Just a little over a week to go until the 40th Anniversary show of the Colorado Motorcycle Expo.   Join us Jan 27-28, 2018 at the National Western Complex. 

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Just like always, and even more so this year, it will definitely save you time if you buy tickets in advance.  You can do that here. EXPO TICKETS.

There have been some security changes so please make sure to check out the list of prohibited items before you arrive.  You can see that on our home page here – just click the link on the left hand side right under where it says National Western Complex.

This year the show is NOT on Super Bowl Weekend.  It’s the week between the conference championships and the Super Bowl which means no football at all that weekend.  So it should be a great event with lots of new vendors for the swap meet and bikes for the show.

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We’ve got:


(i) The Country’s Largest Indoor Motorcycle Swap Meet.   Over 800 booths completely filling the main floor, the back room, all the hallways and the stadium level, just like usual.   We will be sold out this year, so register early. Click here for more info on the swap meet or here if you want info on getting a booth.


(ii) Huge Antique & Custom Motorcycle Show with over 100 bikes.  Come see amazing creations from some of the best in the business.  Deadline for entry is Jan 24th Click here for info and pictures from prior shows or click here if you want info on entering your bike.


(iii) Live Music.  There will be live music with Denver rock legends, Guild of Ages.  They will be playing Saturday and Sunday in the Stadium. Click here for more info.


(iv) Wet T- Shirt Contest.  Back by popular demand, this will be going on Saturday afternoon in the stadium.  Come see your friends and neighbors as you’ve never seen them before!  Click here for more info and pics from the last event.


(v) Used Bike Corral in the Stadium.   There will be a few dozen bikes from dealerships and private sellers at great prices.   Click here for more info.


Plus Much More.  


This is the social event of the season for the riding community, so don’t miss it!


We’ve had a lot of questions about the incident involving the iron order and the Mongols at the 2016 show and about whether colors will be allowed at the 2018 show.   The Clubs have been an important part of the show since the beginning and there have been no significant incidents in the 38 year history of the show prior to 2016.

Colors will be allowed, however, by order of the city and the facility, the Mongols and the Iron Order will not be permitted to attend the show.  Because the Mongols are banned from attendance, the clubs that are part of the Confederation of Clubs (whose membership includes most, but not all, of the 1% clubs in Colorado) will not be attending the show.  There will be many other clubs in attendance, but there will probably only be about 20% of the club presence at this show vs. prior shows.

That means we will be able to bring in several new vendors that we were not previously able to fit in since the show sells out early every year.

Public safety is very important to us and there will be security changes at the front entrance, vendor entrances and the building perimeter.   Unfortunately with events like the recent tragedy in Las Vegas that’s just going to be the new normal at large events of any type.   With the way it’s going to be done we do not anticipate any significant delays in getting people in the door. Once you’re inside you’re not likely to really notice any difference other than the decreased club presence and the new vendors.

We will be providing additional updates in the coming weeks prior to the show.  As always, we welcome your comments, questions & suggestions.


Jeff & Angie Brown

Colorado Motorcycle Expo

950 Wadsworth Blvd

Suite 306

Lakewood, CO 80214