a black Infinity SUV.


Photos of suspects who appear to be females are attached and police are asking the public for help in identifying them. It’s possible that the suspects in the photos are wearing wigs or are otherwise disguised.


During the past two weeks, the suspects have trespassed vehicles and stolen IDs every single day somewhere in the Denver metro area.


Anyone with information about the crimes or the suspects is asked to call the Boulder Police Department at 303-441-3333 or to email us at Those who have information but wish to remain anonymous may contact the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-444-3776. Tips can also be submitted through the Crime Stoppers website at Those submitting tips through Crime Stoppers that lead to the arrest and filing of charges on a suspect(s) may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000 from Crime Stoppers.





Mark Beckner: Fleet White not involved in JonBenets Murder…..mmm—kay



The Whites

For the third time in 15 years Boulder Police have repeatedly said Fleet White was not involved in JonBenets murder. Why do they keep bringing up Fleet White  then ?? And why now ? Why after reporter Charlie Brennan got the DA to release the Grand Jury findings which say John and Patsy Ramsey did it ?? White was in the house  the day of the murder, but why do the police keep going back to him ?? Are they setting a trap?? And for whom? Jon Ramsey ? These are the actions of a trap setter. Why are the police bringing this case back to life by retelling the whole saga of Fleet White and John Ramsey ??

jonbenet 1

The Ramseys

jonbenet 3

JonBenet at 6 in 1996. She’d be 24 in 2014.

The Saga is in short John Ramsey and Fleet white were best friends. They entertained together. JonBenet was friends with Whites daughter. White was with John Ramsey when he found JonBenets Body. But when John Ramsey and his wife Patsy went to Atlanta and went on CNN to claim their innocence… white and Ramsey had a huge falling out. Some say almost deadly and there were reports of a fight over a handgun on a couch.  White became a prime witness for the prosecution but in the meanwhile a California woman came forward and claimed white and his father had abused her. The tabloids and and some attorneys got a hold of the story and it blew up into a tawdry scandal. This case and story was laced with inappropriate sexuality concerning children  and the pageant industry.

Fleet White again wants the police to clear his name. Fine. But, Until John Ramsey is arrested and convicted by Boulder Police , DA and Boulder Jury there will be no peace for anyone involved.  The Ghost of JonBenet can be heard still to this day, screaming in the Boulder midnight January howling winds ” mommy why did you kill me??” listen carefully at night Boulder, you can hear here little voice.

jonbenet 35

Mark Beckner wants this case solved before he retires.

To correct past inaccurate statements and speculation appearing in the media, and at the request of Fleet and Priscilla White, the Boulder Police Department releases the following statement:
Since December 26, 1996, the homicide of JonBenet Ramsey has been the subject of widespread news reports and speculation by the media. A great deal of that reporting and speculation targeted innocent community members whose only connection to the crime was as cooperating witnesses. This includes the Fleet White, Jr. family of Boulder who suffered embarrassment and damage to their reputations. The Boulder Police Department recognizes the suffering the Whites have endured as a result of the accusations made against the White family during the course of the investigation.
The Boulder Police Department investigators have always considered the White family to only be witnesses in this case. The Boulder Police Department has never considered the White family to be suspects in the case. In 2000, the police department did investigate allegations made by a California woman to District Attorney Alex Hunter, as reported in the press, that were intended to cast suspicion on the White family. The department found no evidence to support the unfounded allegations. There has never been any evidence to link the White family to the JonBenet Ramsey homicide.
We wish to express our gratitude for the White family’s cooperation and contributions in regard to the investigation of JonBenet’s death.
Mark R. Beckner
Chief of Police


Scammers failing in Xcel ruse, so far



Boulder police have received three complaints from local business owners who say scammers pretending to be Xcel Energy employees have targeted their businesses.


The complainants have shared similar stories with investigators that begin with a phone call claiming that the customer’s utility account is past due and is about to be disconnected within the next few hours. The victims are then told to pay the bill immediately via a wire service like Western Union or a prepaid debit card like MoneyPak. In one case, the phone scammer wanted to meet the potential victim to get the money in person.


Scammers demanding "late" payments. So far, it isn't working.

Scammers demanding “late” payments. So far, it isn’t working.

The three businesses which were targeted received calls on Jan. 15, Jan. 17, and Jan. 20. In each case, the victims contacted police and Xcel to check that their accounts were in good standing.


So far, no one has fallen for the scheme and Boulder police would like to make sure that area residents and business owners are aware of the scam.


People should be wary of giving personal information like bank account numbers or social security numbers over the phone. It’s also a red flag if telemarketers use high-pressure tactics such as saying “you must pay now or lose your service.”


Anyone who has questions about their Xcel account may contact Xcel’s customer service center at 800-895-4999, or


Anyone who believes they may have been the victim of a phone scam may report it to the Boulder Police Department at 303-441-3333.



police news

Robber strikes again!


Boulder police investigating armed robbery at liquor store


The Boulder Police Department is investigating an Aggravated Robbery which occurred at 10:04 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 30, 2013 at The Boulder Beer & Liquor Emporium. The store is located at 4700 Table Mesa Drive.


Two male employees told police that a Hispanic male entered the store, approached the counter and demanded cash. The lower half of the suspect’s face was covered, possibly with a black bandana. The suspect displayed a handgun tucked into the waistband of his jeans during the robbery. No one was injured.

It's possible the same man is responsible for several robberies in the last couple of weeks

It’s possible the same man is responsible for several robberies in the last couple of weeks




One of the employees handed over an undisclosed amount of cash to the suspect, who left the store on foot in an unknown direction.


The employees described the suspect as:


  • Hispanic male
  • Spoke with a Spanish accent
  • Mid-twenties
  • 5’7” tall
  • 135 pounds
  • Black hair, brown eyes, “bushy” eyebrows
  • Wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans, with hood covering his head. May have been wearing a beanie cap.

The case number is 13-17225.


hit and run

Suspect in a hit-and-run accident sought



Boulder police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who collided with a pedestrian in the intersection of Baseline and Broadway. The accident occurred on Dec. 19, 2013 around 2:03 a.m. Police need the public’s help to identify the driver.


The victim is a 23-year-old male who told police that he was crossing eastbound in the south crosswalk of Baseline, at Broadway, when he was struck by an unknown vehicle. The driver of the vehicle didn’t stop, and the victim crawled to the safety of the sidewalk when he realized he was lying in the street.



Two passers-by saw the victim on the sidewalk. They stopped to help him and contacted police. They did not witness the accident.


The victim was treated at the scene by Boulder Fire-Rescue crews, and then transported to the hospital for treatment. The victim’s leg was broken.


The case number is 13-16761.


Police are asking the public for help in identifying the vehicle and driver responsible for this accident. Anyone who has any information, or who may have been in the area of Broadway and Baseline at the time of the accident is asked to contact Boulder Police Dispatch at 303-441-3333.


Those who have information but wish to remain anonymous may contact the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-444-3776. Tips can also be submitted through the Crime Stoppers website at Those submitting tips through Crime Stoppers that lead to the arrest and filing of charges on a suspect(s) may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000 from Crime Stoppers.




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