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Jann Scott Live – History of Public Access in Boulder – Oct 20, 2005


An hour long episode of Jann Scott Live originally aired October 20th, 2005. In this show Jann starts off by showing his Halloween gift basket from the Mountain Man. Jann talks about what public access is going to do after the funding has been cut and gives us a history of public access in Boulder as well as some of the people who oppose it. We also get a peek at the new website where you can watch Jann Scott live and Jann Scott Tonite on and Jann explorers the possibilities of internet TV vs. cable TV. Throughout the show we see clips from the film Max Headroom during which Jann gives time for Boulder artists to speak about their work. Emily Ashley talks about her life growing up and how she got into the art of writing and how punk rock music greatly has influenced her to pursue her passions. Jenn Conner talks about how she grew up and what got her into media productions today and her interest in fashion and the arts, Aaron Smith talks about Boulder Channel 1 and how he got into television, video production and web design.

Jann Scott Live – Boulder City Council and CATV-54 – Oct 3, 2005


An entire hour long Jann Scott Live Show which original aired on CATV-54 Boulder October 3rd. 2005. Topics include; David Kirkpatrick investigates Boulder city officials, Rob Smoke on the loss of free speech in Boulder, Amy Goodman upset with city council over CATV decision, Denver legalizes marijuana, and Guess how many times Jann Scott has been kicked off the air.

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