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Boulder Art and Jazz Fest May 5-6


The 7th annual Boulder Arts, Craft and Jazz Festival kicked off today Saturday May 5th and runs through Sunday May 7. It features music all day from a main stage on the Pearl Street Mall at the court house. Other musicians are spread up and down the mall. There are literally hundreds of arts and crafts tents from one end of the mall to the other. Interspersed are food tents with everything from Mexican, Oriental  to American. It was a beautiful day on Saturday at the festival with a friendly relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of a Boulder old school event. A lot of Boulderites were present with a fine mixture of tourists. This is the big event of the year that kicks off summer in Downtown Boulder. The event is promoted by the folks from the Dickens Store who started the original Bands on the Bricks many years ago They really know how to put on a family event. You don’t want to miss this one because it was not a crush of people who have been drinking all day.  Of course the bars and restaurants are all open on Pearl Street and they were packed with festival goers as well. The theme is early 1969 Woodstock and for those of you who were there, it is all love, peace and music at the The 7th annual Boulder Art and Jazz Festival.  The music is excellent too. Bands played all day today and will start on the stage at 11:00 am til 6:30 pm: see the line up below.  This appears to be the largest authentic music festival in Boulder. There are some others but they  take place in theaters and bars and not on one stage. The Boulder Creek Festival is of course the very largest muical event just 3 weeks away on Memorial Day weekend with  5 music and dance stages. But Sunday afternoon will be the highlight of the festival.   The event is a charity event for Olive Branch a non-prot organization which brings resources and opportunities to widows and orphans in Rwanda and Uganda. They are active in building Orphanages, Medical Clinics and Schools in this country!


APRIL FOOLS JOKE SPOOF ON CITY I Love Boulder Campaign elicits hate, Illiterate Rancher hippies , Censorship board



City of Boulder News

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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Alisa Lewis, City Clerk/Director of Support Services, 303-441-3013

Patrick von Keyserling, Communication Manager, 303-441-4959

CORRECTION: Open Comment Sign-Up for City Council Meetings goes Electronic.

The city has abandoned the idea of Electronic Sign-up because it overlooked several problem areas which would give computer savy people an advantage.  Some people in Boulder are illiterate and can not write. They have a difficult time as it is when speaking and or signing up to speak. They usually require the help of the city clerk to fill out the blue form which requires their name, address, topic of comment and a signature.  It is not often that the city has illiterates who come to speak before council. The last was a rancher turned artist named Father Rainbow.( previously Harold Geer Folsom) He had legally changed his name in 1994 where the clerk had to help with the forms. So for now electronic sign-ups are on hold.

I Love Boulder campaign provokes some

The cities I love Boulder Campaign has produced one video so far produced by the city. It has played hourly  on Channel 8 and channel 22. The idea was to promote ‘brand loyalty’ to our town and attract tourism. It seems the reverse has happened. Right wing talk show hosts in Denver started making fun of Boulder calling the campaign a self absorbed love fest of the smartest prettiest people. This led to Bill O’Reilly of Fox News to create  a contest naming Boulder the most narcissistic  city in America. The city is now looking at other opportunities to promote Boulder in a positive light.

Board of Decency and Community Standards being formed

The city is now accepting applications  for the newly formed Board of Decency and Community Standards syn BOD-ACTS. The T doesn’t stand for anything but we needed it to convey a message about any bodily acts that are deemed indecent. The board came about  by people who think it is funny to run around Boulder naked with pumpkins on their heads. We realize it is only Halloween but the city feels this practice might spread to  other Holidays such as Easter which will be coming up at the end of the month. Easter is a Christian Holy day and we didn’t want to leave anything to chance. BOD-ACTS will also take into account appropriate dress at city sponsored functions including planning meetings and Band on the Bricks . The city wants to set a good example of proper attire.


Gas Prices set to go up 40 cents in few days $5.00 by Memorial Day


From Info Wars:
Kurt Nimmo
February 24, 2011
Earlier this week, market analysts warned that the price of gas may reach $5 by the end of summer. Now they are saying we could see that price by Memorial Day as the situation in Libya deteriorates.
On the S&P 500 today, the price of Brent Crude breached $119 a barrel during a period of frantic trading. Brent Crude is used to price two thirds of the world’s internationally traded crude oil supplies. The price was below $100 yesterday afternoon.
The world’s oil benchmark jumped almost $17 this week and it appears there is no end in sight as the situation in the Middle East heats up.
Saudi Arabia is under pressure to boost output as the prospect of a Libya production cutoff looms.
Oil traders said Saudi talks with Europe signal that the oil kingdom understands that the political crisis in Libya is now an oil supply crisis.
On Thursday, the Italian oil company Eni, the most active company in Libya, said oil production from the North African country has dropped to just a quarter of normal levels.
“You can only expect the price to go up. It is fear of the unknown. The risks are all to the upside,” a senior oil trader told the Financial Times. “Saudi Arabia needs to respond.”
Popular uprisings spanning the Middle East have yet to seriously affect Saudi Arabia. In an effort to stave off rebellion, earlier in the week Saudi Arabia’s ailing King Abdullah promised to lavish around $37 billion on his subjects. The money will go for housing, education, social security, and other benefits.
In neighboring Bahrain, a similar pay-out scheme failed to stem protests that turned violent. King Hamad had offered to pay $2,650 to every Bahraini family. The protests calling for political change have seriously damaged the small nation’s economy and tourism industry. Standard and Poor’s lowered its credit rating this week and Bahraini authorities canceled next month’s Bahrain Grand Prix Formula One race, the pride of the royal family.
According to Saudi rights activist Hassan al-Mustafa, Abdullah’s spending won’t solve anything. The Saudi people want “real change,” such as an elected parliament and more rights for women. That sort of evolution “will be the only guarantee of security of the kingdom,” explained al-Mustafa.
Hundreds of people have backed a Facebook campaign for a Saudi “day of rage” in March in response to the lack of political change in the kingdom and it solidarity with other popular rebellions sweeping the region.
In response to the unprecedented rise in oil prices, analysts are predicting the price of gasoline will shoot up ten to fifteen cents per gallon over the next few days.
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Analytics economist Chris Lafakis put the number even higher. Oil prices have already jumped $12 this week, which means that drivers can “expect gas prices to be 37 cents higher” in the coming days, he told CNN.
The national average price of a gallon of gasoline rose 3.4 cents overnight to $3.228, according to AAA.

Jefferson Parkway not Yah-way Seth Brigham stands alone as only voice against. Liz Payton Not with him


Boulder Channel 1 erroneously printed a Liz Payton an article  included in this article sent to us by Brigham. She has since written to us and stated that she has not teamed up with Seth and want her article removed which we have done.   We are clear where Mr Brigham stands on  Jefferson Parkway. We are not clear where Miss Payton stands. Boulder Channel One is in support of  councils handling of  Jefferson Parkway.


Yes, it seems there was almost unanimous opinion by even our elected officials generally stating that,  “The Jefferson Parkway

Resolution,” is a bad idea with terrible implications, especially, for the surrounding area and communities. More urban sprawl, for what? 5 Million dollars that will be long gone, but, the “Park Less Way” will be here forever !!! In fact, at first glance this bondoogle appears to be a “boondoggle,” a project that wastes time and money, but in reality it’s a bizarre, sadistic, soul-stealing version of its better known cousin, a bondoogle.
For example, a bondoggle would be a 10-day trip to Rocky Flats for a 2-day shoot on the “Plutonium Preserve.”
While a bondoogle would be the same 10-day trip. Only it snows every day, the Rocky Flats Lounge gives you food poisoning and you’re forced to sit in your hotel in Louisville working 17-hours a day on an erectile dysfunction medication pitch to help out the home office. That, my friends, is being bondoogled. And, so there was a unanimous decision by Council to remain silent on future plans and pass prearranged “Resolution.” Yup, we got bondoggled, bondoogled and “bamboozled,” to practice trickery, deception, cozenage, or the like.
That’s what happens when “principles,” moral rules or beliefs that helps you know what is right and wrong and that influences your actions, gives way for some short term financial gain, all on the premise, the excuse, that we can’t do anything about it anyway. As a member of the public, I often play the part of “the fool,” One who subverts convention or orthodoxy or varies from social conformityin order to reveal spiritual or moral truth.But, I’m afraid we have elected a bunch of “fools,” a group deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding, who…
have served us another “fool,” A dessert made of stewed or puréed fruit mixed with cream or custard and served cold.That’s the dessert you’ve been served on your vacation to Rocky Flats!

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