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Airdrie andoain sitios de citas “Hotshots” looks at a movie!

He's Just Not that Into You - Movie PosterHE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU is one of those unfortunate movies that has everything going against it.

First of all, the title is too long and awkward, but it is the same title as the advice book for women on which it is based.

Second of all, a lack of audience is built into it, because it is a chick flick that gals don’t even have to bring their guys with them to see.

If any guys are dragged along to see it, they will feel as if they are attending a lecture, because it is nothing more than a chick flick for gals who want to feel good about themselves, and that is all it is.

However, that is only if they are in a good relationship. If they are in a bad relationship or no relationship at all, then they will feel bad about themselves.

And if they are in a good relationship and drag their guys along with them to see it, the movie will just give the guys some bad ideas that the gals won’t want their guys to learn.

The cast is pleasant enough. The movie stars Ginnifer Goodwin, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly, and Drew Barrymore as the gals, and Kevin Connolly, Bradley Cooper, Justin Long, and Ben Affleck as the guys, with Kris Kristofferson thrown in as a cameo as the father of one of the gals.

However, how is this for advice? One of the gals says to another one, “There are no rules anymore.”

And one of the guys who is giving advice to the most pathetic gal in the movie says to her, “If a guy doesn’t call you, he doesn’t want to call you.”

Here is the plot: Some of the characters are in a relationship and some are not, although they would like to be except for the one guy who says and acts as if he doesn’t want to be.

One couple is married, but guess what. Another couple have been together for seven years and are not married, but guess what. And some are just friends with each other, but guess what.

HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU is pathetic in its desperation and is nothing more than an advice movie from hell that is based on an advice book from hell.

I’m Dan Culberson and this is “Hotshots.”