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Downtown Boulder, BMOCA, Twitter PR women, Hill Biz association Irresponsibly promote alcohol events


Drunk women leaving BMOCA event

Boulder Colorado is huge drinking community.  It tops every drinking and party list that comes out. Boulder also has a high level of alcohol related diseases especially alcoholism, mental illness and domestic violence

Last week a media campaign begun by the PR women at Downtown Boulder, on Twitter and at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art are pushing an alcohol driven event called “Best Mixologist”

” The 2nd annual contest stirs up talent throughout Downtown Boulder as select mixologists compete for the audience vote on the best cocktail!Savor, critique, and vote for the most inventive cocktails prepared by an elite group of downtown Boulder’s drink masters. Attendee votes decide the winner who along with bragging rights – will possess the KidRobot custom designed trophy until the 2013 competition. Tickets: $45/advance | $50/door Ticket Price Includes: Access to the event, a commemorative shot glass, samples of every mixologists drink…….”

This is essentially a huge drinking event with absolutely no merit.  It promotes alcoholism, alcohol abuse, irresponsible drinking, drunk driving everything Boulder has been fighting for decades. They are promoting addictive behavior. It’s a wonder they don’t have a vodka inflatable outside BMOCA. The city discourages alcohol banners and inflatables promoting alcohol.

BMOCA is supposed to be an art museum, but it is notorious for having drunken parties and this on Best Mixologist is the worst .

Up on the Hill a local Toco shop is trying to turn itself into a late night drinking hole. City councilman Macon Cowles has been trying to get the cops to show stats which relates drinking to crime on the hill.   That is a given, but the city is casting a harsh eye on any more drinking establishments on the hill. We shall see. I don’t have much faith.

Boulder has two more super liquor stores opening this year. So the city is hypocritical when it comes to addressing alcoholism.

I think Downtown boulders behavior is outrageous and in extreme poor tastes by promoting young women to become alcoholics. Downtown boulder turned Band on the Bricks into a drunk fest of beer and made it less of a family event. They don’t come anymore.

BMOCA should be ashamed of themselves too. What kind of fucking art museum is this?? Holding a Coyote Ugly event?? That belongs in a bar. Why didn’t BMOCA promote a Best Barista event instead?

What is the most troubling is that Best Mixologist is the brain child of young Boulder PR women at Downtown Boulder and on Twitter. These are the wine and martini girls who ( all they talk about is drinking ) who are pushing more drinking in our community.  Shame on them.

From the #1 drinking small city in America

Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

Meanwhile, back in High School, false rape accusations, Max Bowman the stalker, Capt Underpants and council


Today Aaron Smith and I went to Ridgeview High School in Longmont to speak to a Career path class. They were mostly serious minded students who were interested in what kind of life choices they were going to make. What a smart idea for a Class. Here’s the break down of what I learned. One student wanted to become an Air traffic controller, another an engineer, another wants to be a police officer at Longmont PD. Another a naval career, another a broadcaster, another wanted to work in computers and video and 1 wasn’t sure.

One of the students called us  and asked if we would come and speak with the class about Boulder Channel 1. They meet three times a week and go on field trips to businesses or have company reps come into speak. How cool is that? We are working on a news piece of our visit and you’ll find it on Boulder Channel 1 later this month.

Is this a spate of girls calling in with false reports of sexual assaults? I think so. There have been three in the last year. Boulder PD charged two girls for false reporting in the last two weeks. wtf is this about? And how many actual charges for sexual assault are bogus that are never revealed. I am afraid way too many. In the 1990s a CU football player was charged , convicted and sent to prison for the rape of his “girl friend” . Three years later she called police and told them that she made the whole thing up, lied through out the trial because she was mad at “him”.  It took 6 months for the case to be reversed, but she eventually went to prison in his place.  Last week we reported that a man was arrested for groping a girl in a hotel room. I tried to talk to boulder PD about this case. It sounds flimsy to me. Like what was the girl doing in “a hotel room on a per-arranged meeting?” Sounds suspicious.

In the past few weeks, we at Boulder channel 1 have been under attack on twitter by a guy named Max Bowman who is a drunkard and a Boulder massage therapist.  We received over 200 threatening tweets.  The police have been involved and now have Bowman under investigation. His case goes to the DA for charges of cyber bullying, harassment threats etc.  Our computer science engineer tracked him down and put the pd case together. But as I’ve said many times on here , Twitter can be a dangerous place. Boulder has it’s share of crazy people on there.

Jann Scott Live – Are you sick of Nazi government control?The Boulder city council , yesterday, took on the topic of work place violence. Seth Brigham’s name came up again. He is the guy who got pissed off at the city when they denied his right to public access TV. He then became a permanent fixture at council meetings routinely calling them a bunch of criminals. He won one law suit for $10,000.  Is Seth Brigham a potential threat to members of council?. I dunno, maybe. They now pay a cop to be there every week to protect them from him.  I suppose I should include myself in that group too.  I have done TV shows and written about the violent over throw of government when they deny protected constitutional rights to the people. The council and the Daily Camera went crazy with my performances.

I never actually met David Letterman, but …


Since today is his 30th anniversary for being on Late night television and I am in the same biz , I thought I’d say something. I’ve been on TV as a night time host since 1989 here in Boulder and Denver.

Before I got into broadcasting , as a guy in his late 20′s I once drove a truck long distance to all 48 states. Letterman had a morning talk show on NBC that was absolutely crazy. So all across america in Truck stop lounge areas, at 10 am weekdays, there would be big burly truckers watching Dave along with Americas housewives.  nuff said.

David LettermanWhen I started in talk radio in 1987, I hosted a serious programs called Addiction Free Radio but I could not help copying Letterman’s quips. My audience sometimes felt insulted. A new audience found it funny. And thus began my transition from a serious broadcaster to , well what I am now. Jann Scott Live.

Interesting about Letterman is that he was in news broadcasting where he to was fired for being a wise ass weather man. Oh horrors. I have been fired plenty of times for over the top antics.

In 1994 when Vicky our video editor was visting NYC she went to Lettermans show and video taped a piece out side the Ed sullivan Theater as Frann, Janns sister. She actally looked like me in the piece.

Clay, my son went to his show in 1993 and brought me a T-shirt  and a post card and door magnet which I still have.

My brother Joe built David Lettermans pool in Connecticut.

I have a signed autograph of David Letterman on my wall. He signed it and sent it to me with  a letter written by Lori Diamond thanking me for doing Addiction Free Radio. Letterman is also in recovery. But I have more more time than he does. neener neener neener.

In the late 80s I used to call his office with prank calls. Like, once I told them “we had Daves new Honda ready.” Lori diamond came on the phone, “Dave doesn’t have a new Honda.. she laughed and said  Nice try though” I could never get through.

I used to write bits and send them in on his website. They never used any.

A fourteen year old kid I worked with selling coupons actually got his letter read on Letterman.

Finally, in desperation  I gave up  and decided to just be the best Dave I could be right here in Boulder…

Oh Christ! this was supposed to be about David Lettermans 30th anniversary and some how, again, I made it all about me.

Now I am happy

Jann Scott


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