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Boulder to Ferguson protesters

No Charges for Boulder Killer Cops


As to be expected Boulder DA Stan Garnett did not bring charges against the two Boulder Police officers involved in the shooting of CU student Sam Forgy. Garnett and Boulder police have been silent since the night of the shooting in July. This is usually an indication that the DA will back the Police.

Forgys mother was in shock over the announcement and disappointed.  Garnett did reveal that an assault team of 4 officers entered the apartment complex where Forgy was standing naked on a balcony , screaming, high on acid holding a hammer. The officer had shields and enough power to overwhelm Forgy but decided instead to shoot him dead.

Sam Forgy shot dean by Boulder police

Sam Forgy shot dead by Boulder police

A high level police official told Boulder Channel 1 News “that the officer was new, inexperienced  and he panicked.”

A prominent Boulder Criminal defense lawyer to us, that ” it is typical for the DA to back the police officers in his jurisdiction. He has to work with them. He has to give them the benefit of the doubt. He hopes no one will call him out  on it. If he charged the officers , his career as DA and his political career would be over. This was a political decision not a moral one ”

A local police chief told us; ” police commit a lot of bad shootings. This is one and it should not be swept under the rug… but it has been.”

Another lawyer told us…. “This is a classic wrongful death case “… The family could sue the city of Boulder, the county, the police officers and the DA.  This is a high dollar case too. In the millions of dollars.  The attorneys will sue in civil court and the truth about what happened that night will come out. The lawyers will put the officers and the DA on the stand. It won’t be pretty. I would say the city will have to settle this for 5 to 15 million dollars before it goes to court.” The city and county do not want a case like this in court.”

Boulder Channel 1 news has learned “that a team of high profile attorneys and investigators have been working on this case at the behest of the family since the day after the shooting.”

Die in on Pearl Street Mall

Boulder 2 Ferguson Solidarity March TV Special


These are TV segments of the various Boulder Ferguson Solidarity marches and protests. concerning Police Brutality across America. These appear on Comcast Channel 22 as well as Boulder Channel 1 TV. See them on Twitter and on FaceBook

First we see 470 people march down Pearl Street. Then Jann Scott intros the program from 29th street Mall. Next Boulder to Ferguson black men targeted. At Boulder Municipal Building before the beginning of today’s march for Solidarity with Ferguson Ruby talks about her sign. Next: Mic check Boulder to Ferguson Reporter. Jann Scott has been covering demonstrations in Boulder for ever…………. omg… Here is the beginning of today’s rally with a new take on Mic Check. Then Boulder Ferguson March begins at Municipal Center:
I feel safer because I’m white read one son the rally gathers. People join together and the speaker speak in it’s great fun. Joseph Harris speaks Boulder Ferguson : Joseph Harris speaks with Boulder Channel One News Jann Scott about institutionalized racism for people of color and why he is on the Boulder Ferguson solidarity March today December 6 2014. The first Die in Boulder Ferguson Pearl St. Mall . This is the die in on the Boulder Pearl Street Mall . As the protest march made its way through the streets of Boulder it would stop at appropriate stations and stop. All 400 marcher lie down for 41/2 minutes to represent the 41/2 hours Michael Browns body lay exposed on the streets of Ferguson Mo in the black Neighborhood. This is a tatic used by Ferguson Police to send a message to the African American community which is ” we can kill you any damn time we please and you can do a thing about it”.
The Nazi Waffen SS storm troopers used the same tactics in 1943 in France. The SS wold hang people like Michael Brown and leave the body exposed for days. Non-violent tactics Boulder Ferguson solidarity. The Boulder Ferguson solidarity March have a lot of volunteers. This next volunteer explains tactic of nonviolent protest. Boulder Ferguson. Police talk Boulder Channel One . Boulder Deputy Police Chief Kurt Johnson talks with Boulder Channel One News about the Boulder Ferguson demonstration . Next Die in Pearl and Folsom: Boulder 2 Ferguson .As the march proceeded down Pearl Street it stopped at Folsom and Pearl for a 41/2 minute die in. I can’t breath. Boulder police had the street blocked off for the mostly CU age protesters.

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