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I watched Andy Rooney


Andy RooneyLike Everyone else in America I watched Andy Rooney at the end of 60 minutes every Sunday if I  am at home. Am Was. Whatever. I wouldn’t necessarily watch all of 60 minutes, but I would watch Andy Rooney. With him 60 minutes was the #1 watched TV show in America. Did you know that. ?  #1 in the ratings.

I loved Andy’s set. His desk  at CBS news. I loved his talk piece. Just about 3 minutes.Andy Rooney Arrest

I too have been a writer for 40 plus years and have been on Talk radio and talk TV. Still am. Nothing beats a live Talk call in TV show for viewers callers or participation……… well, except the Boulder city council…… Anything that smacks of free speech, they do not like…… me.

I have done some short commentary pieces which play on the Internet or cable.  I’ve done live talk TV on the net. I’ve written a daily column too. In fact I have done all or some of the above since I first wrote for the Lions Roar in Putney Vermont in 1967. I First appeared on radio on WHCN  in Hartford Connecticut. In 1969 I reported from Woodstock for WDRC Hartford and wrote for International Times, London in 1971.

I followed Andy Rooney since as far back as I can remember. I followed all the old talk writer guys. And now I guess I am turning into one.  But what gripes me is one of the problems with the social media generation. They have no sense of history.  They  think they invented everything media. So in my plodding along, I am engineering a way to communicate that will supersede all of that. Look for it here on Jann Scott Live or on my cable TV show 22Boom.

And Andy Rooney. you’ll be missed, but I plan

from the social media Hitler youth capital

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado

U.C. Davis cops up violence in Occupy movement: 2nd Amendment rights


U.C. Davis Ca. has often been compared to Boulder. Rich white and Bikes. It is a peaceful low crime city. So to see the University police attack nice students with pepper spray breeds out rage. This can is a game changer.

If the cops pulled this crap in black Oakland they would have gotten their asses kicked. It would have been war. Guns would have come out. Black and Hispanic gangsters in Cali don’t have any problem shooting back at police. It happens daily. Will the kinship between students and gangsters evolve into armed warfare with the police? Gandhi not prevailing it is headed that way. Incidents like this upped the violence. It will make students rethink non-violence. It will give radical more violent protesters a reason to start throwing rocks, bringing their own batons or guns.

Interesting , the 2nd amendment allows for armed militias to fight back at an unjust government.  It is in the American constitution.  Though the left militias usually don’t carry guns, sooner or later some one of them is going to trip over the 2nd amendment and start shooting back.

What those idiot cops did and what their idiot spokesperson said was a declaration of war on peaceful students on all American campuses. It is happening again. If the police, the university and the local government represent the interests of corrupt bankers, by not allowing civil protests, camp ins etc, we may see a stepped up response by student protesters.

This situation has made it dangerous for every decent police officer in America. Firing the UC Davis police department should help. American kids have access to guns unlike their counterparts in North Africa. This situation could turn very ugly. Protesters could start shooting back at police next time. It is not the 1960′s as some have been lulled into thinking. America is more violent.

Who are the police anyway? The black panthers figured that out. When the police started beating up and shooting people in the inner city, the Panthers brought guns. The Panthers evolved into The Bloods and Crips who still shoot back. There is an understanding between cops and gangsters. Violence. When will that develop in the Occupy movement? I’d say, right about now. What happened in Davis, in fact what is happening to occupy protesters all over this country is bullshit. Let them protest. Let them camp in parks. Who the fuck care? They are not hurting anybody. But the cops really fucked up this time and they should be put on notice…..go looking for a gun fight, you’re gonna find one.

This is where the right and left… tea party and occupy will jell. Tea Party members know all about guns. If those two groups come together, look for armed revolution.

Global Business Networking: Accessing High Tech Talent Jann Scott’Journal


I went to a rare event the other night at the Boulder Chamber. It used to be called Boulder Chamber of Commerce but they wanted to distance themselves from the national, “The chamber of Commerce”.  The anti capitalist, anti business sentiment among the left here  in Boulder are to blame. Thank God the didn’t change it to the Boulder Chamber of Communists.

The conference I attend was on immigration. (Boulder Chamber event, Global Business Networking: Accessing High Tech Talent Live at 5:30 tonight, Nov 10, 2011) Specifically why the American government make  it is so hard to hire foreign engineers for technology firms. The USA has a shortage of high quality engineers. Tech firms have to look elsewhere to find them but the government won’t allow American companies to hire foreign engineers. Some Boulder companies survival depend upon it. Some have gone broke.

In a nutshell when you have a highly competent foreign engineer working for a tech firm, you can build a division around him and thereby hire a whole slew of less competent American engineers to do the production. So it is a job creator. The problem is that the Bush administration screwed us and congress is too stupid to figure out that we have fallen behind.. They think every immigrant wanting to work here is either a Saudi terrorist or an unskilled illiterate.

To make matters worse we’ll give out education visas like candy but once we graduate a Korean engineer, we won’t let him back in the country to work for us, so he goes to China and works for them helping to build their economy. How dumb is that?

Anyway we televised this conference and you will be able to see it on my 22BOOM Show next week. If you want to see a crappy video stream version of it you can see that on Justin TV Boulder Channel One .

Now, I like going to business events but the business community is divided here in Boulder. The Boulder Chamber is big and old school. But they are very inviting and open too. They will let any community member play. They are the most  equal community oriented business group.  Downtown Boulder is more selective, elitist and discriminating. They hurt themselves and local business’s continually….. I have beaten them up pretty hard here too for it.  They whole Boulder Start Up community headed by Start-Up Boulder and their ilk is by far the most elitist, censoring, divisive, discriminating business group in Boulder.  Of course they don’t think so. Most of them are 21 to 32 and they think they invented business and everyone else is stupid.

“This is both a problem and part of Boulders nature” a Chamber Economic Vitality staffer told me.  “It is also what makes Boulder a successful business community”. Maybe so, but I hate snot nosed elitist kid know it alls and they make terrible employees.

I did have fun at this event though. It had a mix of old farts ( my people and young punks..them)

Jared Polis was there to speak about how stupid the American congress is. Jason Mendelson was there to help Jared uphold the the “super rich” end. Actually I dunno how much money he has. It’s millions and millions. Jared of course is a billionaire.

I put the tap on them both to help me sell channel One Networks to Google or Face book.  A 30 second pitch was too long. I needed a ten second one for Jared.  He was like, What can I do? I dunno anybody.” Mendelson was a little more targeted… “Why should I”? he asked. Good Question.  Because Jason,  C1N is designed to have ad, print, TV offices in every city and is  self sustaining. It is a multi billion dollar company and you can make millions right now off of it. It works.

But they ran away from me.  I’ll keep you posted on my pitches. But this is the year.. actually 2012 is the year we have large capitalization and plan to plan to open a 2500 person facility in Boulder.

Stupid sex scandals – Cain Penn State Kardashian: Jann Scott’s Journal


Stupid sex scandals pushed by media eaten by dumb Americans:

In the past 2 weeks American news media have pushed 3 sex scandals on us relentlessly. The first was that idiot Kim Kardashian her boobs, body, sisters, mother and marriage.  We hear about these retards daily from the media. They are news porn as far as I can tell.

Then we have Republican candidate Herman Cain and all the women he tried to fuck. They are all coming out of the woodwork now. He’s finished. Politico the left wing online rag dished that one up to us. Did they do it for the sexy thrill or to unseat Republicans. ?

Nexr is Jerry Sandusky a Penn State coach who set up an at risk kids foundation so he could fuck children.

There are elements about these stories we are not talking about but are thinking. We don’t want to think about them becuse it is not politically correct…..yet unthinkable…..yet:

Such as the Kardashians are really whores who the media and TV have made into objects of our attention. They turned them into TV stars. They are mixed white trash with horrible morals.

Cain is a powerful “niggah” who tries to fuck every white women he can get alone. His wife thinks he’s wonderful, but he has a secret life and big dick reputation to keep. And then there is  the battle of the two black guys who want to rule a white America.

Jerry Sandusky is obviously another  homosexual ped who goes after our  young boys. But he doesn’t look gay. Still.

That is why in C1N news we wont’ touch this crap. It is not really news. It is porn. We talk about stories which have a big impact on us: science, technology, culture, plus we a do music and cool sports like running and cycling.

I personally will take on controversial topics like powerful black dicks trying to fuck white women or is Jerry Sandusky gay? Here and on talk TV.

Thanks news media for putting all this shit on the front page.

I will tell you one thing, though, I always try to protect my  kids and kids I have mentored about the dangers of perverts, drug dealers and bad influences. I don’t mince words about it either.  There are people out there…often peers  who will try to get our kids involved in all of the above.

Personally, the way I keep myself as a TV personality out of sex scandals is I don’t hit on employees or fans. I stay away from hookers. I won’t let anyone work here who appears remotely sketch. No drug addicts no sluts no sexy dumb girls no crazy men. We screen them.

I bring enough trouble with my TV or written opinions, so I know there are people laying for me. And there are. Crazy sm kids, crazy tea party types, drug dealers, commies and the like.  But as an actor I know it is up to me to control exactly what I give the audience.  I just need to remember that while I am in this business I am always on stage and always need to be aware.  Being a writer and a talk show host is a performance.

from Americas most famous small city

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado

Mark Zuckerberg on on Charlie rose was a show alright: Jann Scott’s Journal


Did you see Mark Zuckerburg on Charlie rose last night?

I know I am not supposed to criticize the holy grail “ technology “ here. OMG what would people think?  I contend that most people caught up in the social media world of twitter and Face book don’t think. They think they think  about critical issues, but they’re  limited real world experience about money matters leads me to believe, Mark Zuckerburg’s individual  users, investors and advertisers are sheep.  They drank the “Jim Jones” cool aide somewhere along the line . They are true believers. They are dumb followers and have been mass hypnotized on a global scale.  Lets look at what happened.

Mark Zuckerburg starts Face Book by stealing the idea from some other people at Harvard. So he’s a thief from the outset.  Then he proceeds to steal every University student admission record list in the world to create Face book. He does this by illegally hacking . Is he arrested for this ? Investigated? Charged? Jailed or convicted??  No.  No? What.

He some how is made into a folk hacking hero. And hacking is borne into American culture as a legitimate form of criminal activity.  You can see in some ways how this happened. All of Zuckerberg’s users were predominantly college kids. To investors it looked like he had a captured audience. To advertisers it looked the same. Law Enforcement let him get away with it when none of the universities wanted to prosecute him.

But what does Face book actually produce?  As a business what is their model?  What is their end product? How about nothing.  They don’t produce a thing. Okay maybe gossip.  They don’t manufacture a product. They don’t produce news, events, music or anything of value.

They collect young people and try to sell them shit…poorly …through advertising. They are essentially an electronic ad rag. They pretend to be anti advertising while they figure out how to rule the world. Rule the world?? That is a thesis George Hunt puts forward in

But to me Zuckerburg is a shrewd adman crook who talks out one side of his mouth while he is about to get his ass kicked by a failing world economy.  He is competing with every advertising venue in the world and if he can’t produce results , he is dead. Short and simple.

I know this because I am in the same business. I compete for the same ad revenues as Mark
Zuckerberg. Except I don’t lie about it.

The difference between Channel One Networks and Face book is that we turn a profit, don’t need investors and don’t need an IPO to stay alive. Mark lies about that too.  We produce news, video, websites, commerce, trade, in store displays and more. Face book has a list of stolen names and is a terrible advertising platform.

From Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

We are the media like it or not: Jann Scott’s Journal


I say we. It is a term often used when referring to a media  organization, personality or product. I am a “me” and I am also a “we”. Jann Scott the writer is a me I suppose, since it is me that is writing here. Except I appear in a network. I am supported by a network of people.

Jann Scott the talk show host doesn’t exist a lone either. I have always appeared on a radio station with support staff or a satellite network with even more support. In TV I have worked at stations or cable channels either live or on tape never alone always with a team.

Today I host 22Boom on cable channel 22 here in Boulder. It takes approximately 6 people to produce each episode plus an editor or two, and the staff at channel 22 to get it on the air.  Even a Jann Scott Live segment inside of 22Boom takes at least 4 people to produce. After all of that is done the show simultaneously appears on Boulder Channel 1 and all the Channel One Networks. Then it is touted on You tube, twitter and Face book.

Boulder Channel One and all the Channel One Networks are an even bigger under taking with contributions by hundreds of people, hundreds of channels, 1000s of viewers and fans and unfans.

Fans are the topic of today’s Journal. With the advent of Social Media the waters have murkied a bit and it is up to me  up to us to not get murked in the muck as Dan Culberson likes to say.   Social Media and the Internet have produced a lot of so called citizen journalists of which I am not one. I am not saying I am better I am just saying I am not them. Neither are we. Our (my) fans are often social media types who are not me either. I (we) use social media as a conveyor belt into the general populous.  And though the perception may be that we are Tweeps, we are not. We are separate from. There is a whole other world that could care less about Twitter or the internet. They watch TV, read the paper and don’t give a crap about sm.

We are media. I am media with a traditional outlook and management. It’s just that we are “new media” , but media just the same.  So I may seem like a person to you or Boulder Channel 1 may appear to be some guy just like every twitter gal or guy blogger is someone  representing only themselves…we aren’t that.

I mean, if fans want to perceive me that way it’s Okay.  I guess. It is our unfans, the jealous ones who like to complain. But I try to not pay attention. But it is hard not to because they are fans or unfans. I know we have done our job when even they don’t know or they think we are down to their level: sniveling children.

I once had some unfans go on a tear about how we were not real which was interesting to watch on the internet. Recently when Steve Jobs died an executive at at a  PR firm wrote to me screaming because he didn’t like our tribute. He went so far as to threaten to ruin me.  That was a bit out of character for a pr firm who usually  try to sell me something. We determined that the PR exec must have been drunk the night he wrote to us because his personal profile says he starts and ends his day with beer.Cause to threaten to ruin a talk show host or TV network is just as flattering as a  praise.

This is  a trap I occasionally fall into …deep. The trap is to write in forums and not on TV.  Jo Anne Ostrowe the Denver Post TV writer once asked me during an interview.. “what’s this we thing Jann?” I avoided her stupid question as she continued to write about us.

We always have to remind young people when they come to work here what the rules are. 1st rule is that this isn’t social media and you are not a fan here. The rules here are you are now working for a media organization and we demand 100% loyalty. Which means no working for any other media outlet, no personal blogs, video outside of the network. We want you to build your creativity here, but you don’t get to moonlight or think you run the place, we do. That doesn’t always set well with the new sm types, but fortunately , there are plenty of network trad kids out there who love it. Just thought I’d clear that up

from the oo koo ka choo Capitol of America

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado

Occupy, Do More Faster, back to TV: Jann Scott’s Journal


The occupy movement is here to stay and they aren’t going anywhere.  Essentially a protest against big banks and corporate greed , it is a mandate for the US government to change or leave. That means senators, congress men and the white house better take the wood to the banks and big corps before next election or we will see another shake up in Washington…which is fine by me.

Book Review: Do More Faster  by Cohen and Feld is more like a digest of Broadway hits than it is a business book. I went to their Boulder book store book signing and that was more of a “little boys science club” then a book tour. Can you take these guys seriously? They are being touted as Boulders business start up gurus. They head up Tech Stars and the Foundry Group, but does any of this add up to a profitable balance sheet anywhere? It does for Cohen and Feld. Their devotes who appear to be about 50,000 strong will buy anything they are selling.

Do More Faster is written for recent college grads who have never worked before. It is for people who have never been in business before. It is written specially for code writers and social media geeks with an idea. More importantly it is written for kids who have an idea. Hopefully they will run their idea by Feld and Cohen so they can snap it up and make money off of it.  All of this cloaked in hippy dippy love and share of course, but it is capitalism and hucksterism at it’s best. I just don’t drink the cool aide.  Then again I have seen it all before here in Boulder.

Halloween was a slut-bomb attack on the Boulder Mall  Last night a bunch of pizza delivery drivers were commenting how every girl on the Boulder Mall were dress up as a slut for Halloween. Not much creativity there. On the other hand the late night clubs in boulder look pretty much the same.

from the “hey sailor”

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado

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