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Boris Karloff was my neighbor


It is Halloween night 2011. It is a beautiful warm evening. There is a 1/2 moon. The kids are coming by my house for “trick or treat” Lots of them. I am watching Frankenstein with Basil Rathbone Lon Chaney and Boris Karloff.

I am reminded that Boris Karloff lived 7 miles from my home in New Milford Connecticut. I never knew that. No one around there knew. This was a small New England town. Everybody knew everything. Certainly, if a big star like Karloff lived there. I only found out because my new girlfriend Slylvia Prichard lived in his house with her parents. Her parents were British. So was Karloff. The Pritchards bought the home shortly after karloffs death in 1969. They had lived there just over a year when I met Sylvia.

It was a long time ago but I still remember it like it was yesterday. Sylvia and I were swimming on a hot June day in 1971. Only her mother was at home. She didn’t want to be left alone at night. Her mom had PTSD from being an English searchlight girl during the London Blitz in the 1940s. She was a bit quirky. Sylvias mother invited me to stay for dinner and to spend the night.

That is when I first heard the story of how Karloff had murdered his wife some 20 years earlier. Karloff was never arrested for the crime, but New Milford police always suspected him. At the time I was a young reporter, so I ventured over to the Police department and got my hands on the police report. It seemed Mrs Karloff had fallen down 30 stairs into the basement one night after an New York theater party. I had never heard of this. It was never in the papers. Never except this death notice from 1961 in the New Milford Times. “Andresca Karoff died accidently at her home on 312 Maple trail”

But the police report said they had found blood on Karloffs clothes.

As the evening wore on Mrs Pritchard revealed that she did not want to be alone because Andrescas Karloffs ghost roamed the house at night. Also, that sometimes Boris was there too. And that the murder was played out over and over. By this time it was nearing midnite. Both Sylvia and her mother were looped from wine we had been drinking.

I was like what the fuck?? Get out of here. Sylvia asured me that it was true but she didn’t care cause she took sleeping meds and never saw anything. I didn’t believe it. I thought they were both crazy.

Mrs. Pritchard saw that i wasn’t on board with yet another New England tale of horror and ghosts. No of course not I don’t believe in ghosts period. I didn’t then and I don’t now. I spent then night without episode.

I was tired and went off to my room in the basement. The guest room at the bottom of the stairs. Then something curious occured. An old car had pulled up to the back of the house when an older women came in through the sliding gloss door. It was Agness Mrs Pritchards sister who was visiting the family from England. She had been to bridge party in town. Not wanting to appear rude I sat at the sun table downstairs and chatted with her.

OMG she kept me up all night talking…… endlessly about her life in Liverpool. It was daybreak when I finally went to bed. agness went to bed in the room next to mine. Syvia and her mother had apparently passed out, because they did not come downstairs and rescue me from this odd duck.

I awoke late the next morining . Sylvia was smashed on ludes for sleeping and I from the old lady. During coffee when I asked about Sylvias aunt….Mrs Pritchard said. “What aunt??”

Your sister I said” Agnes. she kept me awake half the night talking”, Both Mrs Pritchard and Sylvias face drew pale.” I don’t have a sister Jann” When I took them to show them the old Mercedes parked in the back it was gone. The room next to the guest room was not a second guest room at all but an old unused coal furnis room.

Mrs Pritchard insisted ” It was her. It was her. It was Andresca Karloff you spoke with.” Like I said I don’t believe in ghosts. With a couple of lushes like the Pritchard, i have no idea what to believe. But this story is true and the case of Andresca Karloff death is still unsolved. And Agness? I don’t know what to make of her. But i did talk to her . she was as real as that cup of coffee you’re drinking. One other small fact. Andresca Karloff drove a 1961 Mercedes 220. The same car i had seen that June night in 1971.

from a place where innocent girls are murdered for fun

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado

Sunday Editorial Snippets by Jann Scott


Occupy Denver has made the front pages across America today. Why? Because the police tried to force ably remove the protesters from Civic Park. BIG MISTAKE The mayor, Governor or police have absolutely no idea what is at hand here. I am old enough to remember the police pushing everybody around during the 60s. Most Boomers are. And we don’t like seeing a bunch of politicians and cops pushing our kids and grand kids around. It’s beginning to piss us off. Word to the wise. Leave our kids the hell alone and go after the Bankers.

Now in Boulder the police and city are smart enough and professional enough that they would never ever get caught up in trying to bust up peaceful protests. congrats.

Mountain Bikers I find myself agreeing again with Macon Cowles. He seems to be smarting up as he ages. I do ride a Mountain Bike. At 65 I go easy, but from my auto racing days on dirt I still know how to put a few moves on the kids in a corner. But cyclists have a tendency to be rude and run people off bike paths and trails. So they need to take their fast bikes out in the woods where walkers, strollers, hikers, moms kids and seniors won’t get run over.

Marijuana    I do think the entire medical marijuana con should be turned into legalized  pot sold in liquor stores. It should be controlled, packaged, taxed to beat all hell and let it fund Medicare.  What other drugs are out there that are popular? Coke? Heroin? Legalize them too. Tax em and finance health care and social security. Lets legalize prostitution too. Fuck it. Just legalize and control all vice. Tax vice and fund treatment.  That will essentially eliminate big crime and we as a country can get on with living. I mean what the hey, drug sales, prostitution are huge in America. The are not going away and we are losing 100s of billions in tax revenues. Leave the morality to the churches, treatment to the Docs and decriminalize all of this bullshit.

From Americas most famous small city

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado

Who and what to Vote for in Boulder…………whatever


I know. Another news geek telling you what and who to vote for. Well, yer darn tootin. Now listen up.

For city council, you can vote for whoever the hell you want. They are all the same in my book. Well, except Ken Wilson. I don’t like him. I think he’s a controlling little sneak. He won’t take phone calls and will not co operate with the press and he’s a hider. So right there is enough to not vote for him. He works for Xcel and lies about that too. And he voted again Public Access TV so he hates free speech all to hell. And he doesn’t like me so fuck him. :)

I like Lisa Morzel because she did vote for Public Access Tv  consistently. She is a big supporter of the poor and disenfranchised. A bit of a whiner, and hider but she is OK.

I do like George Karakehian. He returns phone calls, will talk to you, will talk to the press, is fair minded and honest. He is also a local Boulder businessman. So I like him.

The others , I don’t know and I don’t trust either. but they are all cut from the same cloth. Liberal, tree hugging anti capitalist government workers with top down mentality who embrace Group think. Fascists essentially.

The only truly important ballot issue to vote on are 2B2C which will take that coal burning piece of crap out of the hands of Xcel and put it in our hands where with hope we will tear it down in 100 years and rep/ace it with cold fusion. so no
matter how much it costs we have to do it for our children, grand children, the city, the future of Boulder, the earth and humanity. This is a no brainer. Xcel had their shot, now fuck em. It is time to Occupy Xcel and take over that god damned power plant. FUCK XCEL.

On Corporate Person hood. I am sorry I am not a commie. Leave the corporations alone.

Boulder PR whores blow


This last week Boulder Channel 1 found a resource about tourism on Downtown Boulders website. We thought it was good as is much of what they resource, so we reprinted it in our Visitors tourism section. Holy shit, you would have thought we robbed a bank. Instead of thanking us for using their material, the twitter SM wack job at DTB started complaining. Then their whole media department started lying. They said we didn’t credit them (which of course we did)….. but worse  we used their public information. OMG horrors. No wonder Downtown boulder is going broke with PR people like that in charge.

Downtown Boulder DM girl doesn't know whether she's coming or going?

When asked why they don’t send out press releases with their fabulous information they all responded with…. If you are too fucking dumb to come to our website, you shouldn’t see it….. Incidentally, the PR people at NCAR gave the same anti media attitude.

It is this pervasive protective popular attitude among PR flacks that I find amusing. They take themselves so seriously. Time was you’d get a blow job to print their story. Now you’d get a blow job and your eyes scratched out later. I dunno. What has the lying cheating whoring world of public relations come to?? crack??  We have had a standing problem with DTB. 11/2 years ago we wanted to cover their fashion show. They turned that into a nightmare. This past year we wanted to cover band on the bricks as we have for 20 years. They turned that into a cluster fuck too. Some people should not be in charge of media or run events.

I should teach a class called “how not to fuck up a wet dream” or media relations 101: forget everything they taught you in Communications class or J-School .

From the stuck up media relations capitol of America

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado

What killed Dan Wheldon? Jann Scotts’ Journal


A lot of open wheel drivers have been killed by head injuries. When Dan Wheldons Indy car smashed into the fence his head took the brunt of the impact. How do I know this? Everyone in racing knows. First the docs said he died of blunt force trauma to the head. But what does that mean? It means that when his car hit the chain link fence in Cali, he slid head first down the fence. When the whole story comes out, it was not the flames that killed Dan, it was the fence that nearly or did tear his head off. Head injuries are the bane of open wheel racing. I would never do it. It is suicide. I prefer 4 wheels and fenders thank-you. Also, I have road raced and raced stock cars for 7 years, so I know a little about the sport. Here is a list of drivers killed in racing. Look at the number. It is astounding. It does not include the 1000′s killed at local race tracks. Solution: It is time to put a plastic dome over Indy cars, make them padded and bigger. Lets end this crap.

From WikipediA:
Name Date of accident Discipline Car Championship Circuit Event Session Cause Source


Hector Abate Daga (BRA) 1958 Mecánica Nacional Fuerza Libre
Elio de Angelis (ITA) May 14, 1986 Open Wheel Brabham BT55 1986 Formula One Season Circuit Paul Ricard Testing Mechanical failure
Grant Adcox (USA) 1989 1989 NASCAR Winston Cup Series Atlanta Motor Speedway race
Francis Affleck (CAN) 1985 ARCA Daytona practice
Bob Akin (USA) 2002 historical sportscar Nissan GTP ZX-Turbo Road Atlanta race
Marcel Albers (NED) 1992 British Formula Three Championship Thruxton race
Michele Alboreto (ITA) 2001 Sports car Audi R8 EuroSpeedway Lausitz testing Tyre deflation
Blaise Alexander (USA) 2001 ARCA Lowe’s Motor Speedway Race
George Amick (USA) 1959 Daytona International Speedway race
Bob Anderson (GBR) 1967 Brabham BT11 Formula One Silverstone testing
Ove Andersson (SWE) 2008 Classic rally
Alberto Ascari (ITA) 1955 Sports car Autodromo Nazionale Monza testing
Antonio Ascari (ITA) 1925 French Grand Prix Autodrome de Montlhéry
Manny Ayulo (USA) 1955 1955 Indianapolis 500 Practice


Baker, Scott (1957–2000) ARCA race, Toledo
Baldwin, Rick (1955–1997), NWC Qualifying, Michigan. Baldwin crashed in 1986 and died after 11 years in a coma.
Baldwin, Tom (1947–2004), NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race, Thompson, CT.
Ball, Bobby (1925–1953), Midget race, Gardena
Bandini, Lorenzo (1935–1967), Monaco GP
Bard, Ryan (1984–2007), IMCA Sportmod, Abilene Speedway
Barr, Emmett (1949–1996), Drag Race, Quaker City Raceway
Barringer, George (1906–1946), Champ Car race, Atlanta
Bastuck, Jörg (1969–2006), Rally Catalunya, Costa Daurada
Batson, Gary (1951–1992), Sportsman race, Charlotte
Bauer, Erwin (1912–1958), Sports car race, Nürburgring
de Beaufort, Carel Godin (1934–1964), German GP practice, Nürburgring
Beauman, Don (1928–1955), Leinster Trophy race, Wicklow
Behra, Jean (1921–1959), Sports car race, AVUS, Berlin
Bellof, Stefan (1957–1985), 1000km Spa Sports car Race, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
Berger, Georges (1918–1967), Marathon de la Route, 84h Endurance race, Nürburgring
Bettega, Attilio (1953–1985), Tour de Corse rallye, Corsica
Bettenhausen, Tony (1916–1961), Practice for 45th Indianapolis 500
Bianchi, Lucien (1934–1969), testing session for 24 hours of Le Mans
Bible, Lee (1886–1929), Triplex Special record attempt, Daytona Beach
Birrell, Gerry (1944–1973) practice European Formula 2 race, Rouen
Blanchard, Harry (1931–1960), 1000 km Sportscar race, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Blewett, John III (1973–2007), NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race, Thompson International Speedway
Bonetto, Felice (1905–1953), Carrera Panamericana
Bonnett, Neil (1946–1994), NWC practice, Daytona
Bonnier, Joakim (1930–1972), Le Mans 24h
Booher, Joe (1941–1993), Florida 200 Dash, Daytona
Bordino, Pietro (1887–1928), Targa Florio practice, Sicily
Borzacchini, Baconin (1898–1933), Italian Grand Prix, Monza
Bouriat, Guy (1902–1933), Picardy Grand Prix, Péronne
Boyer, Joe (1890–1924), Champ Car race, Altoona
Bradway Jr., Dave (??-1987), winged sprint car, Skagit Speedway, Alger, Washington
Branson, Don (1920–1966), Sprint Car race, Gardena
Brayton, Scott (1959–1996), Indy 500 practice
Brázdil, Josef (1899–1934), Masaryk Grand Prix practice
Brilli-Peri, Gastone (1893–1930), Tripoli Grand Prix practice
Bristow, Chris (1937–1960), Belgian GP, Spa
Brock, Peter (1945–2006), Targa West ’06 Rally, Western Australia
Brooks, Dennis (1965–2001), Auto City ’01 Clio, Michigan
Bruce-Brown, David (1890–1912), United States Grand Prix practice, Milwaukee
Bryan, Jimmy (1927–1960), Champ Car race, Langhorne Speedway
Bublewicz, Marian (1950–1993), 93` Winter Rally Lower Silesian
Bueb, Ivor (1923–1959), Formula 2 race, Charade Circuit, Clermont-Ferrand
Bürger, Hans-Georg (1952–1980), Warm-up European Formula 2 race Zandvoort
Burgmann, Mike (1947–1986), Bathurst 1000, Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia
Burman, Bob (1884–1916), Corona Grand Prize


Cabianca, Giulio (1923–1961), Modena Autodrome
Caffaratti, Attilio (1878–1900), Brescia-Cremona-Mantova-Verona-Brescia race (first fatality)[1]
Campari, Giuseppe (1892–1933), Italian GP, Monza
Campos, Marco (1976–1995), Formula 3000 race, Magny Cours
Castellotti, Eugenio (1930–1957), private Ferrari Formula 1 testing, Modena Autodrome
Cevert, François (1944–1973), US GP qualifying, Watkins Glen
Chevrolet, Gaston (1892–1920), Champ Car race, Beverly Hills
Chimeri, Ettore (1924–1968), Sports car race, Cuba
Cissac, Henri (1877–1908) French GP, Dieppe (first Grand Prix fatality)
Clark, Jim (1936–1968), Deutschland-Trophäe Formula 2 race, Hockenheimring
Clinton, Jeff (1963–2002), Grand-Am practice, Homestead
Coaker, Graham (1933–1971), Formula Libre race, Silverstone[2]
Coleman, Chad (?-1998), ARCA, involved in a four car accident at Atlanta Motor Speedway
Collins, Peter (1931–1958), German GP, Nürburgring
Colton, Mark (1961–1995), British hillclimb, Craigantlet
Cookman, Corky (1943–1987) NASCAR modifieds, accident at Thompson International Speedway in Thompson, Connecticut, USA
Cooper, Ashley (1980–2008) Fujitsu V8 Supercars support race for the Adelaide 500, Adelaide Street Circuit
Courage, Piers (1942–1970), Dutch GP, Zandvoort
Crespi, Nino (1899–1934), Rio de Janeiro Grand Prix, Gávea
Cresto, Sergio (1956–1986), Tour de Corse, Corsica
Czaikowski, Count (-1933), Italian GP, Monza


Name Date of accident Discipline Car Championship Circuit Event Session Cause Source
Paul Dana (USA) March 26, 2006 Open wheel Dallara/Honda 2006 IndyCar Series season Homestead-Miami Speedway Toyota Indy 300 Practice
Jimmy Davies (USA) June 11, 1966 Midget Santa Fe Speedway Race
Lex Davison (AUS) February 20, 1965 Open Wheel Brabham/Climax 1965 Tasman Series Sandown Raceway International 100 Practice Heart attack
Patrick Depailler (FRA) August 1, 1980 Open Wheel Alfa Romeo 179 1980 Formula One season Hockenheimring German Grand Prix Testing
Mark Donohue (USA) August 19, 1975 Open Wheel March 751 1975 Formula One season Österreichring Austrian Grand Prix Practice
Ronnie Duman (USA) June 9, 1968 Open Wheel 1968 USAC Champ Car season Milwaukee Mile Rex Mays 150 Race
Clive Dunfee (GBR) September 24, 1932 Endurance Bentley Speed Six Brooklands BRDC 500 Miles Race


Name Date of accident Discipline Car Championship Circuit Event Session Cause Source
Dale Earnhardt (USA) February 18, 2001 2001 NASCAR Winston Cup Series Daytona International Speedway 2001 Daytona 500 Race [nb 1]
Sonny Easley (USA) January 15, 1978
Ed Elisian (USA) August 30, 1959 Milwaukee Mile
Sébastien Enjolras (FRA) May 3, 1997 Sportscar non-championship Le Mans 1997 24 Hours of Le Mans Pre-race test
Richie Evans (USA) October 24, 1985 Martinsville Speedway


Name Date of accident Discipline Car Championship Circuit Event Session Cause Source
Luigi Fagioli (Italy) June 1958 Sportscar non-championship 1952 Monaco Grand Prix Practice
Walt Faulkner (USA) April 22, 1956 USAC Stock Car Qualifier
Billy Foster (Canada) January 20, 1967 Championship car USAC Championship Car Riverside International Raceway Practice
Rodger Freeth (NZ) September 1993 Rally car Subaru Legacy World Rally Championship Rally Australia Race
Joe Fry (UK) July 29, 1950 1950 Blandford Hillclimb Practice


Gaines, David (1963–1990), Lowes Motor Speedway
Gartner, Jo (1954–1986), Le Mans 24h
Gehrke, Chris (1966–1991), ARCA, Died three days after being involved in a violent accident at Talladega.
Giunti, Ignazio (1941–1971), Sports car race, Buenos Aires
Glatz, Fritz (1943–2002), Euroboss race, Autodrom Most


Hagiwara, Akira (1956–1986) Japanese Touring Car Championship race, Sportsland SUGO
Hamilton, Hugh (1905–1934) Swiss Grand Prix, Bremgarten
Hammond, Shane (1980?-2008) New England Midget Association (NEMA) race, Thompson International Speedway
Hansford, Gregg (1952–1995) Australian Super Touring Championship race, Phillip Island
Hansgen, Walt (1919–1966), Testing for Le Mans 24 Hours
Harrell, Dick “Mr. Chevrolet” (1932–1971) Fuel funny car crash, Toronto, Canada
Hartmann, László (1901–1938) Tripoli Grand Prix, Tripoli, Libya
Hassler, Friday (1935–1972) Daytona 500 qualifying race, Daytona International Speedway
Hatakeyma, Kouichi (1949–1969), Fuji Speedway
Hawkins, Paul (1937–1969), Sports car practice, Oulton Park
Hawthorne, Bert (1944–1972), European Formula 2 practice, Hockenheimring
Hendrick, Kara (1969–1991), USAC Western States Midget race, Cajon Speedway
Hepburn, Ralph (1896–1948), Indy 500 practice
Hickman, Jim (1943–1982), Champ Car practice, Milwaukee
Horn, Ted (1910–1948), Champ Car race, DuQuoin
Horstmeyer, William A. (1930–1964) USAC National Championship Series, Illinois State Fairgrounds[3]
Höttinger, Markus (1956–1980) European Formula 2 race, Hockenheimring
Hoyt, Jerry (1929–1955), Sprint Car race, Oklahoma City


Irwin, Jr., Kenny (1969-2000), New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Loudon


Jacobi, Bruce, (1935–1987), NASCAR driver, injuries suffered in a 1983 wreck at the 125-mile qualifying races at Daytona International Speedway
Jankowiak, Tony (?-1990) Modified race, Stafford Springs Motor Speedway, Stafford, CT
Jarzombek, Charlie, (1942–1987), NASCAR Modified driver, Martinsville Speedway
Johnson, Blaine (1962–1996), NHRA Winston Drag Racing 1996 Mac Tools U.S. Nationals Qualifying Top Fuel Indianapolis Raceway Park
Johnson, Julius “Slick” (1948–1990), Injuries suffered in an ARCA race, Daytona International Speedway
Jacquemart, Patrick (1946–1981), IMSA GT testing accident, Mid-Ohio, death would lead to the research and invention of the HANS device.
Jackson, Bert (1960-2011), ADRL Pro Stock, Rockingham Dragway


Kalitta, Scott (1962–2008), NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing 2008 NHRA Lucas Oil Supernationals Qualifying Nitro Funny Car Englishtown, NJ
Kalla, Ken (1948–1983), ARCA 200, Talladega
Kazato, Hiroshi (1949–1974), Fuji Grand Champion race, Fuji Speedway, collision with Suzuki
Keech, Ray (1898–1929), AAA race, Altoona
Keller, Al (1920–1961), USAC Championship Car race, Phoenix
Kesjár, Csaba (1962–1988), Norisring Formula 3 practice, Nuremberg
Key, Johnny (1924–1954) Midgets, Cincinnati Race Bowl
Kimmel, Billy (1979–2007), 410 Sprint Car, Williams Grove Speedway
Kite, Harold (1921–1965), NASCAR National Series race, Charlotte
Knotts, Ricky (1951–1980), NASCAR WCP qualifying race, Daytona
Koinigg, Helmuth (1948–1974), US GP, Watkins Glen
Krosnoff, Jeff (1964–1996), Molson Indy CART race, Toronto
King, Steve (1973–2006), Knoxville Nationals Knoxville, Iowa (Sprint Car)


Lafosse, Jean-Louis (1941–1981), Le Mans 24h
Lambert, Percy (1881–1913), record attempt, Brooklands
Larson, Jud (1928–1966), USAC Sprint Car race, Reading, Pennsylvania
Leach, V.S. (died 1939), Australian Grand Prix, Lobethal South Australia
Leasher, Glenn (1937–1962), record attempt, Bonneville Salt Flats
Lehoux, Marcel (1888–1936), Deauville Grand Prix[4]
Lami, Catullo, (-1939), Coppa Acerbo[4]
Levegh, Pierre (1905–1955), 1955 Le Mans disaster
Lewis-Evans, Stuart (1930–1958), Morocco GP, Casablanca, in hospital six days after race accident
Lindley, Butch (1948–1990), Short track race, DeSoto Speedway
Linder, Dick (April 6, 1923 – April 19, 1959) USAC Sprint Cup race, Trenton, NJ
Lingenfelter, John (1945–2002), NHRA Sport Compact Drag Racing Series 2002 Auto Club NHRA Finals Pomona, CA Eliminations
Lockhart, Frank (1903–1928), record attempt, Daytona Beach
Lovell, Mark (1959–2003), SCCA Rally
Lucienbonnet, Jean (1923–1962), Formula Junior, Enna-Pergusa Circuit, Sicily
Lund, Tiny (1929–1975), Talladega 500 NASCAR race, Talladega
Lyndon, Stuart (1950–1985), killed in an ARCA race at Atlanta Motor Speedway


MacKay-Fraser, Herbert (1927–1957), Formula 2 race, Reims
Malloy, Jim (1932–1972), Indy 500 qualifying
Marcelo, Jovy (1965–1992), Indy 500 practice
Maréchal, Pierre (1917–1949), 24 Hours of Le Mans
Magaña, Marco, (-1993) Fórmula Dos (Formula 3) race, Autódromo de Monterrey
Marimón, Onofre (1923–1954), German GP practice, Nürburgring
Marshman, Bobby (1936–1964), Champ Car private testing, Phoenix
Martin, Eric (1969–2002), ARCA, EasyCare 150 Practice Session, Lowes Motor Speedway
Materassi, Emilio (1889–1928), Italian GP, Monza
Matsunaga, Takashi (1943–1969) Suzuka 12 Hours race, Suzuka Circuit
Mayer, Timmy (1938–1964), Tasman Cup race, Longford Circuit [5]
Mays, Rex (1913–1949), AAA Champ Car race, Del Mar
MacDonald, Dave (1936–1964), Indy 500
MacTavish, Don (194?-1969), Sportsman 300, Daytona.
McColl, Stewart (1979–2003), Production car, Phillip Island.
McDuffie, J. D. (1938–1991), NASCAR Cup race, Watkins Glen
McGrath, Jack (1919–1955), AAA Champ Car race, Phoenix
McLaren, Bruce (1937–1970), McLaren Can-Am testing, Goodwood
McLean, Bob (1933–1966), 1966 Sebring 12 Hour Race
Medlen, Eric (1973–2007), NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing 2007 NHRA ACDelco Gatornationals Gainesville, FL Testing
Mendez, Russel (? – 1975) Fatal Crash in 1975
Merz, Otto (1889–1933), Avusrennen practice, AVUS
Milburn, Danny (1950–1991), USAC Silver Crown at Phoenix Int’l Raceway
Miller, Chet (1902–1953), Indy 500 practice
Miles, Ken (1918–1966), Ford GT prototype testing, Riverside
Minter, Kenny (1956–1995), S.M.A.R.T. Race, Caraway Speedway
Mitsuno, Takeshi, Suzuka Circuit 1965
Mitter, Gerhard (1935–1969), Formula 2, practice for F1 German Grand Prix, Nürburgring
Moll, Guy (1910–1934), Coppa Acerbo, Pescara
Moore, Greg (1975–1999), Marlboro 500 CART Champ Car race, Fontana
Mouras, Roberto (1948–1992), Turismo Carretera race at Lobos, Argentina
Müller, Herbert (1940–1981), 1000km Nürburgring Sports car race
Muramatsu, Eiki (1965–1990), All-Japan Formula 3000 Championship testing accident, Fuji Speedway[6]
Murphy, Jimmy (1894–1924), AAA Champ Car race, Syracuse
Musso, Luigi (1924–1958), French GP, Reims
Myers, Bobby (1927–1957), 1957 NASCAR Southern 500 at Darlington Speedway


Nagai, Kenichi (1942–1966) Japanese GP, Fuji Speedway
Nakano, Masaharu (1949–1973) Fuji 200 km race, Fuji Speedway
Nazaruk, Mike (1921–1955), Sprint Car race, Langhorne
Neal, Alan killed in final race in USA Grand Prix in 1966.
Nemechek, John (1970–1997), NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race, Homestead
Nève, Guy (1955–1992), Procar race at Chimay, Belgium
Nix, Jimmy NHRA Winston Drag Racing Top Fuel 1994 Dallas, TX
Niver, Mark (1950–2010), NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Top Alcohol 2010 Kent, WA
Núñez, Marcelo (1977–2004), Desafío Corona (now NASCAR Mexico Corona Series) race at Monterrey, Mexico.


O’Connor, Pat (1928–1958), Indy 500
O’dor, Kieth (1962–1995), German STW (Super Tourenwagen) race, AVUS
Ogawa, Hitoshi (1956–1992), Japanese F3000 race, Suzuka Circuit
Oreiller, Henri (1925–1962), 1000 km Paris, Autodrome de Montlhéry
Orr, Rodney (1962–1994), NWC Practice, Daytona


Paletti, Riccardo (1958–1982), Canadian GP, Montreal
Pardo, Carlos (1975–2009), Nascar México Series 2009
Park, Michael (1966–2005), Wales Rally Great Britain, Margam
Parry-Thomas, J.G. (1884–1927), Record attempt, Pendine Sands
Parker, Neal (1952–2010), NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing 2010 NHRA Supernationals Qualifying Top Alcohol Funny Car Englishtown, NJ
Pedrazzini, Carlo (?-1934), Pietro Bordino Circuit, Alessandria
Perry, Stan (19??-2007), Super Late Model
Peterson, Ronnie (1944–1978), Italian GP, Monza, in hospital one day after accident
Petty, Adam (1980–2000), NASCAR BGN practice, Loudon
Phillips, Russell (1969–1995), Sportsman race, Charlotte
Phillips, Wanda (?-2007), Ladies Pure 4 division race, Lonesome Pine Raceway Coeburn, VA
Polanco, Carlos (1968–1990), Chilean Formula 3 (serie Trofeo Nissan Sunny), Roca Roja, Antofagasta
Pollard, Art (1927–1973), Indy 500 practice
Porter, Mark (1975–2006), Fujitsu V8 Supercars support race for the Bathurst 1000
Pratt, Donald(?-1989) Modified race, Pocono Raceway, Long Pond, PA
Prince, Talmadge (1938–1970) Daytona 500 Qualifier #2, Daytona International Speedway
Pryce, Tom (1949–1977), South African GP, Kyalami


Raby, Ian (1921–1967), died of injuries sustained in the 1967 Zandvoort Trophy Formula Two race
Ratzenberger, Roland (1960–1994), San Marino GP qualifying, Imola
Read, Tracy (1961–1987) – ARCA race at Talladega
Reece, Jimmy (1929–1958), Champ Car race, Trenton
Renault, Marcel (1872–1903), Paris Madrid race
Renna, Tony (1976–2003), Indy Racing League test, Indianapolis
Resta, Dario (1884–1924), Record attempt, Brooklands
Revson, Peter (1939–1974), Shadow F1 testing at Kyalami one week before race South African GP
Richards, Gene – Killed in an ARCA race at Talladega in 1982
Rindt, Jochen (1942–1970), Italian GP qualifying, Monza
Roberts, Johnny ( ? – 1965) – Killed in a NASCAR sportsman modified race crash at Lincoln Speedway, Pensylvania on July 24 1965
Roberts, Fireball (1931–1964), NASCAR GNC race, Charlotte
Roberts, Floyd (1901–1939), Indy 500
Robinson, Jim (1946–1995), Succumbing to injuries suffered in a 1988 NASCAR West series crash at Phoenix Int’l Raceway
Robson, George (1909–1946), Champ Car race, Lakewood Speedway, Atlanta
Rodee, Chuck Indy 500 1966
Rodríguez, Gonzalo (1972–1999), Champ Car qualifying, Laguna Seca
Rodríguez, Pedro (1940–1971), Interserie Sports car race, Norisring
Rodríguez, Ricardo (1942–1962), Mexican GP (NC) practice, Mexico City
Roper, Tony (1964–2000), NASCAR CTS race, Fort Worth
Rosemeyer, Bernd (1909–1938), record attempt, Frankfurt-Darmstadt Autobahn
Rosier, Louis (1905–1956), Salon De Paris, Montlhéry
Russell, Darrell (1968–2004) NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Top Fuel 2004 NHRA Sears Craftsman Nationals Madison, IL Eliminations
Ryan, Peter (1942–1962), Formula Junior race, Reims


Sachs, Eddie (1927–1964), Indy 500
Santander, Sergio (195-1987), Chilean Formula 3 race, Las Vizcachas, Santiago
Savage, Swede (1946–1973), Indy 500
Scarfiotti, Ludovico (1933–1968), Hillclimb, Rossfeld
Schell, Harry (1921–1960), Formula 1 testing, Silverstone
Schindler, Bill (1909–1952), Allentown
Schlesser, Jo (1928–1968), French GP, Rouen
Schoonover, Terry (1952–1984), NASCAR WCP race, Atlanta
Scott Brown, Archie (1927–1958), Sport Car Race at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
Seaman, Richard (1913–1939), Belgian GP, Spa
Senna, Ayrton (1960–1994), San Marino GP, Imola
Shanahan, Neil (1979–1999), UK Formula Ford, Oulton Park
Shepherd, Lee (1944–1985), Pro-Stock Drag testing, Ardmore
Siffert, Jo (1936–1971), Non Championship F1 race, Brands Hatch
Skeen, Buren (1936–1965), NASCAR Southern 500 at Darlington
Smiley, Gordon (1946–1982), Indy 500 qualifying
Smith, Larry (1942–1973), Talladega 500 NASCAR race, Talladega
Snell, William (1914–1956), SCCA Club regional sportscar race, Arcata-Eureka Airport, death would lead to the Snell Memorial Foundation standard for helmets
Solana, Moisés (1936–1969), Hillclimb Valle de Bravo – Bosencheve, México
Sommer, Raymond (1906–1950), Non Championship Formula 1 race, Cadours
Sondermann, Gustavo (1982–2011), Stock Car Brasil race (Copa Chevrolet Montana category), Autódromo José Carlos Pace
Spangler, Lester (1906–1933) Indy 500
Spence, Mike (1936–1968), Indy 500 practice
Sperafico, Rafael (1981–2007), Stock Car Brasil race (Stock Car Light category), Autódromo José Carlos Pace
Stacey, Alan (1933–1960), Belgian GP, Spa
Stanley, Robbie (1967–1994), Sprint Car race, Winchester Speedway
Stewart, Max (1935–1977), Practice for 1977 Australian Drivers Championship Race, Calder Park Raceway, Victoria, Australia
Stommelen, Rolf (1943–1983), Sports Car race, Riverside International Raceway
Surtees, Henry (1991–2009), Formula 2, Brands Hatch
Sweikert, Bob (1926–1956), Sprint Car race, Salem


Tachi, Shingo (1977–1999), JGTC testing, TI Circuit, Aida, Japan
Takahashi, Toru (1960–1983), Grand Champion Series race, Fuji Speedway, Japan
Taylor, Dennis (1921–1962), Formula Junior, Circuit de Monaco
Taylor, John (1933–1966), German GP, Nürburgring
Teague, Marshall (1921–1959), Champ Car testing, Daytona
Toivonen, Henri (1956–1986), Tour de Corse, Corsica
Trintignant, Louis (?-1933), Picardy Grand Prix practice, Péronne


Unser, Jr., Jerry (1932-1959), 1959 Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis


Varzi, Achille (1904–1948), Swiss Grand Prix practice, Circuit Bremgarten
Villeneuve, Gilles (1950–1982), Belgian GP qualifying, Zolder
von Trips, Wolfgang (1928–1961), Italian GP, Monza
Vukovich, Bill (1918–1955), 39th Indianapolis 500-Mile Race, 30 May 1955
Vukovich III, Bill (1963–1990), Sprint Car race, Mesa Marin Raceway


Wade, Billy (1930-1965), tire testing, Daytona
Warwick, Paul (1969–1991), British F3000 race, Oulton Park
Watanabe, Akira (1944–1968), Fuji Speedway
Watson, Don (?-1994), Practice for Bathurst 1000, Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia
Weatherly, Joe (1922–1964), NASCAR GNC race, Riverside
Wheldon, Dan (1978-2011), IZOD World Championships, Las Vegas
White, Nolan (1931–2002), land speed record attempt, Bonneville
Wilcox, Howdy (1889–1923), Champ Car race, Altoona
Williams, Don (?-1989), crash in Sportsman 300
Williamson, Roger (1948–1973), Dutch GP, Zandvoort
Williamson, Tim (1956–1980), NASCAR Grand American race, Riverside
Wimille, Jean-Pierre (1908–1949), Argentinian GP, Buenos Aires
Winkelhock, Manfred (1951–1985), Sports car race, Mosport International Raceway
Woolfe, John (1932–1969), 24 Hour Le Mans


Zborowski, Louis (1895-1924), 1924 Italian Grand Prix, Monza

Open wheel types

Deaths in Formula One World Championship
Main article: List of Formula One fatal accidents
In F1 history, from 1953 to 1994, 27 drivers have died during race or in free practice or qualifying session. In addition, spectators or track workers have died due to incidents in the 1953 Argentine Grand Prix, 1961 Italian Grand Prix, 1962 Monaco Grand Prix, 1975 Spanish Grand Prix, 1977 South African Grand Prix, 1977 Japanese Grand Prix, 1981 Belgian Grand Prix, 2000 Italian Grand Prix and 2001 Australian Grand Prix.

Deaths in Champ Car World Series
Main article: List of Champ Car fatal accidents

Deaths in Formula 2
Herbert McKay-Fraser, Reims, 1957
Ivor Bueb, Clermont Ferrand, 1959
Ian Raby, Zandvoort, 1967
Jim Clark, Hockenheimring, April 1968
Gerhard Mitter, Nurburgring, 1969
Bert Hawthorne, Hockenheimring, 1972
Gerry Birrell, Rouen, 1973
Markus Höttinger, Hockenheimring, 1980
Hans-Georg Bürger, Zandvoort, 1980
Henry Surtees, Brands Hatch, 2009

Deaths in Formula 3000
Eiki Muramatsu, Fuji Speedway, March 1990
Paul Warwick, Oulton Park, July 1991
Hitoshi Ogawa, Suzuka, 1992
Marco Campos, Magny-Cours, October 1995

Deaths in IRL
See also List of Indianapolis 500 deaths
Scott Brayton, Indianapolis, May 1996 (in practice)
Tony Renna, Indianapolis, October 2003 (in testing)
Paul Dana, Homestead-Miami, March 2006 (in practice)
Dan Wheldon, Las Vegas, October 2011
Deaths in junior openwheel categories
Senkichi Omura, Formula 2000, Suzuka, 1974
Koji Onoda, Formula J1600, Tsukuba, 1982
Stock car types

Deaths in NASCAR Winston Cup/Nextel Cup/Sprint Cup
Main article: List of NASCAR fatal accidents

Deaths in NASCAR Busch/Nationwide Series (since 1982)
Main article: List of NASCAR fatal accidents

Deaths in NASCAR Craftsman/Camping World Truck Series (since 1995)
Main article: List of NASCAR fatal accidents

Deaths in NASCAR Modified Series
Main article: List of NASCAR fatal accidents

Deaths in NASCAR Sportsman Series
Main article: List of NASCAR fatal accidents

Deaths in Auto Racing Club of America
Gene Richards, Talladega, July 1982
Ken Kalla, Talladega, May 1983
Francis Affleck, Daytona, January 1985
Stuart Lyndon, Atlanta, June 1985
Tracy Read, Talladega, July 1987
Slick Johnson, Daytona, February 1990
Chris Gehrke, Talladega, May 1991
Chad Coleman, Atlanta, August 1998
Scott Baker, Toledo, June 2000
Blaise Alexander, Charlotte, October 2001
Eric Martin, Charlotte, October 2002 (in practice)

Deaths in NASCAR (before 1949)
Slick Davis, Greensboro, July 1948 (1st NASCAR fatality in history)


Deaths in FIA World Rally Championship
Main article: List of fatal World Rally Championship accidents

Deaths in Dakar Rally
Main article: List of Dakar Rally fatal accidents

Deaths in SCCA ProRally and Rally America
Mark Lovell, July 2003
Roger Freeman, July 2003
Matthew Marker, April 2011 [1]

Deaths in other rally races
XU Lang, Trans-oriental Rally, 16 June 2008
Peter Brock, Targa West, 8 September 2006
Khalid Bakhressa, Zanzibar, 16 December 2007[7]

Drag Racing

Deaths in IHRA
Walter Henry, 1989
Dwight Shepard, 1989
Wayne Bailey, October 2000

Deaths in NHRA
John Hagen, August, 1983
Lee Shepherd, 11 March 1985
Blaine Johnson, 31 August 1996
Carrie Jo Neal, 25 July 1997
John Lingenfelter, 27 October 2002, died on 25 December 2003
Darrell Russell, 27 June 2004 During 2nd round eliminations
Michelle “Shelly” Howard, 2 April 2005
Eric Medlen, 23 March 2007 Severe tire shake during testing causing brain injury, died 3 days later
John Shoemaker, 8 March 2008
Scott Kalitta, 21 June 2008
Neal Parker, 11 June 2010
Mark Niver, 11 July 2010

Endurance racing

Deaths in 24 Hours of Le Mans
Main article: List of 24 Hours of Le Mans fatal accidents

Deaths in 1000km Nürburgring
Herbert Müller, Nürburgring, 1981

Deaths in Grand-Am
Jeff Clinton, Homestead-Miami, March 2002

Other Endurance races
Henri Oreiller, 1000 km Paris, 1962
Kiyoshi Akiyama, Suzuka 12 Hours race, 1970
Ignazio Giunti, Buenos Aires, January 1971
Pedro Rodriguez, Norisring, July 1971
Rolf Stommelen, Riverside, 1983
Stefan Bellof, Spa-Francorchamps, 1985
Manfred Winkelhock, Mosport Park, 1985
Mike Burgmann, Bathurst 1000, October 1986
Don Watson, Bathurst 1000, October 1994 (in practice)
Michele Alboreto, EuroSpeedway Lausitz, April 2001 (in testing run)

Grand Touring and sportscar racing

Excluding those listed under as endurance racing

Trans-Am Series
Jerry Titus, Road America, 1969
Jim Fitzgerald, Saint Petersburg Grand Prix, 1987
Mike Gagliardo, Mosport, 2001


Wallace Coleman, 1 September 1921, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
Ludovico Scarfiotti, 8 June 1968, near Berchtesgaden
Mark Colton, August 1995, Craigantlet
Ralph Chandler Bruning Jr. 2001, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Sprint Cars

Alvin Gatlin W.Memphis Ark, Sprintcar
Sonny Sayre Tunica, MS, Sprintcar
Vince Osman, Kokomo Speedway

Deaths in United States Automobile Club
Jud Larson, June 1966, Sprint Car
Red Riegel, June 1966, Sprint Car
Rich Vogler, July 1990
Danny Milburn, February 1991
Kara Hendrick, October 1991, Midget car
Robbie Stanley, May 1994
Don Townsend, 9 July 1995, practice lap
Joe Rebman, 11 August 2006, during race

Deaths in National Sprint Tour
Fred Brownfield, 18 June 2006, owner of the National Sprint Tour, while chalking start line during a modified race at Grays Harbor Raceway.

Deaths in World of Outlaws
Kevin Gobrecht, September 1999
Ron Laney, 2004
Billy Kimmel, 2 September 2007

From Americas most famous small city

Jann Scott

Boulder colorado

People in Boulder drive like idiots: cars bikes and scooters


Oh My God. I just got back from Sun Flower Market and with in a period of 15 minutes 5 people nearly drove into me.

As I drove down a parking lane in the Sun Flower lot a girl on a light green scooter came blasting toward me nearly hitting me and two other cars in the process. She wasn’t stopping for shit and everybody yelled at her.

On the way down Folsom I was making a right turn onto Canyon and noticed a road bike in my right mirror. I was going to make the turn and then thought “ you know, this guy isn’t going to stop..he is going to keep coming and pass me on the right”….and’ surin than  shit’ he did…head down, head up ass, pissed off look….fuck! I almost killed him.  This happens to me about once a week in Boulder.

Then as I headed east on Canyon in the left hand turn lane following traffic, some guy behind me got into a road rage incident with another car and proceeded to screech his brakes right next to me trying to force the other guy off the road.

At 28th and Jay road with the coast clear, I made a left turn out of the left turn lane and a CRX came blasting through at about 70 mph nearly hitting me. He looked at me with one of those, what’s your problem?  I started up again and a guy in a BMW SUV jumped out of his left turn lane coming from the other direction. He shot into the intersection almost hitting my car and the one behind me.   He locked em up and slid sideways.

How many of us go through this shit every day here in Boulder? I know it’s Sunday but Jesus H. Christ!  I like to flash my hi beams at people when they do stupid shit. Then when I get their attention, I shake my finger at them in a scolding manner. That’s better than giving them the middle finger. They feel like their 3rd grade teacher just scolded them.

From the yuppie impatient capitol of the world

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado

DEA begin busts in Denver Boulder you are NEXT


DEAJust as I reported last week. The DEA is here and they  taking prisoners.  Last week I reported that the DEA would do in Colorado what they did in California. It has begun. Boulder is next for busts and jail for illegal Marijuana  drug dealing operators. Better known as Medical Marijuana Dispensaries these drug dens have been a thorn in the side of the US attorney and the DEA.

The city of Boulder thinks it is above the law and it is about to find out what a roust of city hall feels like. 

“DENVER (CBS4) – Federal drug agents have busted a medical marijuana dispensary in Adams County and have charged three people accused of running the business and another who owned a warehouse where pot was allegedly being grown..”

“Our federal government, which is supposed to serve us, the people of Colorado, instead declares war on us and somehow has the recourses to go against a harmless medicinal plant,” medical marijuana attorney Robert Corry said. “We are keeping our own house in order in Colorado and then the federal government comes in and basically declares war on the government of our state.”

Well, Corry I got news form you: Some of us are glad , glad glad the DEA is busting you drug dealing dirt ball scum. As far as I’m concerned everyone who authorized these Dope dealing gangsters belong in Federal penitentiary. Why? Cause they sold drugs to children and turned a lot of our kids in to drug addicts.

For those of you who are wondering what is up with my anti drug attitude. I got started in broadcasting as an anti drug dealing crusader way back in 1987. The DEA  are heros . Thanks for doing what you do and good hunting here in Boulder.


FLASH: This morning, on Sunday Morning, on CBS, a feature on “pill mills” or pain clinics showed that this year, 2011, deaths by drug over dose surpassed death by automobiles. This is astounding. When I first reported on this topic in 1987 drunk driving deaths far exceeded drug overdoses. Drunk driving deaths have not gone down.

In 2009 I went after Dr Jacks pain clinics here in Boulder. But it was only this morning that the national news have finally done a story on drug overdose epidemic caused by pain clinics.  It is now all over the country and it is legal. What have we done?

From the biggest dope dealin small city in America

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado

The supreme Court taking up language on B-Cast TV


A lot of misinformation goes on concerning the FCC s regulation of TV.  First off the FCC has almost no regs concerning language on cable TV. This is often mis understood . Boulder has been a perfect example of fucked up politicians on city council trying to regulate free speech on public access TV. They caused such a mess and blamed me and a few other artists, that the shut down public access tv.

Now we have Educational access TV which is highly censored by the school board and de facto the city of Boulder.  Of course the FCC nor the Boulder city council have any say in the Internet, this column, anything said or performed on Jann Scott Live my internet TV show.

Youtube of course censors based on this thing they call community standards. Read> if they don’t like what you say you are gone from You Tube. This happens quite a lot with You tube, but  is rarely reported.

The supreme Court will be taking up a case where they will discuss whether or not you will be able to say bad words on Broadcast TV after 10pm. It will probably pass.

But we still walk on thin ice in this country when it comes to freedom of speech. There are all sorts of people, groups and group think that frown on it. Twitter, You tube and Face book are 3 powerful media outlets who control how you interact.  The are all dangerous.

But I have seen enough to be wary. Especially the Hitler Youth of Social media. People like Andrew Hyde and his ilk who seek to control media. Or that Red Head writer. They drink the cool aide. meaning they are the cry baby controls.

from the not so free speech capitol

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado.

Boulder hacking, Iran, Steve Jobs, Banning cars on campus. by Jann Scott


Iran and Islamic Middle East more trouble than we care to admit  Conventional wisdom now says the Obamaadministrations should have supported the Iranian middle class protesters back in 2009. Remember? They started the revolution in the middle East. When students were being murdered in  the  streets, President Obama said he wanted to negotiate and would not back the students. That has changed now in the middle east and we are supporting all revolutions. But Iran has to be dealt with. They cannot be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. Mostly because they have a crazy Ayatollah who would use nuke against us. They have said as much.

They Took Our JobsSteve Jobs passing brought an unusual strong reaction from some techies here in Boulder. We found fighting and sniping about Jobs going on inside of Boulder Start-up tech community. This community is notoriously humorless, thoughtless, judgmental and rude. They will be the subject of some TV shows by me on cyber bullying. They are the worst. Just last week i was threatened again by one of these jack asses. keep it up.

Hacking and Christopher Cheney Boulder is also a subject of FBI and local law enforcement investigations when it comes to hacking.  Christopher Cheney is the latest geek arrested for hacking into celeb email and bank accounts.  I have been hacked here and have an on going FBI investigation into the Boulder techies who did it.  Beyond me the Boulder kid t

ech community supports this criminal activity as does the city of Boulder in its backing of Start-Up Boulder. Other companies involved in sponsored hacking include Trada and Tech Stars who have held advertised hacking events. FBI and Boulder DA tell me they are all under investigation for sponsoring illegal hacking events.  They FBI arrested hundreds of people nationwide last spring including some Boulderites for financial hacking.  Boulder DA’s office tell me that they have sophisticated equipment and an FBI agent in the DA’s office to target Boulder hackers. The Denver FBI office has the most sophisticated anti hacking office in the country. Good. I am sick of these people.

Banning cars on the CU Boulder campus? It’s about time. I have been advocating banning cars from Boulder all together since 1995. We are all dead from air pollution any way, but it couldn’t hurt to get the cars they hell out of town. Ride a bike. Take an electric cab. Dive an electric golf cart. walk . Take an electric bus. Stay the hell home. ( joke)

From the ” oh my God isn’t boulder great” capitol of the world

Jann Scott

Boulder, Colorado

Occupy Boulder, Really?


Lets look at the issues:

Corporations, Are they really bad. If you are a communist they are bad. Communists want everything to be controlled by the state. Look how well that worked out for Russia and China. They switched their economic systems to model after American Capitalism.

Corporate Person hood. Is it evil? By definition corporations take on the characteristics of a person. But corporations exist to protect individual share holders, officers, workers, and managers. A corporation is an entity. Now in Boulder the communists want the federal government to end Corporate Person hood. Why? so that the proponents of anti capitalism will gain power is my take.  When I see Regina Cowles an avowed Communist , head of NOW ( a communist radical organization of women) trying to get our children to vote out corporations, it makes my head spin.

Occupy Boulder? Why bother?  What’s wrong with Boulder? How about nothing. Everything is right about Boulder. The economy is good. There are plenty of Jobs. Capitalism is at work. The Commies are happy here. There are plenty of government jobs supported by American capitalism. There are more corporate and government jobs here than we know what to do with. Everybody is rich here. The Entrepreneurs are making money hand over fist. Start up “corporations” are flourishing. We are in fact a hot bed of rich American capitalists with communist ideals. But just try to take our money. No I don’t think Boulder wants to do away with Corporate Person hood and neither do you, if you plan on continuing to eat at the Kitchen.

The Kitchen, The St. Julien  These very hip, very left speak easys are Bastions of Boulder super Capitalism. The men who opened these two establishments made millions dare I say billions off the American Capitalist system. Do you think they want to do away with Capitalism and corporations?? Bullshit.

Boulder Weeklies Pam White is a communist But do you think Boulder weekly is a collective News Paper?? Think again. It is owned by Stewart Gallo and he runs it with an Iron Fist.  Pam White may try to sell ” shared wealth” to you and Stewart Gallo may let her have her say in “Uncensored” but Boulder weekly is all about the money. All about advertising revenus. All about consumerism. All about the sell. All about perception. They fucking want to stay in business and their advertisers better get results or its all over for Pam and the other writers there.

So what’s the problem with Wall Street?  Well, nothing really. We have had financial markets in this country since our birth…even before out birth. If there weren’t banks and financial institutions to finance our homes, cars , business’s, our float, international credit, commercial lines of credit, we, my friends would descend into chaos, anarchy, civil war, starvation in a heart beat. So none of that is ever going to happen. The American Capitalist system is here to stay and “it ain’t never going away, bucky”

It’s the Banks  I agree the investment bankers, hedge funders, the traders who leveraged our money market savings, who sold us short “literally” are the scum who should be charged, tried and executed by firing squad in front of the New York Stock Exchange. We used to do that sort of thing in this country. Maybe we should bring it back.

But for you to blame Wall Street because you can’t find a job, or you took out a dumb student loan is they wrong way Jose’ Speaking of Jose, he loves it here in Boulder. He has plenty of work because the privileged white American kids don’t want to work. Now stop complaining and stop blaming and go to work. Make something happen.

From the richest small city in the USA

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado

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