“Tuning someone up” is universal police slang for roughing up a citizen who deserves it. In the past year Denver Police Officers have been caught on tape “tuning up” citizens without regard to cameras presence. A bold arrogant move by individual officers. Cops pull those kinds of stunts with Mexican and black working class or criminal class people who they feel have no status,  money or recourse.

Pretty much if you are the wrong color, or class and you are a little out of line…you need to watch your ass around the Denver PD. They have always had that reputation.

“On Monday, safety manager Charles Garcia terminated officers Ricky Nixon and Kevin Devine, who were accused of excessive force for an incident caught on camera outside the Denver Diner in 2009. The two were dismissed for “commission of a deceptive act.” Garcia found that the reports they filed after the arrests did not match other witness accounts.” according to the Denver Post

Garcia is the new public safety manager overseeing fire and police and he’s not in the mood for any bullshit. Apparently, he’s fired six officers so far this year and has sped up the firing process by eliminating police review board. He just fires em. The police Union and it’s lawyers are fit to be tied but word is on the street, if you are a Denver cop you better get some sensitivity training or find another Job. Pro wresting is hiring.

We think this is all good. If it didn’t happen only increased violence by disenfranchised citizens toward the police would result. Los Angeles is a prime example. The police lost that city in the 80’s under police chief Daryl Gates and it took 20 years to get it back. When people feel threaten by police they start shooting back as was a daily occurrence in LA. We don’t want that to happen here.

Boulder PD instituted a policy of Community Policing when tom Koby was chief and it has been carried on by Mark Beckner. As a result the community is a lot nicer.