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Liveable Boulder and Better Boulder duke it out


Jann Scott at plan Boulder event where Livable Boulder and Better Boulder face off.

Posted by Boulder Channel One on Friday, August 28, 2015

Late yesterday we got  word of a debate between Livable Boulder and A Better Boulder in the Boulder Creek  room at the Boulder Public  Library. It was arranged by… well, we are not sure . Plan Boulder said they set up the debate. One boulder and Better boulder said they arranged it. And everyone said that Liveable Boulder was divisive except Livable Boulder who asked ” why is the other side being so mean”.
See 3 Videos here on Face Book 
We would have liked to heard the debate, but by start time there was a line out the door. Hundreds were being turned away including our news department who couldn’t get within 10′ of the room. They should have held the event in the Library theater. They are definitely going to have to redo it. The overflow crowd could not hear a thing.  Former city council woman Allyn Fienberg stood next to our reporter and pointed out everyone who was in the attendance. They included half the city council, environmentalists, activists and boomers. Mostly boomers.  There were hardly any millennials in the room.

The techies who made so much noise about how horrible Boulder is did not show up. Becky Boone who F Bombed her way to to notoriety at Ignite Boulder made a brief appearance. ( we thought the city fired her). She told  Millennials that they better vote in this next election if they want the Livable Boulder initiative to fail, showed up for all of 30 seconds and then disappeared. Her peeps were not there.

Former Boulder City Councilwoman Allyn Feinberg talks about protecting Boulder… at butter Boulder, 1 Boulder Boulder tomorrow plan Boulder event at Boulder library Boulder Boulder Boulder Boulder Boulder Boulder Boulder

Posted by Boulder Channel One on Friday, August 28, 2015

Allyn Fienberg told us ” they never show up and don’t vote either.  They represent 20 % of the population and they come and go every semester… so they are not real citizens and they don’t act like it. … They want to live in Boulder , they want to change Boulder. They want  their Big tech companies to take over the city, but they don’t respect Boulder…….People live in Boulder because of it’s beauty…its access to the national forests and parks…. but we don’t want to see Better Boulder destroy the downtown area with big tech companies ” Fienberg also said that tech companies  could easily move to Gunbarrel Industrial park and have plenty of housing there.

Absent were startup  gurus Andrew Hyde, his boss Brad Feld and their kids. Andy Shulties  former councilman  who runs Better Boulder was there, but left half way through.. that is not a good sign.

Feinberg said that Will Toor was on the wrong side of the issues.. namely” letting each neighborhood decide it’s own growth”… People standing around Fienberg chimed in “it will be a disaster”.

Former Boulder mayor Will Toor tries to explain a better boulders position at plan boulder a better Boulder Boulder library 1 Boulder tomorrow Boulder event

Posted by Boulder Channel One on Friday, August 28, 2015

Will Toor former Mayor and founder of Better Boulder, said that Boulders best years were ahead of us and that Livabile boulder was standing in the way of progress and growth.

Several attendees said that Brad Feld ,  Tech Stars were pouring millions of dollars into A Better Boulder to stop Livable Boulders no growth initiative. Feinberg said “follow the money ”  Feld has flooded downtown Boulder with his startup companies taking over all of the office space. Now they want the rest of the city. Feinberg said that they are  relative newcomers to town like Feld completely miss the essence of Boulder… what happens here is Companies start here and then when the get big enough they move. They don’t get to take over the city or they move to an office park or build within our rules.

by Jann Scott

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crime news

Burglary Bad Guy sought by Boulder Police!


Suspect wanted in connection with numerous Boulder burglaries

Displaying 2015 Burlgary suspect.jpg

Burglary Bad Guy on prowl.

Over the last several months, the Boulder Police Department has taken approximately 20 burglary reports from victims who describe similar circumstances and suspect descriptions. These burglaries are particularly concerning because the suspect targets homes when the residents are present and often times awake. Most of the burglaries have occurred west of Broadway. A few of the similarities are:

· Jewelry and cash are stolen and sometimes a pillowcase is used to remove the items.
· The suspect often cuts screens on open windows to get inside. He uses ladders found at the homes to climb onto roofs and balconies. He also leaps off of houses to escape when he is confronted by the victims.
· Most burglaries have occurred from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.; however a few have happened earlier.

The suspect is described as a white man in his early 20’s, 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall, 160 to 180 pounds, with dark hair and could be unshaven. Composite sketches are attached.

He may be driving a beige or tan older model SUV.

Police are asking anyone who may have information on these cases to please contact Detective Kara Wills at 303-441-3482. Those who have information but wish to remain anonymous may contact the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-444-3776. Tips can also be submitted through the Crime Stoppers website at Those submitting tips through Crime Stoppers that lead to the arrest and filing of charges on a suspect(s) may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000 from Crime Stoppers.

christmastime 3

‘Christmastime’ filming begins Nov. 13 – Nov. 21 Boulder


christmastime 3HOLLYWOOD COMES TO BOULDER City of Boulder Welcomes the Filming of ‘Christmastime’
LOCATION: The City of Boulder is finalizing preparations for the filming of a movie, ‘Christmastime’ on and around the Pearl Street Mall. Filming will begin this Friday, Nov. 14 and continue through Friday, Nov. 21.

‘Christmastime,’ directed by Michael Landon, Jr., includes Ernie Hudson, Marley Shelton, and Christian Kane in the cast. The plot is focused around a couple who owns a business on the Pearl Street Mall and is visited by an angel during the holiday season. Approximately 150 residents from in and around Boulder will work as extras during the week of the filming.

STAGING AREA: The Municipal Center parking lot on Canyon Boulevard, just west of Broadway, will serve as the primary staging area for film crews from Thursday, Nov. 13 at 5 p.m. until Friday, Nov. 21 at 11:59 p.m. The Municipal Center parking lot will be closed to city employees and the public throughout this time period. The Library parking lot across the creek, accessible from Arapahoe Avenue, will remain open and available for public parking.

PLOT SUMMARY Echoing in the deepest depths of space, a humble prayer ascends: One from Maire Taylor, a smart, beautiful businesswoman who asks that her husband find the strength and wisdom to let go of their 9 year old marriage … While a second prayer simultaneously comes from Billy Taylor, a hopelessly romantic artist who asks that his wife receive the strength and wisdom to hold on. From these humble pleas, comes an answer in the form of a little miracle (an 8 year old runaway from heaven) who takes it upon herself to rekindle the once intimate friendship and romance that has slowly, but surely slipped away from Billy and Maire due to a heart-wrenching loss. Using all of her skill and charm (as well as some well-intentioned mischief!) our little 8 year old runaway comically sets out to heal their broken hearts and save their marriage by helping them get back to the basics of love.

FULL CAST AND CREW Christmastime

Jann and Sarah

Becky Boone F-Bombs her way across Boulder: EDITORIAL


jann 9

Jann Scott Boulders voice of conscience

The city of Boulder sent out the enclosed press release in association with F-Bomb for America. We approach this entire story a bit cynically because it has omissions and spin. We are sure that the City of Boulder wish the hell they never heard of Code for America. They practically say so here. The fiasco of “Boom Boom Boone” F-Bombing  her heart out from the stage of The Boulder Theater as an official city contractor speaking on behalf of the city made the city manager pull her hair out. Any denials by Boone  only made it worse. She was supposed to bring the community together not start WWIII.
Code for America was an an ill conceived choice from the beginning. Here is why.

becky 2

Becky “boom boom ” Boone

Bringing code for America to Boulder was the idea of pro growth Venture Capitalist Brad Feld. Boulder Startup Community Members: Help Fund the Code for America Fellowship  He chipped in $75,000 to bring  F U America to Boulder. But the city never reveals that anywhere.  Feld is the main proponent of A Better boulder, too. They are a lobbying group that want to see more businesses , taller buildings and more crowding down town. No one reveals that.

So when the city says that Becky Boones F-Bomb speech became divisive pitting pro-growth and no growth groups agin each other, well it was part of a larger plan.  She was designed to do that. She was hand picked , bought and paid for by Brad Feld and his agents to push their Growth Agenda. Another problem is there is no transparency from the city or from F– for America concerning Brad Feld.

becky boone 1

Brad Feld He gave $75,000. to Code for America

 Question: How much money does Brad Feld or his investments have invested in Code for America ??  Feld has so many investments , does anyone know?? City spokesperson Patrick Vonkeyserling said that Code F— America “Brad is one of several investors. The total raised privately by CFA is $41k.”  But what about the $75,000. ??

Having Boone Speak at Startup week Boulder and then at Ignite Boulder was another move by the pro-growthers to spin her supposed objectivity.  These events are run by event planner Andrew Hyde who was brought to Boulder in 2006 by Brad Feld to run Tech Stars one of Felds VC engines. Feld has backed Hyde from day one.  Their plan is to turn Boulder into Palo Alto California. More specifically Downtown Boulder.  Everything is smoke and mirrors with these guys.

Some media want to make a big deal that  city staff knew Boone was going plead   F— F— F— 8 times from the stage of the Boulder Theater and then put it on you tube.  But the city never said that their staff knew….. exactly  but Patrick Vonkeyserling City of Boulder PIO today said “The email pdf shows there was knowledge of the f bomb” presumable by someone on staff.  But did the city know that “Car Bomb Becky” was going to blow herself up on stage with 8 invective F bombs. ?? #hmmog!

Becky 8

Jennifer Pahlka with he femne fatale looks nearly sunk the company.

Meanwhile , the  Code for America Executive Director Jennifer Pahlka, tried to weasel her way out of this mess by saying:  Well she said it was just her opinion Oh nonsense!

So the city slapped Pahlka with a $15,000 dollar fine.  Code calls it a donation. Bull shit. It’s a fine. Then Pahlka goes on to imply that f bombing is the way to engage hard to reach segments of our population.

It is any wonder that the city did not hold Code in violation of contact and fire them last week.

To top it off Twitter exploded with it usual amount of hate speech from Boulder Startup employees aimed at no-growthers and media covering this story beginning with Boulder Neighbors.  All of this just what the city did not want. Code for America was supposed to bring the city together not blow the place up.

The Irony of all this is no one has said F— on TV more than me. The city shut down public access TV over my use of the F— word. ( I am now on channel 22 run by the school district where there is no F—s allowed)  But I did not “work for the city nor was I a contractor for the city” If I was I would have followed city decorum. Do I really have a problem with Becky Boone using the F— word at Ignite Boulder ?? I have a problem with the dishonesty of Ignite Boulder, Andrew Hyde, Brad Feld, A better Boulder and Code for America. In this case I side with the city staff all the way.  They really are trying to do what’s best and keep us protected from the minions of developers who would turn our Paradise into a parking lot. — Jann Scott

Below is the city full press release.
City, Code for America complete reviews into Ignite Boulder presentation

The City of Boulder and Code for America today announced that each organization has concluded independent fact finding reviews about the May 13 presentation at Ignite Boulder regarding the authorization of the presentation and potential city staff involvement.

While the city does not believe that formal authorization occurred, the review showed that some city staff members were aware of the planned Ignite Boulder presentation and provided input on potential topics, and one member of staff assisted with and reviewed the presentation prior to Becky Boone’s delivery. The review by staff may have led Ms. Boone to conclude she had city approval.

Becky 8

Jane Brautigam Boulder city manager is hopping dam mad and slapped a $15,000 fine on Code.

“Boulder has very high standards for the professionalism of its staff and strong core values that every city employee is expected to uphold,” said City Manager Jane Brautigam. “The failure of a city employee to honor the city’s commitment to respect all residents and their diverse perspectives on local issues is unacceptable, and the city will address this personnel matter seriously.”

“Boulder remains committed to working with Code for America to implement new engagement tools, and we believe the final report will include additional opportunities to engage every member of our community on a variety of issues,” said Brautigam. “It is unfortunate that the progress made under this project has been tainted by a divisive presentation. In the coming days we will be working to restore the community’s trust in city government and to take appropriate actions to ensure city procedures and standards are met going forward.”

Code for America also apologized for the tone of the presentation and remains committed to increasing Boulder’s opportunities to engage more people in local government.

“Our work in Boulder to help city staff diversify public input on housing was designed to supplement the already-planned engagement process spelled out in Housing Boulder with a variety of approaches consistent with Code for America’s engagement standard,” said Code for America Executive Director Jennifer Pahlka. “This past week, that work has been overshadowed by a focus on a talk given by the Code for America Senior Fellow working on the project, Becky Boone. Code for America works in city halls around the country, and we train our staff and fellows to understand and respect the professional norms of government and to use language that supports our partners. In this case, though Becky clarified she was not speaking for the city, it created a problem for our partners for which we apologize.”

“The ability for all to participate is a core value of government and of our work with the City of Boulder and around the country. It is also a core value of the generous private donors who contributed to the project,” said Pahlka. “Code for America has been working for the past several months to encourage all the citizens of Boulder to provide input on local housing discussions. While the intent of the Ignite Boulder presentation was to engage more people in the conversation, some interpreted it to take sides, and that does not reflect the inclusive approach that city staff and Code for America staff have taken throughout this project. Code for America believes that government can work for the people, by the people, in the 21st century – if everyone gets involved. We are eager for the focus to return to the important and innovative work that the city is doing and to the share the outcomes.”
Pahlka said to underscore its commitment to inclusive engagement and support the city’s commitment, Code for America will contribute to the city $15,000 in training, education, and additional software as a service and open source technical support to continue the use of some of the tools that have helped reach a wider audience in the project so far to assist the city to continue this pioneering work.

“Engaging the full community, especially hard-to-reach members, is important and critical work. We are committed to continuing to help the City of Boulder tackle this and ongoing community engagement work,” said Pahlka.

Emails regarding city staff input and contributions to the May 13 Ignite Boulder presentation have been released to the media.

Jann Scott auto reviewer on c1n

Best and Worst Car Dealers in Denver/ Boulder


Best and Worst Car Dealers

The Absolute #1 Auto dealer in Boulder or Denver is Fisher Honda Kia . First they sell Honda and Kia which are two best

Jann Scott and Craig Fisher on set of TV special

Jann Scott and Craig Fisher on set of TV special

Automobiles in the World. We have known Craig Fisher for over 20 years and he is the most forth coming auto dealer in the area. He will sit down with you and have a conversation unlike some one like Auto Nation which epitomizes corporate personhood and distrust.

We do know Boulder Toyota and you will be treated fairly there. Steve Dorsham has a very good reputation.  We have bought cars from both Fisher and Boulder Toyota. For Jeep and Chrysler and Dodge products we recommend Cooke Motor Co. in Trinidad Colorado. Jeff Cooke is a big time Auto dealer who moved to a small city and is actually making the best deals in the state. 

We do not recommend Pollard Jeep  because they won’t give you the time of day. Nor will McCadden Cadillac, or Valley Dodge so why shop there.? We feel the same way about Flat Irons Subaru  AcuraWe always recommend car dealers where you can do business and we don’t feel the love at these.

Volkswagen has to be purchased at Omeara VW on 104th and not Gebhart. Why ? Because we know the Omeara family and the have a 100 year reputation. Gebhart VW is just not friendly.   Buy your Ford trucks at Omeara Ford Center. Again Omeara is a family owned company who have more Fords on site than any dealer. Southern Colorado we recommend Cooke for Fords.

Remember any car dealer can get any car in 24 hrs because the entire industry is computerized.  You always have to work your best car deal at any dealership unless the dealer is your dad. Since the financial crash of 2009 the auto industry had a major shake up for the better. Cars have gotten better. But there is still some real junk out there. Many  dealers still operate in the old school fashion of “Jamming  customers into cars

We realize this is just a sampling of good and bad. But our Jann scott is Colorado most knowledgeable auto reviewer in the state and you can count on him. See Jann’s annual 2014 Denver Auto show both online and on Cable TV. If you need to buy a new car Jann will  give anyone a personal recommendation and advice 303-447-8531




Startup Boulder week 2014: reflection


We at Boulder Channel 1 Employ 8 full time / part time people. Four of whom are in sales. They sit on the phones and or go to

selling ads on the phone and on the streets.

selling ads on the phone and on the streets.

see Boulder retailers and sell advertising.  They come from a group known as pitchmen (women). They hit the streets and talk to Boulder about our company and our ad packages. A typical package includes a video profile of their goods for a given season. We invented this here in Boulder and have created over 1000 business profiles since 1987. We also produce banner ads on our site only. We run Social media campaigns for customers and do PR too. Then we design and build websites for our advertising customers. We do promotions for them and we run focused ad campaigns on other platforms. We also do local appearances and remote broadcasts for advertisers where we come to a car dealership and broadcast live on a Saturday during a big sale. Or we will go to a restaurant and broadcast live and talk about the food , interview the chefs and owners.

We are both traditional Television and new media with a news and production department. So what does this have to do with Boulder Startup week 2014 ?? Absolutely, nothing except it gives us a chance to pitch Boulder Channel 1 and tell you about us and why you should use us.

bestofboulderReason number 1 is that we are not minimalists. We are maximists  we don’t lie to you. If you are going to spend your money with us here in Boulder we feel it is our responsibility to you and your retail operation that you get immediate response from advertising with us. If you don’t then fire us.

Reason Number 2 we are Boulder. we are from Boulder. We didn’t just move here and set up shop.  We have been in business since 1975. Most of our customers are our friends from years of relationships or they become our friends.

Reason Number 3  We are on TV every day and night of the week on Comcast BV-22 which plays to 250,000 subscribers all over Boulder County.  They include houses, apartments, businesses and CU dorm rooms. We are also on the net right here.

Reason Number 4  We are the voice of Boulder. We show all points of view and ask the tough questions. One tough question we have for StartUp Boulder is who are you and what do you stand for ?

We know that is is organized by a hippie homeless guy who calls himself a vagabond. We know a group of so called investors from Boulders App world get together  drink beer, have chair races and party day and night call themselves the community. But are they trustworthy ?? Are they really from Boulder or are they former college students cycling through our city playing at business??  They all seem to be new here without jobs living off of mom and dad. And that is part of the Boulder Story too.

boulder creek 1

More Boulder Creek Reopened



boulder creek 2At 5 p.m. today, May 2, the City of Boulder and Boulder County Sheriff’s Office will open an additional section of Boulder Creek from Broadway to the bridge at Arapahoe Avenue near 38th Street (just west of Foothills Parkway).

This means the creek will be open from the western edge of the city to Arapahoe Avenue just east of 38th Street.

Contractors have completed the debris removal in this area allowing the creek to open to kayakers, swimmers and tubers.

As flood recovery work progresses, other sections of Boulder Creek will be reopened when the city and county deem that it is safe for public use.

With higher flows anticipated due to spring runoff, the city will continue to monitor Boulder Creek for public safety concerns.

In past years, Boulder Creek has been closed to tubing and swimming if flows exceed 800 cubic feet per second. This threshold will continue to be used to trigger these recreational closures during spring/summer 2014.


Source: City of Boulder


boulder creek 2

Boulder Creek to Reopen West of Broadway



boulder creek 1At noon on Friday, April 25, the City of Boulder and Boulder County Sheriff’s Office will reopen Boulder Creek from Boulder Falls to Broadway.

Public safety officials believe that this section of Boulder Creek will be safe for kayakers, swimmers, and tubers after the heavy equipment that was being used to remove sediment and debris is moved to other drainageways.

Contractors will continue removing debris and sediment east of Broadway, and that section of Boulder Creek will remain closed to recreational use. As flood recovery work progresses, other sections of Boulder Creek will be reopened when the city and county deem that it is safe for public use.


Source: City of Boulder



CU – Chicago funniest city in US



cusealAccording to a University of Colorado Boulder study, Chicago is the funniest city in the United States.

Boston is the No. 2 wise guy, followed by Atlanta in third place. Denver made the top 10 list at No. 8.

The study out today is the most comprehensive analysis of humorous cities and was led by Peter McGraw, associate professor of marketing and psychology at CU-Boulder’s Leeds School of Business. His team collected data across the nation using an algorithm created at his Humor Research Lab (HuRL).

According to the findings, the following are the top 10 funniest cities in the United States:

1. Chicago
2. Boston
3. Atlanta
4. Washington, D.C.
5. Portland, Ore.
6. New York
7. Los Angeles
8. Denver
9. San Francisco
10. Seattle



Source: CU


Register Online 4 Boulder’s Clean-up Day


scott carpenter parkRegister online for Boulder’s 12th Annual Community Clean-up Day, held from 8:30 a.m. to noon, Saturday, May 17. The event, sponsored by the City of Boulder, Boulder City Improvement Association II (BCIA 2) and the Daily Camera, provides volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups to help clean up a variety of parks, greenways, creeks and paths throughout the city.

Volunteers will choose from 11 locations around Boulder. Registration is available online or by contacting Mary Malley, volunteer services coordinator for the Boulder Parks and Recreation Department, at 303-413-7245. Online registration closes on Wednesday, May 14. Registration the morning of clean up will be held from 8 to 8:30 a.m. at Scott Carpenter Park, located at 1505 30th St.

In appreciation of our volunteers, all participants are invited to join the parks and recreation department at Scott Carpenter Park, at noon, for a free ice cream social provided by Glacier Homemade Ice Cream; will receive a one-day pass to the Boulder Reservoir; and will be entered into a prize drawing.

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