The occupy movement is here to stay and they aren’t going anywhere.  Essentially a protest against big banks and corporate greed , it is a mandate for the US government to change or leave. That means senators, congress men and the white house better take the wood to the banks and big corps before next election or we will see another shake up in Washington…which is fine by me.

Book Review: Do More Faster  by Cohen and Feld is more like a digest of Broadway hits than it is a business book. I went to their Boulder book store book signing and that was more of a “little boys science club” then a book tour. Can you take these guys seriously? They are being touted as Boulders business start up gurus. They head up Tech Stars and the Foundry Group, but does any of this add up to a profitable balance sheet anywhere? It does for Cohen and Feld. Their devotes who appear to be about 50,000 strong will buy anything they are selling.

Do More Faster is written for recent college grads who have never worked before. It is for people who have never been in business before. It is written specially for code writers and social media geeks with an idea. More importantly it is written for kids who have an idea. Hopefully they will run their idea by Feld and Cohen so they can snap it up and make money off of it.  All of this cloaked in hippy dippy love and share of course, but it is capitalism and hucksterism at it’s best. I just don’t drink the cool aide.  Then again I have seen it all before here in Boulder.

Halloween was a slut-bomb attack on the Boulder Mall  Last night a bunch of pizza delivery drivers were commenting how every girl on the Boulder Mall were dress up as a slut for Halloween. Not much creativity there. On the other hand the late night clubs in boulder look pretty much the same.

from the “hey sailor”

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado