Song by Lisa Bell, Lisa Simmons and Bob Story. Starring two adorable dogs, a very catchy tune and helps more dogs get adopted!

ciprofloxacin 200 mg price Fabriano The video features Joey and Kona, who were adopted through the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. Joey, the one being led, was adopted more than 9 years ago as a puppy; and Kona, the one who walks Joey, three years ago when he was six years old. Here is the back story to the video: Kona was in the shelter for several weeks. I was a volunteer at the shelter during that time, and walked him several days a week. He stole my heart and after the third week that he was still waiting for adoption, I decided he was waiting for me. Kona came home a well-trained and very loving dog.

incidentally prednisone online no prescription A few days after adoption, he stopped eating and we quickly realized that something was very wrong. With the help of the veterinary clinic at the Humane Society, he was diagnosed within a week with a rare case of canine myositis. With the first round of medication, Kona had a new lease on life and he has never looked back.

He came to us with a cute habit of carrying his own leash in his mouth. One day on a walk in the park, he grabbed for the leash of his adopted brother and started leading him around. Kona was very proud of his new trick and over a two-year period, he learned how to actually take the other dog for a walk. Joey has a habit of wandering and lagging behind, so this made walking and running on our beautiful trails much easier. I’m always there of course, and make sure that Kona has ample water and takes breaks so that he can properly hydrate and be able to cool his body. Leading Joey by the leash helped Kona to regain some of the muscle mass in his jaw and neck that he had lost due to the disease, so it had a rehabilitative effect as well.

The dogs have become quite the celebrities on our trails here in Boulder, CO, with people stopping to take pictures and thanking me and them continuously for making their day. I decided to write a song and develop a music video to tell their story, with the ultimate goal of donating a percentage of the proceeds to non-profits whose mission is to help adopt out wonderful dogs like Joey and Kona.

A portion of all advertising revenue obtained through click throughs for the video, as well as digital downloads of the song will go to local and national organizations including the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, ASPCA, Humane Society of the US, and Best Friends Animal Society. Please help me share the video far and wide so I can give a significant donation to these wonderful organizations. Downloads of the song are available on iTunes: