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Kristen and Tim Dixon

Tim and Kristen Dixon, the celebrated Boulder CIA chefs who owned Jalino’s pizza for 14 years sold the gourmet Italian pizzeria last month to a Texas concern.  The restaurant has been known for fine dining pizza, Italian dishes and gourmet desserts to go.  While Tim Dixon attended Culinary Institute of America, his wife Kristen attended a dessert school.  Both the Dixon’s became mini Celebs on Jann Scott’s local TV show and here on Boulder Channel 1.  Their cooking videos became popular on You Tube. Dixon had also been a chef at the 5 star Flagstaff House and was trained in the pizza business by Domino’s. But Jalino’s was no Domino’s under Dixon’s direction.  He created monthly special gourmet delights 1 each for pizza, sandwich and desert.

The new owner,  Judson Talbert Weaver, Sulphur Springs, Texas, ” I’m from a small town in East Texas “. He  is a  family member of a large Texas drug store chain called Medicine Chest.  Weaver told BC1 that he had also operated one store of a pizzeria franchise in Texas. He wanted to move to Colorado because of  ” 4 wheeler opportunities”. Weaver is a Jeep affectionato. He found Jalino’s website ( which we built incidentally) pnline and made an offer to buy the Boulder Icon.  Tim and Kristen jumped at the chance to spend more time skiing and the deal was done within a month. Tim has been coming by to teach complicated menu items. But it’s not as easy as it looks.

Whether this quality of  these epicurean treat will continue remain to be seen.  Weaver told us he’s had “some disasters in the kitchen”  Some of the past Jalino’s employees remain but there is not a trained chef or dessert chef on staff.  Who would expect that in a Pizzeria?  But that was the attraction of Jalino’s.  That and their two delivery drivers pull up to your beautiful Boulder home in  beautiful silver BMW’s.  Jalino’s was such a Boulder story that way and an era has passed we fear.

Will Judson Weaver hire qualified chefs ??  He has added Pepsi products is replacing the old cash register with a new POS system.  He’s remodeling the front counter area over Christmas.  But what about the food ?? We wish him good luck but Boulder is a finicky restaurant crowd.

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