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Boulder to Ferguson protesters

No Charges for Boulder Killer Cops


As to be expected Boulder DA Stan Garnett did not bring charges against the two Boulder Police officers involved in the shooting of CU student Sam Forgy. Garnett and Boulder police have been silent since the night of the shooting in July. This is usually an indication that the DA will back the Police.

Forgys mother was in shock over the announcement and disappointed.  Garnett did reveal that an assault team of 4 officers entered the apartment complex where Forgy was standing naked on a balcony , screaming, high on acid holding a hammer. The officer had shields and enough power to overwhelm Forgy but decided instead to shoot him dead.

Sam Forgy shot dean by Boulder police

Sam Forgy shot dead by Boulder police

A high level police official told Boulder Channel 1 News “that the officer was new, inexperienced  and he panicked.”

A prominent Boulder Criminal defense lawyer to us, that ” it is typical for the DA to back the police officers in his jurisdiction. He has to work with them. He has to give them the benefit of the doubt. He hopes no one will call him out  on it. If he charged the officers , his career as DA and his political career would be over. This was a political decision not a moral one ”

A local police chief told us; ” police commit a lot of bad shootings. This is one and it should not be swept under the rug… but it has been.”

Another lawyer told us…. “This is a classic wrongful death case “… The family could sue the city of Boulder, the county, the police officers and the DA.  This is a high dollar case too. In the millions of dollars.  The attorneys will sue in civil court and the truth about what happened that night will come out. The lawyers will put the officers and the DA on the stand. It won’t be pretty. I would say the city will have to settle this for 5 to 15 million dollars before it goes to court.” The city and county do not want a case like this in court.”

Boulder Channel 1 news has learned “that a team of high profile attorneys and investigators have been working on this case at the behest of the family since the day after the shooting.”

Boulder Channel 1

Jonbenet Ramsey murdered in Boulder Christmas 1996: Unsolved?


Jjonbenet 6onBenét Ramsey, was murdered here in Boulder December 26, 1996. This is a case and a story we all know well. Perhaps now with a DA and a police department working together, there may be justice for JonBenet. You can find everything you will ever need to know about the case here: Jonbenet Ramsey Murder Case .

jonbenet 4

John and Patsy Ramsey

Boulder Police believe John and Patsy Ramsey killed their daughter Christmas night 1996. In a fit of rage, Patsy Ramsey who had just returned from a party, grabbed her daughter and smashed her head against the bath tub. The child had wet her bed. But she was killed instantly.  Throughout the night  Patsy and her husband John created an elaborate scenario right out of the movies of how a group of Arabs had come into their home , left a ransom note, strangled and raped their daughter and left her body in the basement.

As soon as the first cop and detective arrived on the scene, they saw through the story.  By nightfall the Ramseys were on their private jet to Atlanta. Surrounded by a team of lawyers and PR people they went into hiding and on CNN to proclaim their innocence. They created a media frenzy the like of which Boulder nor America had ever seen. There was no way these rich freak were going to be charged with their daughters murder. First of all it would upset their social setting. Secondly it would ruin their image as a family of beauty queen socialites. Murder does not have a place there.

jonbenet 2

Burke Ramsey age 27 and his girlfriend.. ( striking resemblance to Jonbenet)

Burke Ramsey who was 9 years old at the time was whisked away. He has never been heard from since.  Police believe he witnessed the murder and was told by Patsy and John that if he planned on living he better shut up for the rest of his life.  Then district attorney Alex Hunter believe that to this day.  The hope is now that Burke Ramsey has come of age (27) he will come forward and tell what he knows.

That’s not likely. But current Boulder DA Stan Garnet could arrest John Ramsey for the murder of is daughter and he could arrest Burke Ramsey too.  That is not completely out of the question, but there is this legal issue ” beyond reasonable doubt”

Garnet gave the case back to Boulder Police department who reopened it. It is not a cold case.

One celebrated Boulder criminal defense attorney Skip Wollrab told us now that Burke Ramsey is of age”he could be subpoenaed to appear before a Grand jury to tell about what he knew , saw and heard the night of the murder. Just the facts. Some of it might be privileged” but this would give Burke a chance to tell his story.   Attorney Wollrab  told Boulder Channel 1 the “DA has got to be able to prove his case to a jury of 12 unanimously beyond a reasonable doubt. Knowing they did it is one thing , proving they did it is something else” he said.

There was also some level of semen found in Jonbenets body and police have not revealed whether they think it is Burkes.  At one point Burke Ramsey was himself a suspect and  police theorized that he might have killed his sister out of Jealousy.

The question is will the DA move this case forward this Christmas.


We did it.

Indictments: Parents aided in JonBenet’s death


JonBenet Ramsey

You Killed me. Mommy ? Burke ?? Daddy?

Grand Jury and Boulder Police say John and Patsy Ramsey murdered their kid. Straight Up

Court documents released Friday show that a Colorado grand jury voted in 1999 to indict the parents of murdered 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey on charges of child abuse resulting in death and being accessories to a crime.

The district attorney decided that year, however, not to file charges against John and Patricia Ramsey, saying there was insufficient evidence. In 2008, a new district attorney said new DNA evidence cleared the parents and their son in the death.


They did it.

The court documents, which were previously sealed, show how the grand jury sought to charge each parent with two identical counts.

“The grand jury had alleged that Patsy Ramsey and husband John Ramsey “did … permit a child to be unreasonably placed in a situation which posed a threat of injury to the child’s life or health which resulted in the death of JonBenet Ramsey.”

The grand jury also had alleged that each parent “did … render assistance to a person” who “has committed and was suspected of the crime of murder in the first degree and child abuse resulting in death.”

The documents provide no further details on who that “person” was. The grand jury had accused the couple of committing the offenses “on or between December 25 and December 26, 1996.” JonBenet was found murdered in the basement of the family’s Boulder home the day after Christmas 1996.

The Boulder District Attorney claimed in 2008 that new DNA evidence ruled out the Ramsey’s as JonBenet’s murderer. But new DA Stan Garnet gave the case back to police in 2011. He told Boulder Channel 1s Jann Scott in May that the Ramsey’s were not exonerated by him and that the case was fully in Boulder Police departments hands.

Boulder Police believe that John and Patsy Ramsey were involved with their childs murder and that there was no intruder. The new DA Stan Garnet seems to believe that too.


Ramsey Indictments

Ramsey Indictments

Ramsey Indictments

Ramsey Indictments

by Ron Baird
Jann Scott contributed to this story
some information was gathered from CNN

No one has ever been charged with JonBenet's murder

JonBenet Ramsey


JonBenet Ramsey Channel Banner

Boulder Channel 1 page on the Ramsey murder case: JonBenét Ramsey, was murdered here in Boulder December 26, 1996. Boulder Channel 1 staff Jann Scott and others covered the case from the night of the murder. This is a case and a story we know well. Perhaps now with a DA and a police department working together, there may be justice for JonBenet.

News about JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case

Jonbenet Ramsey murdered in Boulder Christmas 1996: Unsolved?

Jonbenet Ramsey murdered in Boulder Christmas 1996: Unsolved?

One celebrated Boulder criminal defense attorney Skip Wollrab told us now that Burke Ramsey is of age"he could be subpoenaed to appear before a Grand jury to tell about what he knew , saw and heard the night of the murder.whatever is not privileged.[READ|SHARE]
Mark Beckner: Fleet White not involved in JonBenets Murder.....mmm---kay

Mark Beckner: Fleet White not involved in JonBenets Murder.....mmm---kay

For the third time in 15 years Boulder Police have repeatedly said Fleet White was not involved in JonBenets murder. Why do they keep bringing up Fleet White then ?? And why now ? Why after reporter Charlie Brennan got the DA to release the Grand Jury findings which say John and Patsy Ramsey did it ?? White was in the house the day of the murder, but why do the police keep going back to him ?? Are they setting a trap?? And for whom? Jon Ramsey ? These are the actions of a trap setter. Why[READ|SHARE]
Police end silence on JonBenet murder

Police end silence on JonBenet murder

Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner and the Grand Jury say John and Patsy Ramsey killed their kid, lied about it and tried to cover it up. Now will they be arrested ??[READ|SHARE]
Indictments: Parents aided in JonBenet's death

Indictments: Parents aided in JonBenet's death

Court documents released Friday show that a Colorado grand jury voted in 1999 to indict the parents of murdered 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey on charges of child abuse resulting in death and being accessories to a crime.[READ|SHARE]
JonBenet Ramsey's murder front burner

JonBenet Ramsey's murder front burner

One of the most notorious unsolved murders in Boulder, not to mention U.S. history, has recently been moved to the front burner, at least for the time being.[READ|SHARE]
JonBenet Ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey

World News 1 Report the JonBenet Ramsey Case was so popular that we created the complete JonBenet Ramsey Channel dedicated to the 10 year old homicide case that still has not been solved, but a suspect has recently admitted to the murder saying it was an accident. But does his story and what actually happened match up or is he just a sick child molester.[READ|SHARE]
Visionary says Photographer killed Jon Benet Ramsey

Visionary says Photographer killed Jon Benet Ramsey

While off of work one afternoon, I had woke up from bed and proceeded toward the hallway to the restroom,when suddenly at the bottom of the stairs stood Jon Benet Ramsey. She had a camera strapped around her neck as in the vision at John Llley Correctional Center and said to me three times; "the photographer did it". And then she vanished. This premonition occurred a few more times thereafter.[READ|SHARE]
Cocaine Murder back in News: Boulder Police warrant won't find Thayne Smika

Cocaine Murder back in News: Boulder Police warrant won't find Thayne Smika

We may see a whole turn of events on both the Smika and Ramsey case: right or wrong. Boulder DAs office and the Police department have tarnished reputations over the Sid Wells and JonBennet murder cases. They want these murders solved like no other. Below is the PD official press release concerning Smika. It was written by Police chief Mark Beckner who worked on the Sid wells murder case and was lead investigator on the Ramsey case after it blew up. Boulder doesn't have many murder cases but when we do they are Murder Mysterys.[READ|SHARE]
JonBenet Ramsey News

JonBenet Ramsey News

Breaking news on the Jonbenet Ramsey case. A suspect and former schoolteacher was arrested in Bangkok in the death of JonBenet Ramsey, the 6-year-old beauty pageant princess who was found strangled in her home on Dec. 26, 1996. World News revisits the case from the actual doorsteps of JonBenets' home in Boulder Colorado.[READ|SHARE]

News about JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case

boulder pd logo

Murder investigation of CU student, Sid Wells, nears 30 years; suspect remains on the run (or dead)



August 1, 2013 will mark the 30-year anniversary of the shooting death of Sid Wells, a 22-year-old journalism student enrolled at the University of Colorado. The case received prominent media attention because at the time of his death, Wells was dating actor Robert Redford’s daughter, Shauna.

Thayne Smika mugshot

Thayne Smika mugshot


Wells had been shot in the head, and was found dead inside his Spanish Towers condo by his brother on August 1, 1983. Police suspected Wells’ roommate, Thayne Smika, and arrested him a few months after the homicide when investigators linked him to the murder. However, Smika was never prosecuted because the district attorney at the time, Alex Hunter, declined to take the case. Smika left the area and in 1986, his abandoned car was found in Beverly Hills, CA.

In 2011, the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office agreed to review the case and approved an arrest affidavit for Smika. Unable to locate Smika, police are again asking for the public’s help finding him. Investigators believe Smika is living under an assumed identity and have contacted Smika’s relatives (several of whom still live in Colorado) in attempts to find out where he is and what identity he has been using. Smika’s relatives have not provided any helpful information to the Boulder Police Department.

Deputy Chief Dave Hayes, who was one of the first detectives to investigate the case in 1983, is hoping that someone can provide information about Smika’s whereabouts. “It’s past time for justice for Sid Wells and his family,” said Hayes. “Thayne Smika escaped a first degree murder charge, and has likely been living a life of freedom while the Wells’ family has been grieving for three decades.”


Age progression to present

Age progression to present














Investigators are still looking for Thayne Smika and are asking anyone with information about Smika or where he might be living to contact them. Detective Tom Dowd may be reached at 303-441-3385. Those who have information but wish to remain anonymous may contact the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-444-3776. Tips can also be submitted through the Crime Stoppers website at Those submitting tips through Crime Stoppers that lead to the arrest and filing of charges on a suspect(s) may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000 from Crime Stoppers.

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Boulder County Sheriff Badge

Serial killer identified 4 years after his death


The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office has concluded its “cold case” investigation into the 1982 murder of Susan Becker.  Sheriff’s investigators, with the support of the District Attorney’s Office, have closed the investigation with a case status of “death of offender”. The suspect, John Agrue, died in 2009 after an accidental overdose of prescription medication.  Over the years, detectives have stayed in contact with the Becker family and spoke with them last week, providing them with the details that led to the final resolution of the investigation.


Case Summary


On July 1, 1982, several fishermen discovered the decomposing body of a female in a ravine near the 32,000 block of Boulder Canyon Drive in unincorporated Boulder County.  Investigators found that the victim, 20 year-old Susan Becker, had sustained 13 stab wounds to her torso and neck and died from her injuries.  A black handled knife, believed to have belonged to Ms. Becker was found near her right hand; it was later determined that the knife had not caused the wounds to Ms. Becker. The body was clothed at the time that it was discovered and was covered with a towel, presumably placed there by her assailant. Some of Ms. Becker’s personal effects were found in a day pack with the body.

Susan Becker


Ms. Becker was raised in the Boulder area and frequently spent time in Boulder Canyon sunbathing.  She was last seen in Boulder by a friend sometime during the morning of June 20, 1982.


At the time, Sheriff’s detectives were unable to identify a suspect in Ms. Becker’s death. Mr. John Agrue figured as a person of interest in the investigation, however, declined to cooperate with investigators.  His extended family was interviewed by detectives, and statements indicating that Agrue had hiked in the area where Becker’s body was found were provided, however, there was not enough evidence to link him to Ms. Becker’s murder.


John Agrue had been previously  convicted in the 1966 murder of his 14 year old sister-in-law, Susan Marino, in Illinois  He was paroled in January 1982 after serving 16 years of a 20-50 year indeterminate sentence and moved to Boulder, and then to Longmont shortly thereafter.


On July 9, 1982, 94-year-old Orma Smith’s body was found in the Big Elks Meadows area, south of Estes Park, Colorado.  Ms. Smith resided in Longmont; John Agrue was her neighbor at the time of her death. Larimer County Sheriff’s investigators were unable to link him to Ms. Smith’s murder at the time.


On July 15, 1982, Agrue attempted to abduct a 26 year-old female student at knife point while she was starting her car on the University of Colorado Campus in Boulder.  The student was able to flag down a passing University employee who rendered assistance. Agrue was arrested and convicted of the crime.


After serving his sentence in the Colorado Department of Corrections for the attempted abduction, Agrue was returned to Illinois in 1984 to complete his sentence for the murder of his sister in law, his parole having been revoked following his conviction in Colorado. After his release in 1989, he lived in Illinois, where he died in 2009 after an accidental drug overdose.  Subsequent to his death, relatives discovered numerous women’s purses, jewelry, and other effects in his home, along with newspaper articles about the attempted abduction of the 26 year-old female, the Smith homicide, and Becker homicide.


In June 2010, the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office announced that advances in DNA evidence and comparison (a technology unavailable in 1982) definitively linked Argue to Orma Smith’s murder. Boulder County investigators, working with Larimer County and Illinois law enforcement officials,

re-evaluated Agrue’s potential involvement in Ms. Becker’s death.


There were a number of similarities in the three homicides and the attempted abduction:  three of the four involved young women (Ms. Smith being the exception), their purses or personal effects were taken by the suspect, and all involved the use of a knife.  The three homicide victims died from multiple stab wounds inflicted upon the same area of the body; Ms. Marino’s ,Ms. Becker’s and Mrs. Smith’s bodies were found in or near mountain streams.


The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office recruited the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigations Behavioral Analysis Unit, presenting them with the case facts from the four investigations. Upon review, the FBI’s experts concluded that it was highly probable that Mr. Agrue was responsible for Susan Becker’s murder. Detectives shared the case facts and the FBI experts’ opinions with the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office and solicited their opinion. They agreed that there was probable cause to believe that Mr. Agrue was responsible for Susan Becker’s death and, that if he were still alive, they would pursue murder charges against him.


The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit is also investigating the potential of Mr. Agrue having been involved in other homicides as a serial killer.

Sheriff’s office release

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boulder camps steve

Newtown could happen in Boulder: Editorial


Boulder is not immune to crazy acts of  violence. It only thinks it is the way Sandy Hook did.  Boulder has had a history of extreme acts of violence by very insane people.

In the 1970s A Boulder high girl was raped , shot and murdered as she washed new car at Buckingham park.  A 10 year old girl was brutally murdered in her home . She lived a block from JonBenet Ramsey. The crime occurred 25 years before.

In the 1960′s a janitor ravaged and brutally murdered a female CU music student.  The crime scene was so bloody and cruel it cannot be discussed here.

In the 1980′s Michael Bell shot 5 people at a gun range in Boulder He killed two.  Sid Wells was brutally murdered with a shot gun blast to the head in a dope dealing operation gone bad. Involved was Robert Redford and his daughter. It was a celebrated case.

in the 1990s A Boulder county student held his girl friend Hostage with an AR 15 assault rifle at CSU . He fired rounds all day. A police sniper finally shot and killed him at 200 yards away.

In the 1990s 6 year old JonBenet Ramsey was brutally murdered in Americas most sensational child murder. In the same decade a 19 year old CU female student was abducted off Canyon Blvd and raped by an Asian gang. she was then thrown to the side of the road and left for dead.  CU student Susanah chase was brutally raped and murdered  at 19th and Spruce as she walked home from a night of Pizza and beer in downtown Boulder.

Also in the 1990′s Amanda McDonald was crushed by her boyfriends SUV as she drunkenly car surfed up flagstaff Mt. Boulder also experienced 3 days of alcohol riots in the 90s where scores of police officers were injured. For two years Boulder endured couch fires, firemen being targeted by Motoff cocktails

In 2011 a gunman shot and killed a star football player on the hill.

In 2012 a drunk young petite college girl wondered into the wrong house on the hill and was shot by a panicked psychiatrist aided by his hysterical wife.

1n 2012 Two students attacked their entire CU class by purposely loading brownies with a  potent Marijuana strain sending 5 of them to the hospital and making the entire class sick.  Some brush this of as a prank. but it was still an attack on a classroom.

Oh it goes on in Boulder

The level of violence has steadily increased in this city as it has all across the world.

Gun sales are up at the thriving gun store.

Driven by movies, video games, young men are driven to incredible acts of violence and mass shootings all over the world.



christian mccracken mug shot

Boulder police ruled former officer charged with attempted murder violated departmental rules



The Boulder Police Department’s review of the allegations against former police officer Christian McCracken for violating Boulder Police Department Rule #2, Conformance with Laws, has been completed. McCracken submitted a letter of resignation to the police department through his attorney on August 15, approximately one hour prior to the final review by the Internal Affairs Review Panel.


The internal affairs panel is made up of six members of the community and six members of the police department. The investigation was completed several weeks ago and was submitted for review by the supervisory chain of command and the Review Panel.  The Review Panel met last night, August 15, to make a final recommendation concerning whether to sustain the allegation.


The panel made a unanimous decision to recommend sustaining the allegation that McCracken violated Boulder Police Department Rule #2, Conformance with Laws. This recommendation, as well as those of his supervisors, was forwarded to Chief Mark Beckner on August 16.  Chief Beckner concurred with the recommendations and entered a sustained finding.


Because McCracken resigned before the disciplinary process was completed, no disciplinary action will be taken.  Christian McCracken is no longer a member of the Boulder Police Department.


McCracken had been on medical leave since last summer, after claiming an on-the-job injury. Although he was still technically a member of the police department, he was not on paid leave. He has been receiving worker’s compensation for his injury.


McCracken was able to post bond, and has been released from jail. He has left the state of Colorado, which is one of the conditions of his bond.


Ron Baird's BLACK WIND a new thriller crime novel quality fiction


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But in an ironic twist of karma, it was those close to Aaron who paid the price. He sometimes questioned whether the two were connected, but after his 14-year-old daughter was taken hostage by a murder suspect and then watched three men die in her bloody rescue, that was pretty much the end of the argument Aaron, a former Denver cop and newspaper reporter.

So he became a recluse, avoiding people he cared about to protect them. But after three years of that, he was ready to eat his gun. Then an old friend called and offered him a temporary job as a small town deputy marshal. Knowing what was at risk, he nevertheless took the job.

Surprisingly, things seemed to be going well, including his handling of a couple of situations that were ripe for disaster. Then, in an unprovoked but not random attack, his dog was killed and his women friend was left in a coma with a gunshot wound to the head.

Aaron discovered the identity of the man behind the attack and, breaking a vow he made after Vietnam to never kill again unless in self-defense or to protect the innocent, he swore vengeance against the man. He only saw three outcomes: he would be killed, he would succeed and be arrested or he would get away with murder. In the Malpais lava fields of western New Mexico, he found that things are not always that simple.

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Mark beckne

Boulder cops arrest one of their own


Boulder police officer to face attempted first degree murder charge


Boulder police have issued an arrest warrant for Boulder police officer Christian McCracken, who has been in custody at the Broomfield County Jail since he was arrested last weekend on domestic violence-related charges.

 McCracken had previously sustained a head injury at the hands of Trevan Hunter, a CU student who’d refuse to to leave The Sink, a popular Boulder restaurant, or pay his $3 bar tab.

McCracken was arrested by Broomfield police in the early morning hours of Saturday, April 28 after allegedly stalking and harassing his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, both of whom are dispatchers at the Boulder Police Department.


At the time of McCracken’s arrest, Boulder police began a criminal investigation into information that he may have planned and taken a significant step toward committing a homicide against the new boyfriend. After consultation with the District Attorney’s Office, it was agreed that probable cause existed to obtain an additional arrest warrant.

Trevan Hunter caused McCracken to sustain a head injury during his arrest.


“While we are concerned and saddened by the need to arrest one of our own officers, we are primarily focused with the safety of our employees and members of the community,” said Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner.  “As information became available, it became increasingly apparent that we needed to act quickly.  Our detectives, in partnership with the District Attorney’s Office, did a great job in putting this case together.”


McCracken was arrested at the Broomfield County Jail this morning on new charges of suspicion of Attempted First Degree Murder (one count), two counts of Stalking and one count of Harassment.


The case number is 12-5679.


At this time, McCracken will remain in custody at the Broomfield County Jail. His bond has been set at $500,000. Boulder police are also conducting an internal personnel investigation into the case.


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