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Catherine Peterson is a native Boulderite. Having both undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Colorado, she graduated with a Masters of Taxation and has devoted herself to the development and continuing success of a self-run business in the Boulder area. She has maintained relationships with key leaders in the local financial and accounting community which has, and continues to be a major asset in her success. She has the unique ability to analyze, successfully implement and discuss issues at each person’s level of need and understanding, which again has facilitated her continuing success in this arena of business. She brings a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and drive to every endeavor she undertakes which is why her unique skill set is sought for each project.

Catherine, at Creative Accounting Services, charges significantly lower for a 1040 with a Schedule A, then the national average of $270.00.

Jann and Sarah

Becky Boone F-Bombs her way across Boulder: EDITORIAL


jann 9

Jann Scott Boulders voice of conscience

The city of Boulder sent out the enclosed press release in association with F-Bomb for America. We approach this entire story a bit cynically because it has omissions and spin. We are sure that the City of Boulder wish the hell they never heard of Code for America. They practically say so here. The fiasco of “Boom Boom Boone” F-Bombing  her heart out from the stage of The Boulder Theater as an official city contractor speaking on behalf of the city made the city manager pull her hair out. Any denials by Boone  only made it worse. She was supposed to bring the community together not start WWIII.
Code for America was an an ill conceived choice from the beginning. Here is why.

becky 2

Becky “boom boom ” Boone

Bringing code for America to Boulder was the idea of pro growth Venture Capitalist Brad Feld. Boulder Startup Community Members: Help Fund the Code for America Fellowship  He chipped in $75,000 to bring  F U America to Boulder. But the city never reveals that anywhere.  Feld is the main proponent of A Better boulder, too. They are a lobbying group that want to see more businesses , taller buildings and more crowding down town. No one reveals that.

So when the city says that Becky Boones F-Bomb speech became divisive pitting pro-growth and no growth groups agin each other, well it was part of a larger plan.  She was designed to do that. She was hand picked , bought and paid for by Brad Feld and his agents to push their Growth Agenda. Another problem is there is no transparency from the city or from F– for America concerning Brad Feld.

becky boone 1

Brad Feld He gave $75,000. to Code for America

 Question: How much money does Brad Feld or his investments have invested in Code for America ??  Feld has so many investments , does anyone know?? City spokesperson Patrick Vonkeyserling said that Code F— America “Brad is one of several investors. The total raised privately by CFA is $41k.”  But what about the $75,000. ??

Having Boone Speak at Startup week Boulder and then at Ignite Boulder was another move by the pro-growthers to spin her supposed objectivity.  These events are run by event planner Andrew Hyde who was brought to Boulder in 2006 by Brad Feld to run Tech Stars one of Felds VC engines. Feld has backed Hyde from day one.  Their plan is to turn Boulder into Palo Alto California. More specifically Downtown Boulder.  Everything is smoke and mirrors with these guys.

Some media want to make a big deal that  city staff knew Boone was going plead   F— F— F— 8 times from the stage of the Boulder Theater and then put it on you tube.  But the city never said that their staff knew….. exactly  but Patrick Vonkeyserling City of Boulder PIO today said “The email pdf shows there was knowledge of the f bomb” presumable by someone on staff.  But did the city know that “Car Bomb Becky” was going to blow herself up on stage with 8 invective F bombs. ?? #hmmog!

Becky 8

Jennifer Pahlka with he femne fatale looks nearly sunk the company.

Meanwhile , the  Code for America Executive Director Jennifer Pahlka, tried to weasel her way out of this mess by saying:  Well she said it was just her opinion Oh nonsense!

So the city slapped Pahlka with a $15,000 dollar fine.  Code calls it a donation. Bull shit. It’s a fine. Then Pahlka goes on to imply that f bombing is the way to engage hard to reach segments of our population.

It is any wonder that the city did not hold Code in violation of contact and fire them last week.

To top it off Twitter exploded with it usual amount of hate speech from Boulder Startup employees aimed at no-growthers and media covering this story beginning with Boulder Neighbors.  All of this just what the city did not want. Code for America was supposed to bring the city together not blow the place up.

The Irony of all this is no one has said F— on TV more than me. The city shut down public access TV over my use of the F— word. ( I am now on channel 22 run by the school district where there is no F—s allowed)  But I did not “work for the city nor was I a contractor for the city” If I was I would have followed city decorum. Do I really have a problem with Becky Boone using the F— word at Ignite Boulder ?? I have a problem with the dishonesty of Ignite Boulder, Andrew Hyde, Brad Feld, A better Boulder and Code for America. In this case I side with the city staff all the way.  They really are trying to do what’s best and keep us protected from the minions of developers who would turn our Paradise into a parking lot. — Jann Scott

Below is the city full press release.
City, Code for America complete reviews into Ignite Boulder presentation

The City of Boulder and Code for America today announced that each organization has concluded independent fact finding reviews about the May 13 presentation at Ignite Boulder regarding the authorization of the presentation and potential city staff involvement.

While the city does not believe that formal authorization occurred, the review showed that some city staff members were aware of the planned Ignite Boulder presentation and provided input on potential topics, and one member of staff assisted with and reviewed the presentation prior to Becky Boone’s delivery. The review by staff may have led Ms. Boone to conclude she had city approval.

Becky 8

Jane Brautigam Boulder city manager is hopping dam mad and slapped a $15,000 fine on Code.

“Boulder has very high standards for the professionalism of its staff and strong core values that every city employee is expected to uphold,” said City Manager Jane Brautigam. “The failure of a city employee to honor the city’s commitment to respect all residents and their diverse perspectives on local issues is unacceptable, and the city will address this personnel matter seriously.”

“Boulder remains committed to working with Code for America to implement new engagement tools, and we believe the final report will include additional opportunities to engage every member of our community on a variety of issues,” said Brautigam. “It is unfortunate that the progress made under this project has been tainted by a divisive presentation. In the coming days we will be working to restore the community’s trust in city government and to take appropriate actions to ensure city procedures and standards are met going forward.”

Code for America also apologized for the tone of the presentation and remains committed to increasing Boulder’s opportunities to engage more people in local government.

“Our work in Boulder to help city staff diversify public input on housing was designed to supplement the already-planned engagement process spelled out in Housing Boulder with a variety of approaches consistent with Code for America’s engagement standard,” said Code for America Executive Director Jennifer Pahlka. “This past week, that work has been overshadowed by a focus on a talk given by the Code for America Senior Fellow working on the project, Becky Boone. Code for America works in city halls around the country, and we train our staff and fellows to understand and respect the professional norms of government and to use language that supports our partners. In this case, though Becky clarified she was not speaking for the city, it created a problem for our partners for which we apologize.”

“The ability for all to participate is a core value of government and of our work with the City of Boulder and around the country. It is also a core value of the generous private donors who contributed to the project,” said Pahlka. “Code for America has been working for the past several months to encourage all the citizens of Boulder to provide input on local housing discussions. While the intent of the Ignite Boulder presentation was to engage more people in the conversation, some interpreted it to take sides, and that does not reflect the inclusive approach that city staff and Code for America staff have taken throughout this project. Code for America believes that government can work for the people, by the people, in the 21st century – if everyone gets involved. We are eager for the focus to return to the important and innovative work that the city is doing and to the share the outcomes.”
Pahlka said to underscore its commitment to inclusive engagement and support the city’s commitment, Code for America will contribute to the city $15,000 in training, education, and additional software as a service and open source technical support to continue the use of some of the tools that have helped reach a wider audience in the project so far to assist the city to continue this pioneering work.

“Engaging the full community, especially hard-to-reach members, is important and critical work. We are committed to continuing to help the City of Boulder tackle this and ongoing community engagement work,” said Pahlka.

Emails regarding city staff input and contributions to the May 13 Ignite Boulder presentation have been released to the media.

22 Boom – Best of Jann Scott Live – Episode 67

22 Boom – Best of Jann Scott Live – Episode 67


In this episode we bring to you a collection of some of our favorite TV acceptable Jann Scott Live shows, Jann Scott Live has been from Radio, to TV, to the web and Back for decades of great entertainment. Whether you like it or not, Jann talks news, politics, environmental issues, cars, money, media, conspiracy, with Jann’s occasional sarcastic and sometimes questionable exploration into our societies known issues. That’s just the tip of the iceberg here, but either way we hope you like this collection of Jann Scott Live shows.

Videos in this Episode

  • 22 Boom Intro

    22 Boom Intro

  • Jann Scott Live - All About the World Channel 1 Networks

    Jann Scott Live – All About the World Channel 1 Networks

  • Jann Scott Live Spring 2008

    Jann Scott Live Spring 2008

  • Jann Scott Live - War and Crime

    Jann Scott Live – War and Crime

  • Jann Scott Live - Freedom

    Jann Scott Live – Freedom

  • Jann Scott Live - Financial Tips

    Jann Scott Live – Financial Tips

  • Jann Scott Live - Boxing with Rick

    Jann Scott Live – Boxing with Rick

  • Jann Scott Live - Media Awards

    Jann Scott Live – Media Awards

  • Jann Scott Live April 2008

    Jann Scott Live April 2008

  • Jann Scott Live - 28 Miles Per Gallon Standards

    Jann Scott Live – 28 Miles Per Gallon Standards

  • Jann Scott Live - Fuels

    Jann Scott Live – Fuels

  • Good Guys Car Show - Larimer County 2009

    Good Guys Car Show – Larimer County 2009

  • Jann Scott Live - North Pole

    Jann Scott Live – North Pole

  • Jann Scott Live - Gas Prices

    Jann Scott Live – Gas Prices

  • Jann Scott Live - Cats and Oil

    Jann Scott Live – Cats and Oil

  • Traveling Vietnam War Memorial Wall

    Traveling Vietnam War Memorial Wall

  • Jann Scott Live - Pain Drugs

    Jann Scott Live – Pain Drugs

  • Jann Scott Live - Immigration

    Jann Scott Live – Immigration

  • Colorado Racing at Colorado National Speedway and the Grand Prix of Denver

    Colorado Racing at Colorado National Speedway and the Grand Prix of Denver

  • Outro


Boulder Chamber’s Top Event for Business Leaders last night at Harvest House


chamber event 4

Food and drink galore



Boulder CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, and rising stars feted and Schmoozed last night at the Millennium Harvest House. The event ‘Celebration of Leadership’ was promoted by The boulder Chamber: “celebration as we honor the executives who shape our community and pioneer the path to innovation”. Guests were celebrating with beverages, and delicious Hor D’ oeuvres while contemplating  which item to bid for.

Basically it was an excuse to get together and party for $95.00

This fun evening included a special awards celebration, silent auction, delicious food, and of course, time to connect with friends and colleagues in the Boulder business community. The Celebration of Leadership is not just a who’s who social event; it’s also a fundraiser to support the nonprofit Boulder Chamber’s efforts to strengthen the local business community. As the region’s flagship business support and advocacy organization, the Boulder Chamber helps promote economic success, influence policy, and facilitate valuable businesses connections. according to the Chamber of commerce website.

One of the hot ticket items was a round of Golf with CU athletic director Mike Bohn.

CU Athletic Director Like Bohn at Celebration of Leadership photo by Alli Winchester Boulder Channel 1

CU Athletic Director Mike Bohn at Celebration of Leadership photo by Alli Winchester Boulder Channel 1

Approximate 300 attended .Demetri & Kim Couponas, Co founder of Go Lite, Mark Retzloff from Alfalfa’s, and  Brad Feld were some of the usual suspects big wigs to attend.

Our Marketing Gal about town Alli Winchester was there looking fashionable as ever and buttonholing.

Special awards were given for Chamber Champions, and  Business Innovator of the Year Award. Recognition was given for Virginia Patterson Business Person of the Year, and to Franny Reich, Local Business Hero Award.
An evening to embrace the Boulder Entrepreneurial spirit,and warm appreciation to all those who have contributed so much in that realm to our city.
photos by Allison Winchester who also contributed to this story along with BC1 staff reporter

Boulder robber who wanted drugs and $$ in jail


Arrest warrant issued for suspect wanted in two armed robberies

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a suspect Boulder police believe is responsible for two armed robberies that occurred last week.

Jonathan Edward Fitzpatrick (DOB 1/06/1970) is currently incarcerated in the Denver City Jail on charges unrelated to the robberies in Boulder. He is being held on a no-bond warrant in Denver. In Boulder, Fitzpatrick will face one charge of Aggravated Robbery of a Controlled Substance (a Class 2 felony), and one charge of Aggravated Robbery (a Class 3 felony).

Fitzpatrick is accused of robbing a Boulder pharmacy last Friday morning, Sept. 23, 2011, and a US Bank branch on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011.

During the Pharmaca robbery on Friday, the suspect demanded controlled substances and the pharmacist complied.

On Saturday, at the US Bank branch, located at 2550 Broadway, the suspect displayed a handgun to the bank teller and demanded money. The teller complied, and the suspect fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. No one was hurt in either robbery.

Boulder police partnered with the FBI and the Safe Streets Task Force on these cases. The case numbers are 11-12359 (Pharmaca) and 11-12416 (US Bank).

Those who have information but wish to remain anonymous may contact the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-444-3776. Tips can also be submitted through the Crime Stoppers website at Those submitting tips through Crime Stoppers that lead to the arrest and filing of charges on a suspect(s) may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000 from Crime Stoppers.

‘Green Living: Saving Energy This Season’


Fall weather is upon us and we find ourselves switching between the heater and the AC in the same day, driving up the costs of our utility bills.  Think green this fall and winter, save the earth and save your money.  Winter heating costs have risen in the last few years making it more enticing to go green and be energy efficient this year. 

You may all ready be thinking about going green to save some money, but how do I do get there?  Well let me tell you.  The first idea is to shop around electric providers.  Compare the rate per kwh and see if you could save money by switching companies.  The second idea if you have some money to spend is to upgrade your heating source.  Yes, there is a large upfront cost, but for most upgrades you will see the return on your investment in a few short years. Upgrades could be things around the home like installing energy efficient windows or upgrading to an energy efficient water heater.  You may even receive a tax credit for installing these upgrades.

Don’t have the money to upgrade, don’t sweat it.  There are easy tricks that are cheap to save some money on your bill.  On a cool night, walk through your house and find if there are and drafts coming from the windows, doors, or attic.  Then take a trip to your favorite local hardware store and pick up some supplies for a quick do it yourself fix.  You’ll like yourself in January. 

You know how cold it gets during the winter, so while the days are still reaching the high 80′s, look into fixing up some things around the home.  It will help keep some cash in your wallet.

Bill Allen, Realtor @ RE/MAX of Boulder, 

TedxBoulder more of the Andrew Hyde show


Last nights TedxBoulder with ticket prices ranging  from $22.00 to $32.00 is another one of Andrew Hydes road shows. Hyde runs Ignite Boulder and Startup Boulder which are also slick minimalist events.  This years TedxBoulder was essentially more of the same.

Hyde who moved to Boulder a few years ago as point man and recruiter for Brad Felds Tech Stars, produces sold out speaking  shows at Boulder theater, Chautauqua Auditorium and now Macky Auditorium.

Hyde has been key in feeding Felds venture capitalist  machine though he doesn’t like to admit it.  The message is always :”minimalist, anti capitalist, communist, anti-money, brains, save the world” But the people involved are rich as hell and money always seems to be flowing to them from others.

Now Children let’s everyone drink the cool Aide: It’s the same old Boulder story of anti capitalists being the best capitalists of all. In a way it’s a Joke on all of us. As long as Hyde , Feld and company don’t burn investors, we see no harm. But call it what it is boys. Oh maybe not. Then it can’t be sold to the rich anti capitalist kids who come to school here. This makes Boulder all the more fun… Watching rich liberals trying to convince themselves and everyone else that money doesn’t matter as long as you give it to them. It is also the Boulder Story. Money is evil. Things are bad. you don’t understand. And lets go to the bar and get drunk. Coffee in the morning. give me your money. lol.

Boulder Police investigating attempted robbery at Ace Cash Express


11-11473 Ace Cash Express Suspect.jpg

Police artist sketch of robbery suspect

Still on the Loose!

Police are searching for a male suspect who tried to rob a clerk at the Ace Cash Express at 3350 Arapahoe Ave. a little after 10:00 a.m. today.

The suspect approached the clerk and began a transaction. The female clerk was working behind protective glass and as she reached for his money through the small opening in the glass, the suspect grabbed her fingers and held on to her, demanding the cash she had been counting for him.

The suspect was bending the victim’s fingers back toward the glass during this conversation. She could not free herself from his grip, but he let go suddenly when he saw an unidentified male walk past the windows outside of the business. The suspect then ran away on foot, westbound on Arapahoe Ave.

A sketch of the suspect is attached. The suspect is described as:

· White male in his early 40s
· Curly, light-brown hair that was combed back, curly below the jaw line and in back
· 5’5”
· Medium build
· Wearing green shorts; shorts had either paint or drywall mud or bleach on them
· Dull white T-shirt

Police conducted a search of nearby businesses and a sweep of the bike path, but were unable to locate the suspect.

Paramedics checked the victim’s hand at the scene and it does not appear that she was seriously injured.

Anyone with information about this attempted robbery or who may recognize the suspect is asked to contact Detective Heather Frey at 303-441-3369. Those who have information but wish to remain anonymous may contact the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-444-3776. Tips can also be submitted through the Crime Stoppers website at Those submitting tips through Crime Stoppers that lead to the arrest and filing of charges on a suspect(s) may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000 from Crime Stoppers.


Boulder City Council approves several ballot questions for voter consideration


Boulder City Council, at a meeting this evening, Tuesday, Aug. 16, approved several ballot questions to be considered by voters between now and Nov. 1, 2011. These include questions related to the following issues:


  • ·         Creation of a local electric utility (municipalization) and the expansion and extension of the Utility Occupation Tax to raise interim funding;
  • Issuance of bonds to fund capital improvement projects without raising taxes;
  • Clean-up of Charter provisions; and
  • Local resolution for an the amendment of the U.S. Constitution to abolish corporate personhood.




Council approved ballot language that will ask voters two separate questions related to the possible creation of a municipally run electric utility.


In general terms, one question asks voters to decide whether to authorize the creation of a locally run electric utility. Based on specific limitations in the ballot language and a related ordinance, council would not be permitted to issue bonds until all start-up costs are finalized, and only if customer rates would be no more than those charged by Xcel Energy at the time of acquisition.


Another question asks voters to consider extending and increasing the Utility Occupation Tax for a limited amount of time to fund the costs associated with determining those concrete start-up expenses and taking the interim steps to set up a local utility.


Capital Improvements


Council agreed to ask voters if the city should issue bonds of up to $49 million to catch up on significant deficiencies in its infrastructure. These capital improvement projects could include repairing and maintaining streets, structurally deficient bridges, repairing aging city facilities, and replacing outdated software systems.


If approved, the bonds would be paid for through existing revenues without any increase in any city tax.


Charter Changes


Council agreed to ask voters if they would approve updates to the Charter. The provisions would allow the clerk to rename city positions and departments to reflect the titles that are in use today; to change the fine from $100 to $1,000 for any violation of the Charter; to update election practices and terminology; and to amend the requirements for submitting initiative petitions to the city.


Corporate Personhood


Council agreed to ask voters if they will approve a measure that calls for the amendment of the U.S. Constitution to reflect that human beings, not corporations, are entitled to constitutional rights and that money (specifically in the form of political contributions) is not a form of speech.


Election Information

This year’s election is by mail-in ballot. Ballots will be mailed to active voters between Oct. 10 and Oct. 14. People will be able to return the ballots by mail or drop them off at Boulder County’s Election Division anytime after receiving them until 7 p.m. on Nov. 1.



City of Boulder

City staff recommends that voters be asked to support a local power utility


City staff recommends that voters be asked to support a local power utility

City Manager Jane S. Brautigam

Brautigam also said she is confident that the process following a vote for municipalization will provide adequate opportunities to address concerns raised by some that the cost of purchasing the system from the current provider, Xcel, could exceed current estimates.

A positive vote is required before the city can enter into acquisition negotiations and/or condemnation proceedings. During this process, the city would determine what the final price would be. If the costs of buying Xcel’s system turned out to be significantly higher than anticipated or would result in rate increases that were unacceptable to the community, council would be under no obligation to issue the bonds necessary to pay for buying the system and launching a utility. The city could then re-consider how to proceed.

“There are off-ramps in place that allow the city to move forward with its eyes wide open,” the city manager said. “Our community has spelled out both its goals and its expectations. City staff and elected officials take the responsibility of balancing these very seriously.”

The recommendation follows more than two years of discussions about whether to enter into another 20-year franchise agreement with Xcel Energy. In 2010, City Council rejected that option, determining that a business-as-usual contract for two decades was too long and would limit Boulder’s ability to take advantage of exciting changes in the energy industry. Since then, the city and the community have been involved in an intensive study and discussion of other options.

The Boulder community has set clear energy future goals. These include cleaner energy, with as much local generation as possible; reliability; rate stability and more local decision-making and control.

The city hired industry specialists to conduct a detailed financial assessment of the possible creation of a local utility. They have concluded that Boulder could buy the system from Xcel, pay off the debt associated with those costs, start a utility and operate it reliably while still making money. The local utility would be able to keep customers rates lower or equal to what they would be under Xcel, maintain emergency reserves and still have a net present value of $112 million over 10 years. The cost model developed by the consultants has some room for increased costs. This flexibility is spelled out in more detail in a staff memo to council.

The staff recommendation also includes support for an increase and extension of the Climate Action Plan tax. While a locally owned power utility would cover its costs entirely through its revenues once it was up and running, the city would need additional money to cover engineering and legal expenses before that time. It is estimated that the city would need about $1 million a year for three to five years before a final determination could be made about whether to issue bonds to buy Xcel’s system. This funding mechanism would allow the city to continue this process without impacting existing programs and services.

City Council is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, July 19, starting at 5 p.m., to discuss items for the November ballot. The full memo and other valuable information about the energy future project are available at There is also a comment form on this website if community members wish to give input to the staff team and City Council.

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