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Jann Scott Live – Are you sick of Nazi government control?


Jann Scott Live talks from the Channel 1 Network studios about Nazi government control of our public access airwaves and the right to free speech. Jann also hits on the concerns of North Korean nuclear weapons and the Islamic control or oil. Last but not least Jann gives a Nazi a hug.

Jann Scott Live – Douche bags take control Public Access TV in Boulder


Jann Scott stands outside the Daily Camera and challenges editor Sue Deans to a kick boxing match as he reports about his confrontation with her. Jann then continues his rant at the Boulder City Council building where he talks about council member Shaun McGrath tossing out Seth Brigham out of a public meeting as well as BTV owner Tony Perri’s constant use of public access for his own profits.

Jann Scott Live – Artists Denied Public Access


Jann Scott stands outside the Daily Camera and asks why Sue Deans has replaced Jann Scott Live as well as other artists and film makers who have been denied access of BTV-54 public access television in Boulder.

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