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Jann writes to Jane Brautigam Boulder City manager


Dear Jane

First let me say, I think you have been doing an excellent job as city manager.  This coming from someone who has been critical of most city officials over the years.  In part it is my job.  Also, though I have never met you, you have given me nor anyone concerned with free press a reason  to complain. It is a far sight from your predecessors.  I think you have resolved the public access TV issue remarkably well. Though we don’t have free public access TV anymore , we do have educational access TV and it fills the void for all citizens interested. Having BVSD run it is a good move, because they don’t cause problems.

I also think the city and police have interacted well with the occupy Boulder movement. Tonight they are camped on the front lawn of the municipal building. That’s very nice. They are our children.  And they are doing what we did’; protest the injustices of powerful corporations who don’t pay taxes and big banks who attempt to enslave us all. So they need protesting.

Personally, I would have suggested that the kids protested the homes of Boulder bankers who swindle people, rather than the city manager who is trying to keep the lid on all of it.

In any event  I support occupys political tactics.  I think when a group who are trying to fight for freedom and against greed or intolerance, run into road blocks, they will change the rules in public policy.  I certainly did. They people who stood up to the city over lack of free speech concerning public access TV, took radical steps to be heard. I did from 2005 to 2007. The city council and the city manger were under daily attacks by video, blogs and speech at council.  Did it solve anything ?  It showed without resolution they would remain under siege.

Much holds true with occupy Boulder.  Until the banks and corporations are held accountable by the city, occupy is not going away. That is the issue. Not the protesters. They are Boulders children carrying on.

Jann Scott

from Boulder Colorado

Business’s How to fight back at Twitter, Yelp and other threats from Forums


Jann Scott’s Journal
What can you do when you are targeted by individuals on Yelp, Twitter, or  forums?  Well I should know because I have been personally targeted by hate campaigns organized  in a variety of places.  And I have survived even thrived to tell about it. But you have to be willing to fight to the death for you right to your place on this planet. If not you can always hire somebody like me to do the fighting for you……. not that this is a pitch……..but you can fight back and win.

First a little history. For me it started early in my career in the 1960′s when we were all fighting corporate greed and corruption. I was in media then and learned how to campaign a war. I learned from the right and the left.

In the 1980′s and 90′s I was in talk radio and talk TV where the battles were with hate talkers on t

he “right and left”. I went after the Militias and the anarchists. Rush Limbaugh and Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice. In those days the fight was a little more straight up than it is now with weasels on twitter. One case was  a right winged hater named John Hall who lives in Boulder kept writing me and calling me and told me he was going to come to my house and shoot me. Sometimes  Radical Patchouli oiled hippies would start fights at the post office of a coffee shop or on the street. I could deal with that openly. The solutions were simple. Carry a gun, wear body armor, have a body guard, call the police and or fight back.  There was a common theme. The individuals who hated me did so because they didn’t like something I wrote in the newspapers or something I said on the radio or TV.


In the late 90′s the people who ran public access TV tried to remove me. I launched a public media and legal campaign. When it was over they had resigned or were fired.

In the early 2000′s the Boulder city council tried to end my TV career and a 4 year battle ensued where 7 of the nine of them came after me. My solution to that was to go after each of them and their families on TV, in the press and legally. It was nasty brutal and bloody. But I remain on TV and most of them are gone.

By 2009 the Boulder landscape had changed sufficiently that all new tactics had to be implored to win.  The twitter and SM crowd feel invincible because they can gang up on one person or company and destroy them. They tried that with me because of  my coverage of Ignite Boulder , the Boulder Fire, Start up Boulder. A guy named Andrew Hyde and Pug rallied their hate team to try to stop me. I just went around them and didn’t pay any attention to them. But before I did I filed legal actions with the city, police, FBI office of justice etc for civil rights violations. They tried to run public events as a private club and caused themselves to become impermanently under investigation.

I used this same tactic with the city of Boulder. They were so cock sure of themselves that they thought they were above the law. They weren’t. They ended up with a congressional investigation and two law suits by Seth Brigham which he won. I call that the Nazi model. When you have a mass group out to destroy you, they feel invincible and that is their weakness.

Another tactic is to isolate one of the people coming after you. I did that with Mayor Shaun McGrath. He went crazy and eventually dropped his fight and moved out of Boulder.  Elaine Ellis the SM girl at Trada started going after our sponsors  on Boulder channel 1. That’s illegal hell since her company competes for advertising with us. A phone call to her boss ended it, but Trada is now still exposed to a law suit by me for a host of illegal anti trust acts.  Pug the guy I mentioned earlier is the SM guy for  Crispin Porter + Bogusky. He announces it right on his twitter page. So anything he or Elaine Ellis do or say publicly reflect right back on their companies and they leave their companies exposed and liable. The brilliant part is is they argue it does not which digs their whole deeper. But  for Elaine or pug to attack our company or our sponsors violates all kinds of federal laws and I once won a lawsuit with Comcast over the same. But these are dumb kids and think they are invincible….their weakness.

When Andrew Hyde tried to intimidate me I wrote to his boss Brad Feld and told him to reel his Guy in. Feld immediately disavowed any connection to Hyde, even though his company had Hyde listed as a Honcho. Feld knew what was coming and he wanted no part of it.

Recently Doyle at Metzger pr was bereft over Steve Jobs death. He did not like the tribute Boulder Channel One had to Jobs, so he wrote me a scathing letter and threatened to use all of the resources at Metzger to destroy me. I wrote him back and said  You’ve got to be shitting me.  For why? But I reminded him that I am a fighter from way back and it would be Metzger and associates who would lose.  Why? because I fight to the death, dirty and I don’t quit. I drop everything and focus on the fight. While Trada, Metzger or Crispin Porter goes about their daily business, my daily business in a fight would be assembling a team to go after each employee, and their families. But in the case of Doyle and Metzger, I think John Metzger had a talk with Doyle and asked him ” have you been drinking” ? I dunno for sure. Yesterday, Doyle referred to a PR piece about what to do in a crisis or what not to do. But Doyle and Metzger is a PR firm. He and they are not a battle hardened army like we are at Boulder Channel 1. We are the God Damn news media. We live for war.  They live to shake hands.

But if people are attacking your company and spilling your blood, you have to single them out and kill them, before they kill you.

With Twitter during the Boulder fire I kept a record of each person who attacked me and then went after them individually on several internet TV shows. I exposed each person and hammered them. I isolated a few of the worst. The result was some of them were horrified and told their friends. They are not going to expect you to fight back in unconventional ways.

Recently a guy on twitter who calls himself pearlstreet sent out a bunch of tweets asking people to rally to destroy me and my company. He’s been hiding anonymously, but he has so severely broken fair trade laws since he’s a competitor, it’s only a matter of time. But these people are gangsters, criminals and they feel justified in victimizing you.

Stuart Gallo, the publisher of Boulder Weekly once told me about a situation he had with the Daily Camera. Daily Camera advertising sales staff were bad mouthing  Boulder Weekly to its advertisers. Stuart was furious, so he threatened legal action to the cameras publisher. The Camera apologized and changed it’s sales strategy.

A girl named Red Head Writing attacked me on twitter and then rallied her pals to assault my writing….based on style. So grant it she is pretty immature, but she typify s the gang attitude on twitter…..which is to assassinate people. She was using obnoxious spam ads on her column in an online Entrepreneurial Magazine. I asked her about it. She immediately went on the attack rather than simply address a solution. I point her out because she is supposed to be an example of good business. God help America if she is.

Every restaurant I know hates Yelp. Yelp is a place where your average poster can be a terrorist. One guy can ruin a perfectly good restaurant. We have clients who have hired us to go to any length to stop Yelp. I always find it funny when Yelps Denver sales rep try to sell ad space to the people the beat up. It must be a horrible job.  Yelp has been accused of extortion by Locally I have been hired to deal with Yelp critics who try to ruin restaurants.  One thing you can do, if you are an owner, is get everyone you know to post positive reviews to offset and organized hate campaign. You just fucking have to do it and not be intimidated by Yelp or their dumb rules. Seriously, fuck them. You have to fight back. Yelp and the commies on Twitter hate anything that is corporate unless it is a darling like Whole Foods. If you are a local franchise of a chain, get ready to fight or you will be destroyed by these douches bags.

But Yelp has not come up against a formidable foe yet. One day they will and it will cost them . I feel the same about Twitter. They are exposed. I don’t know how many law suits either have going, but I am sure they are busy. Eventually law suits will crush them. Facebook and Myspace have actively tried to stop illegal attacks by posters.

You can’t fight these people back on their home turf like twitter or yelp. You won’t win. They own it. So you go to other playing fields they feel are out of bounds but vulnerable. They’re jobs, they’re families etc. You have to pose an extreme threat and still keep it legal. The cops, government agencies. But most of all you have to be committed to a 24 hour a day fight.  Again remember, the people you are fighting are criminals.  Just because Elaine Ellis is a cute love able girl, she still violated federal trade acts by coming after me. Its called unfair competition. And if her boss didn’t call her off he’d be defending his entire company in Federal court right now, getting ready to write me a big fat check from Brad Felds checking account. See how it works. ?? If these twitter yelp kids are trying to kill you or your company , you have to be ready to burn their fucking house down and make their personal lives absolutely hell…..each and every one.

So with Elaine Ellis you’d have to isolate her and make her feel like she was about to lose her job just to get her to stop attacking your customers.  She is no different that the dope dealing thug in Compton who wants in on your turf. These little fuckers on Twitter are murderers none the less. You get the metaphors?

If you are an individual or business who has been singled out by attackers, it is important that you are in the right. At least it helps.

Of course I used My Space to go after Tony Perri when he ran CATV 54 and violated my civil rights. I also used the media, internet, lawyers and government. He was so busy defending, he quit at CATV and moved out of Boulder.

But if you are a business or individual and they gang up on you on Twitter, forums or yelp, I have found the best solution is to hire somebody who is  suicidal and beyond the pale. Some one who will drop a nuclear bomb or shoot the entire office staff, kidnap the guys kids or shoot the dog. That ups the game. And no one, lawyers or cops want to fuck with that guy.

Also, good people respect a guy like that. Business’s will sponsor a business with serious balls. Everyone is sick of the 18 to 34 year old little shits who think they can trash a business and get away with it.  I’ve beat them back and so can you.

from pussy Boulder

Jann Scott

(ps did he really say kidnap our kids and shoot the dog??) yes he did. You get the drift…this is a parody

The Boulder Twitterverse


What is Twitter ? I’ve been on twitter shortly after it came online in 2006. Since I am an integral part of the new media revolution ( had the first TV network online and started live streaming TV in 1997) We ( Boulder Channel 1 team) have signed up early for every passing internet media phenomenom: friendster, myspace, face book and Twitter. Twitter is a communication or a community building tool.  That’s it.

Who are they ? Tweeps are 18-34 year olds.  55% female 45% male In Boulder they are all white, rich, educated, Liberal, office workers, house wives or students.  They sit in coffee houses, on their phones in their cars, or at work and stay connected to the twitterverse which they see as the universe. Except it isn’t. Boomers except for me don’t use twitter. Xers don’t use it either. the Yers who do represent less than 50%. In Boulder Twitter is reserved for a special group of people who, look, think and act alike. It is a closed culture.

Twitter cyber Attacks If you don’t fit into that culture ( I don’t… 65, white, short , bald, opinionated, not liberal and I have a sense of humor…not allowed on twitter.)  At least in Boulder, if you don’t fit the above mold, you will be attacked. Since I have a cable and internet talk show, write this column, have my own thoughts, take risks and question the staus quo , I am often attacked by Boulder tweeps.  I don’t answer back on twitter anymore though. I answer back on television for the larger community to see.  Boulder twitter is like the Russian mafia: a gang of thugs who want to rule the world. I intend on standing in there way.


Nonsense In the larger scheme of things Twitter does not really matter.  It is a good tool for communicating breaking news which eventually gets to the rest of us. But how important is it?  Really?  The language is so short and curt, it is not only rude, it is idiotic. People are reduced to blithering.


Boulder is so Weird Of course we have our little twitter culture here in #boulder, but other areas are completely different. There is a whole world of Hispanic Tweeps who dominate twitter nationwide. There are popular culture tweeps who make up twitter in the USA. Thye are into popular TV shows, pop music, gossip magazines…. not intelligentsia. In that sense Boulder is weird.


OK it’s gossip  Twitter is 100% gossip tot he mass world population. There are occasional pieces of good information that come out.  I use it to net cast stories like this. We use it to post news and features from Boulder channel 1. But we also use, Digg, linked in, email, Google, the internet. face book my space, keywords, meta tags, tags and categories 20 times a day by 10 different posters. We use you tube, vimeo, BC1 and finally we use the king of all communications Cable Television.  Cable is still king even if 20% of the 18-34 year olds in Boulder  (approximately 10,000 out of our 220,000) think they are the community. the truth is most people in our city have know idea who they are or what their scene and they don’t care.

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