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Jann Scotts Journal first appeared in 2001 on JannScott.com It went into Hiatus while Jann worked on the text version C1N news. In 2010 Jann wrote a 365 blog called My Life in Boulder which ended in 2011. In September of 2011 Jann started writing his Journal again. Material from the journal is often used by Jann for new episodes of Jann Scott Live the TV show. So there.

Jann Scott ceo of Channel One Networks

Beth Haynes death Senseless


I covered Officer Beth Haynes death and funeral with our now St Augustine Fla bureau chief John Graham. Her funeral procession was magnificent. Thousands of Boulderites came out to honor her and the Boulder Police department. We lined the diagonal and all of 28th street all the way to highway 36 at Colorado Boulevard. At 28th and Iris Boulder Fire department created an arch with extended ladders as the procession made the turn onto 28th street. Hundreds of police cars from all the surrounding states came by.

I stood with a Camera on the corner and video’d the whole thing. John Graham attended the Funeral. I went to Boulder PD and interviewed officers the day of. There were candles and flowers left in parking lot. Interesting our coverage that day sealed a bond with officers of Boulder PD. It is a dangerous job and one never knows when the Grimm reaper will come a knocking.

It was also a wake up call to Boulder PD. There are crazy people out there who won’t think twice about shooting, stabbing or running over a cop.  Beth Haynes ran into one such very pissed off middle easterner the night she got killed.

There is no such thing as a routine domestic violence call either. They all have the potential to turn deadly. That is why officers never go into one alone. Beth Haynes made a fatal mistake that night. She proceeded into the apartment complex parking lot instead of waiting for backup on the street. She only had three years on the force and little experience and minimal training with a high level of violence.

Her choice of firearm was not the best either. 9mm is considered a very small arm with not much knock down power. A 38sp or 357 revolver has quite a bit more. Or a 40 millimeter Marine Corps Beretta has even more and is easy for a small women to handle. It is a show stopper.

One thing is for sure. Boulder cops choice of firearms have changed since Beth Haynes was gunned down. The department completely revised their training programs. They get a lot more. More cops carry more guns and knives too. 3 guns is not uncommon.  A police officer can never have too much training. Women cops need even more than men; Just because of the mere physical challenges in violent situations. Most of us don’t go to work each day with a high probability of getting into a gun fight or having a drunk throw a molotov cocktail into our car. Boulder cops do. And they put their life on the line for us every day.

Boulder still isn’t as violent as Denver. But we all need to learn how to stay safe and protected. The PD needs all of it’s budget requests for training.

Jann Scott’s Journal

from Boulder Colorado

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Channel 1 networks Americas best investment

JANN SCOTT and Channel One Networks


Jann Scott ceo of Channel One Networks

Jann Scott CEO of Channel One Networks

When it comes to being ahead of his time, the man is Jann Scott of Boulder, Colorado.

In 2005, he created The World Channel 1 Network, ( now C1N.TV) one of the first web-based TV networks.  This came  after launching on University of Colorado servers in 1997 and is still seen on geocities.com.


“As early as 1998, I saw that newspapers were in decline and all TV and newspapers were moving to the web and wanted to cover all of it.”   He calls his network “YouTube meets Craig’s List.”

The purpose of his networks is to provide each community with local TV and  news on the Web.

“We want the networks to be the “go-to” place for both local TV and print news on the web.

He said his networks have come into their own  with 30 up and running, reporters in various locations like Florida, Boulder, Seattle and Denver to name a few.  Boulder and Denver act as both the content and financial model for the entire network he said.

On C1N.TV viewers can see his Route 66 travel series on the Travel Channel, Restaurant section news, home and garden, fashion and the popular auto section.  Scott’s news team covers numerous events live on location. He has brought together a team which contributes to the news and feature content of his network shows.

And, Scott admits the networks are profitable since day 1.  “Our sales department sells ads locally in each city.  We don’t take any third party ads and we compete with Google, for example.”  He said they staff their phone lines and have people available to take calls.  He said we bring a “humanness” to the business of buying online advertising”  He said while  Channel 1 networks can exist without social media, they do use them to promote their programming.  “We are integrating web  into main stream population while the social media is aimed only at the millenniums!”

While Jann Scott’s off-beat sense of humor developed as a TV talk show host is considered controversial by some his popularity as a Boulder icon make him a pillar of the community. Scott’s serious side has proven him to be community orientated.  He has helped 100’s of disenfranchised people in need.

Do we dream big?  He said.  “We want to build the world headquarters in Boulder with 20,000 employees worldwide, bigger than CNN or Comcast, for example.”  “We’re the biggest media company in the world,” he said hesitating, “But we aren’t fully actualized yet!”  The C1N network is there. The advertisers are there and we have stayed consistent with the vision.”

Thinking further, Jann Scott said, “We would probably like to partner with Ted Turner, for example, and have offices all over the world.”

Donna Marek writes about Jann scott

Donna Marek features writer.

Donna Marek is a Boulder free lance writer and has contributed to Boulder Channel 1 since it’s inception





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Jann Scott’s Journal St. Paddys day, texting and driving


jann Scott writes about St. Patricks drunken day in Boulder

St Patrick would be shocked !

St. Patrick’s was a 4th century Saint heralded by the Catholic church. ” According to Irish folklore, one of his teaching methods included using the shamrock to explain the Christian doctrine of the Trinity to the Irish people. After nearly thirty years of evangelism, he died on 17 March 461, and according to tradition, was buried at Downpatrick” Wikipedia has a thorough examination of this Christian evangelical Saint.

Here in Boulder St. Patrick has devolved into a drinking holiday pushed by local restaurants, Bars and media. The drunk girl blog Your Boulder pushes the entire day as a drunk fest.  And that is what sainthood has come to here.

1 Girl Driving and texting

Boulder girls drinks, driving, texting on St Patrick’s day

Texting and driving is at an all time low here in Boulder. Today I witnessed  3 girls ( millenniums) texting and driving in downtown Boulder. One was in a BMW Suv parked at 17th and Pearl. She had to be beeped at to move when the light turned green. Then she drove down Pearl at 15 mph texting and weaving the whole way.. more beeps. When she finished texting she floored it speeding through the 28th street intersection. Then there was a girl in her new Volvo Suv on 28th street driving and texting  swerving into the other lane … more beeps.  At 28th and Iris a girl in Lexus SUV was driving and texting , going so slow other cars slammed on their brakes to avoid here.

So between drunk girls driving and texting this Saint Patrick’s Day weekend we are all completely fucked.

from the Drunk driving and texting Capitol of the USA
Jann Scott



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Jann Scotts Journal boulder

Just Shoot the Homeless in Boulder by Jann Scott


Homeless Drug addicts and alcoholic men have clogged the courts, jails, Emergency rooms and Boulder Police blotters for decades now. The city has tried everything to stop annoying drunk dirty guys from crapping up the parks and the Pearl street

Goodbye puppy.

Goodbye puppy.


The municipal judge once asked me: “What can I do ?? I’ve tried everything. ” The city built a nice new homeless shelter for the drunk men. The Catholic church opened up Harvest of Hope to feed them. Go there daily and see the drunk men falling all over themselves. We opened a beautiful new Addictions Recovery Center for them. but they don’t like it. It requires them  to stop drinking. Drunk street men would have no part of that. Why it is a violation of their civil liberties.   Boulder community hospital has a private entrance for drunk homeless men. Very exclusive. They receive over 5 million dollars of free medical each year.

Then we have BOHO which puts up 100′s of drunk men every night.  There is the nice Carriage House which feeds drunk men every day. We have the Pearl Street mall  which we built for homeless drunks and teen drug addicts. They flop all over the mall. Unfortunately , tourists and shoppers get in their way. Perhaps we could take a page from Russia. This week they are shooting stray dogs.

So my thought is, let just shoot the Homeless.  Then we can burn their bodies at the dump and that will be the end of of our homeless problem. Also, their bodies would burn really well, since they are all soaked in alcohol. The millions we save from coddling bums could be used on sprucing up our parks which they have turned into shit holes.  If we started shooting the homeless, word would get out and they would stop coming here. They would be terrified.

That would also end endless city council meetings on how to adjust the behavior of drunken adult males in a dominant addiction who have zero interest in re entering the main stream of society. Just fucking shoot em.

Jann Scott’s Journal

Boulder Colorado

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Sochi Olympics: Putin may actually have it right. by Jann Scott


Black widow suicide bomber targeting Sochi Olympics

Black widow suicide bomber targeting Sochi Olympics

The last thing the world needs are a bunch of Muslim terrorists screwing things up in Russia the way they did in 1972 during the Olympics in Germany. Black September a Palestinian terrorist group killed much of the Israeli team. I covered that nightmare while on the desk at International times in London. A lot of “young and dumb” reporters today from the American press have no knowledge on just how wrong things can go. They are beating on Russia and Vladimir Putin at a time when Islamic terrorists threaten to kill American athletes. Bullshit.

poshel na khuy! Musul'manskiy shlyukha suka. tol'ko cherez moy trup!

poshel na khuy! Musul’manskiy shlyukha suka. tol’ko cherez moy trup!

They complain because Putin is clamping down on protests keeping them 12 miles away and then Russian police are jailing people. The Gays want protests but they are being jailed. The Muslims are being jailed just for showing up for protests. And no one is getting out before the end of the Olympics. American Gays are now in Russian jails.

Don't fuck around if you're coming to Russia.

Don’t fuck around if you’re coming to Russia.

What the hell did they think was going to happen?  You can’t just go to Russia during the Olympics where black widow Muslim chicks are threatening to bomb everything.

1972 Olympics saw Muslim terrorists kill everybody

1972 Olympics saw Muslim terrorists kill everybody

Wrong time. Wrong event. Most definitely the wrong country.

Putin is correct. Seriously. I agree. Jail everybody and figure it out later.

We don’t want any God Dam bombs going off in Sochi.

Jann Scott’s Journal written by Jann scott is Americas web talk show host and the worlds voice of reality.

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Government Shutdown 101 Don’t worry be happy :Jann Scott’s Journal


Jann Scott’s Journal is written by talk show host and futurist Jann Scott

Hey America
If we could  permanently get rid of those 800,000 non essential government workers, wouldn’t that be great? I mean, if they are Non essential workers? Why do we have them to begin with? We don’t have non essential people at my company. Of course we 2 lazy-coworkersdon’t. We’d go broke.
I hear we have nonessential military personnel on top of the 800,000 ?? Is that true? And they are being let go too. Good. Get rid of them. Do we have non essential government programs ?? Lets get rid of them. If programs don’t help Americans or provide for the national defense, they are non essential in my book.

Now I am a big fan of The Affordable Care Act. That is essential. But the post office isn’t. Privatize it. Most military programs are a waste. Most of the federal govt agencies which don’t aid, feed, or assist Americans are non essential.

So I kind of like the shutdown. Doesn’t effect me or the overall economy in Boulder Colorado.

Let’s fire all of the government workers permanently and make them get real jobs like the rest of us. I don’t feel sorry for them one bit.

Lets shut down all of these worthless agencies and programs.
Every Government worker I know is living off the dole and are worthless. They are non essential. Why am I paying them?

From Boulder Colorado
Wait we receive billions in Government funding

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Denver talk show host Peter Boyles strangles his producer: Ooooh Jann Scotts Journal


The world of live call in talk radio and talk TV is a daily gun fight with guests, callers, advertisers and fans. For Peter Boyles it spilled over into the control room last week where he went after his long time producer Greg Hollenback. Generally, that is a bad move but it is not unheard of in “talk”. Hollenback is liked and considered nice where as Boyles is considered to be pretty much of a prick as most talkers are my self included. It is just the nature of the game. We are like cops in a bad neighborhood every day. Some gangster is always looking for trouble and talk hosts are just the ones to dish it up. Some times it is hard to separate the show from personal lives or office politics.

But who knows what happened ?? Maybe Hallenbeck freaked out over Tom Tancredo latest diatribe. Who could blame him.?Tancredo is crazier that a shit house rat and is the last person anyone in Colorado wants in the governors office.

Boyles has taken an unfortunate turn to the right politically and I think this is God’s way of pulling him up short. Saying” what the fuck are you doing ?? ” Jesus does not want you on the right with a bunch of crazy constitutionalist christian tea bagger gun nut fucking domestic terrorist skin headed white supremacists”

Lest Peter forget they killed his best friend talker Alan berg in 1984. No he didn’t forget. He got momentarily lost….

But this is serious. He could permanently lose his job.
KHOW radio has replaced Boyles with an even bigger idiot John Caldera who is not only stupid … He’s just plain mean. He is certainly no Peter boyles. But then again Peter Boyles is no longer Peter Boyles.

I have had run ins with both of these guys. First Caldera when he was hooked up with Boulder Theater. Caldera was the ops guy under a criminal gangster named Dark Cloud. Dark cloud had been arrested for embezzlement the day before. I was hired to come into Boulder theater and produce a TV special for musician Paul Soderman. Caldera was stomping around the theater like a mad man, threatening me and Soderman with physical violence. He was a nightmare. The next day he was fired. It is a damn wonder he didn’t end up in prison with Dark cloud. That’s a little know story.

Boyles and I had it out over the Ramsey case. I was bitching him out nightly on my Boulder TV show for being a vampire and he was going to kick my ass. Now that was pretty much fun. “No, fuck you. No, fuck your mother. no, fuck your mother. Good talk show hosts have the emotions of a 16 year old boy.  ” Peter actually apologized to me and it was over. We both apologized and it was one of those “on the field kind of things.”

But this thing with Hollenback is different. He is a producer. He is not part of the act. He is not some clown like me who relishes a good fight.

I saw ken Hamblin tear into a punk 24 year old producer at KNUS one day….. the kid thought his life was about to end. But then Hamblin got charged with sexual harassment by Karen Lindsay. It happened at a drunken KNUS Christmas party. Mike Rosen hated my guts because I called him a Jewish Nazi on the air. He was infuriated.  Bill O’Reilly , Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the Dykes who run NPR have all gotten into trouble for drugs, harassment, sex, you name it.

Just last month I had 1000 NRA wackos after me for things I said about them here and on TV. Now they are a very crazy dangerous group. To date three police departments are involved with charges made and pending.

So yes talk is the original reality show. Talk radio and TV are show business. It is all an act.  But talk is organic and you never know where it is going.

Is this the end for Peter Boyles?. Only the corporation knows for sure

Been on Talk TV since 1989 and talk radio since 1987
From Boulder Colorado
Jann Scott

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Startup Boulder 2013 fueled by alcohol more holyS— from Jann Scott’s Journal


Boulder County Sheriff at odds with Boulder law enforcement  Some high up Boulder Police  and Sheriffs officials are not

Jann in Boulder with new 2003 4wd TV production truck

Jann Scott is the critical voice of Boulder

pleased with Boulder county Joe Pelle’s backing the NRA’s stance on guns and opposition to Colorado’s new gun laws. “I am really disappointed in him said one police official. ” The NRA are a  dangerous group and the prisons are loaded with their kind” …I can’t imagine how Joe is backing them.”

Another hi level Sheriff told me ” You have to know that people who are not all there are attracted to the NRA and extreme gun politics”  ” The NRA has been taken over by the radical element ” the Sheriff said.  A third Police official and a college instructor in law enforcement told me ” The NRA has changed and so has it’s membership. It used to be that there were a few extremists  but since Charlton Heston made that ‘from my cold dead hands comment’ the whole organisation has shifted.

My run in with NRA members last month has led to open police cases by Boulder PD, Sante Fe PD and Gainsville Ga pd as well as ATF and FBI investigations on some pretty crazy NRA members who use social media and the internet to attack people. Sufficed to say that law enforcement nationwide are keeping close tabs on these people. They are currently known as ” conservative christian constitutionalist, tea party, patriots, Republicans”. They used to be know as Militia in the 90s.

The IRS investigates Tea Party and Patriots I am glad they scrutinized this group before handing out non profit status. These people are domestic terrorists. They keep the ATF, FBI, Secret service , and US Marshals plenty busy protecting our president from them.

Startup Boulder Week 2013 fueled by alcohol How the city and Downtown Boulder ever got involved in promoting this drunken convention is beyond me.  There is so much drinking going on at this years Start up Boulder , it needs to studied by the city and police.  Just yesterday there were over 30 companies in Downtown Boulder handing out free booze all day to anyone who walked in the front door. It was called the Start Up crawl . On the Pearls street mall, Downtown Boulder has a booze tent set up for the entire week. Many of the events are held in bars . There are drinking parties every night. There are drinking breakfasts. What the fuck is going on.? This is supposed to be about Boulder being a business startup community and it has turned into a week long drunk. All that is missing is a Golf tournament.

from the Drinking Capital of America, where there are more alcoholics with engineering degrees than anywhere on earth, where we breed alcoholics, where the city does not give a rats ass, where the health effects are dire

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado


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Jann on set of Jann Scott Live



Here’s what I think.

I have done a lot of talk TV shows and radio shows on domestic terrorism and I am about to do a whole bunch more. I have been watching TV all day taking in the news on the Terror attack of the Boston Marathon.

My coverage of violence in America goes all the way back to 1987 when I first started in talk radio. Allen Berg , a Denver Jewish left wing talk show host had been gunned down by the Aryan brotherhood in 1984. They were a neo nazi separatist group.

Then came Ruby Ridge in 1992. A right wing gun nut Randy Weaver was hold up in his Utah ranch and had a shoot out with the ATF and FBI. Ruby ridge became the rallying cry for the NRA and every right winged fanatic in America.

The Militia and Patriot movement was born then. On April 19 1993 David Koresh had a shoot out with the ATF in Waco Texas ad in the process murdered his entire cult following.

On April 19th 1995 Timothy McVeigh blew up a Federal building in Oklahoma City killing hundreds. He did this in retaliation for Ruby Ridge and Waco.

During this time the Militia movement had gone mad and there were numerous encounters with right winged crazy people all across america.

The atmosphere was much the same as it is now. We had a democratic president and an assault weapons ban.

On April 20th 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed a bunch of kids at Columbine High School. They used automatic weapons and bombs. They came from military families and had a deep hatred for America. They were also neo Nazis .

So today’s date April 15 is significant. It is tax day, a day right wingers hate. It is near Hitlers birthday, so they love that day. And it is near April 19th a day to celebrate terrorism in America by the right wing.

In boulder on April 20 there is an anti american rally on the CU campus surrounding pot. Why April 20th? Because it celebrates the attacks on the american legal system. it aligns itself with Columbine, Waco, Ruby ridge and Hitler.

There is a right wing battle going on in congress over guns right this week.

The movement is know as the Patriot Movement. Today was Patiot’s day in Boston celebrating Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775 to be gin the Revolutionary war.

Who ever attacked Boston today was one of these nut jobs from the modern day Patriot Movement, from the Tea Party, from the NRA from the Republican Party.

Yesterday there was an NRA Nascar race in Texas where the right wing had become extremely worked up. In fact their attack son me were unprecedented.

So my thought is that what happened in Boston is an extremist act by right winged gun nuts to celebrate their cause.

I will be talking more abut this on TV
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

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2013 Conference on World Affairs Boulder: Pot Atheism Communism


It started out with a Bang! Science over religion.  Then it was an attack on faith, God, Christianity, Judaism placated only by a shallow look at Islam and pity for it’s  women. What a disgrace this conference has turned into. Shame on everyone involved.

The entire conference has had overtones of bigotry with attacks on men, corporations, capitalism and America.  The unbalance continued with gender bashing celebrating victimization of women and  Gays.  The gender bashed was men and the culture bashed, heterosexuals For what reason pray tell??

Leftist politics kept the entire conference off balance with insulting token conservative  presentations and embarrassing feminism  at every turn.  It was the usual man hating  conference on world affairs.  They continued to bash the US military, the United states government and finally the Supreme court.  But there was much praise for China. Swell.  Young clueless entrepreneurship was also praised, but American business bashed.

The promotion of drug use was in full swing and the entire concept of addiction was scuttled.  Pushing pot on the conference was in full swing, while the University was heartily attacked for its handling of 4/20 pot celebration.

The element of spirituality was non-existent reduced to junk science and feelings. All religions were roundly attacked through out the conference while new atheism was pushed. Did I say This conference was an embarrassment  and a low point for the University of Colorado.

In attendance were the usual suspects: senior citizens, retired leftists, leftists, and more leftists.. CU student attendance was at a low ebb because quite frankly there wasn’t much that interested 17 to 22 year olds. There never is. It is an old fart conference. This conference is out of touch with reality.

From the Peoples Republic of Boulder

Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

Jann Scott’s Journal is the story and life of Boulder Icon and talk host Jann Scott. He has been in print, on radio and on TV in Boulder since 1989. Some consider him the voice of Boulder’s soul.


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