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Jann Scotts Journal: Sally McNulty’s father died in the war: she always looked sad


Jann Scott’s Journal is the story and life of Boulder Icon and talk host Jann Scott. He has been in print, on radio and on TV in Boulder since 1989. Some consider him the voice of Boulder’s soul.
In the small New England town of 4,000 where I grew up, there were a lot of war vets. My dad was a wounded war vet from WWII. The north town cemetery has graves from the American Revolution on up. In front of the library on main street is a memorial to the men and women who served in WWII. There are over 500 names on it. 32 have white crosses next to them.

Over 10& of our towns population served. Every man of fighting age served and many of the women. In the early 50′s the war was

American children who have lost fathers of brothers in war

still fresh in peoples minds and there were some big parades on Memorial Day. My dad marched in some but, then after a while mostly everybody wanted to forget the war. But everybody came out for the parade and they all gathered around the memorial for taps when the names of the war dead were read out loud. Everybody cried too. I didn’t understand. I was only 5 or 6 at the time.

But I do remember little Sally McNulty crying. She was two years older than me and seemed to be the only little kid crying. My dad would pick her up and tell her it would be OK and that a lot of people in our town loved her. Then he would buy her an Ice Cream cone and it would be over.

Later when I was in high school Sally had come to work for my families business and we sort of hit off a friendship. that consisted of me helping her baby sit, drinking a six pack of beer and making out.

But Sally had never gotten over her fathers death. He was killed at Anzio when she was just two years old, but she remembered him. Her mom who looked just like Sally drank a bit to cover her pain. She never remarried. Sally said she felt so out of place because she didn’t have a father and she hated to explain “that no her parents weren’t divorced, that they loved each other very much and that my father was killed in the war”. Gulp. I didn’t know a lot of kids who lost someone in the war. But it wasn’t a joking matter. It was sobering.

A picture of Sally’s father sat on a table in the living room of her house in 1965. He was a smiling handsome guy of about 22. And he was dead. ” It has really affected my mom and I she said. We have been pretty unhappy for the last 20 years.

Now at 66 I have a lot of stories like this. My friend Anne lost her brother in Vietnam while she was a CU Junior. Anne was an intern at the newspaper I worked at. To this day she hosts a memorial for her brother at her Boulder home. She hasn’t forgotten.

We should all remember the families of those who have fallen on this memorial day.

from a city with many war dead on both sides of the Indian Wars, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the middle East
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

Jann Scotts Journal: Boulder Startup Week 2012: Speed Bootstrapping 101 at the Chamber


Jann Scott’s Journal is the story and life of Boulder Icon and talk host Jann Scott. He has been in print, on radio and on TV in Boulder since 1989. Some consider him the voice of Boulder’s soul.

Jann Scott, CEO Channel 1 Networks, journalist, TV starr and more

As I previewed the schedule on line in Plancast, Speed Bootstrapping at the Boulder Chamber seemed like the best option for me for several reasons. I am a busy executive and my time is limited. The event was being hosted by a law firm who specializes in Startups, security laws and presumably they had been to the show.  Joyce Colson  from Colson Quinn emceed the event and she kept everybody on a timer. Thank God! ( seriously, it works best) The event was being held at the Chamber which is neutral ground so I wouldn’t be hassled by BSW organizers for being “press” which happened last year. Also, I am a Chamber member and I knew I could count on Angelique for access. There was also no alcohol being served so this was was going to be a sober nuts and bolts workshop where I could learn something It was not going to be the constant college party scene which consumes much of the Boulder Startup scene.

I was not disappointed. Speed Bootstrapping 101 was a series of check-ins by 7 business organization experts. Matt Fargo from Kurtz Fargo a cpa firm which specializes in tech corps gave a blistering litany of dos and don’ts for business financials. The most memorable being use quick books and outsource your book keeping to a specialist so that it gets done right. This way investors will understand what the hell you have when the time comes. Thank God we did both at Channel 1 networks.

Then the lawyers spoke. Rob Quinn almost had a pained look when he spoke of some basic mistakes startups make which hurt them badly down the road.  This was another way for me to check to see if we did our preliminary work correctly. Protection of intellectual property ? check. Signed sub-contractor agreements? check. Signed no compete non disclosure statements? check. Set up LLC cause it is simplest? check Pay people cash and not in stock so company is not diffused? check. Paying in stock are big mistakes made by early startups.

Of course I have been in business for over 20 years, grew up in a business family so I can thank my father and family for some of my business ac cumin In 2006 I had the guidance of Bob Greenley and atty Amelia Tantilla early on in Channel 1 Networks, so I avoided big mistakes. Ray Skibitsky told me not to take venture capital since we were already making money.

Then a commercial real estate broker talked about complicated leases and who to trust and who not to. Very valuable. We will need a broker when we move, that’s for sure. Liz Ryan talked about how to hire good employees. Ideas I had never heard before. The Chamber talked about all of the SBA loans available. Did you know that there are loans available that will pay for 90% of commercial real estate? Why lease when you can own for the same money??

Also, there was a banker another accountant and another lawyer who spoke. They covered all of the bases.

So How did I do? I hate to be smug. But I scored 100%. Not one pitfall in the area of big stupid business mistakes. I feel more ready than ever to move on and sell our company to Google. One thing is for sure, I need to hire this team assembled at Bootstrapping 101 to help sell my company. For this I have to hand it to Boulder Startup Week, there was a gem among the beer cups. lol :) ( an a good time was had by all)

The event was well attended by serious minded business people and I feel fortunate to have been there. If this event was repeated monthly at the chamber it could only help all Boulder business’s succeed.

From the Startup Capitol of America
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

Capt. Underpants restrained: Boulder Cop stalks: CU kid goes to St.Penn


I can’t believe the city of Boulder “could possibly be so obtuse ” to try to get an Order of Protection (restraining order) on Seth Brigham.  Their last go around with him cost us the tax payer $10,000.  This one will cost me and you more.  The Boulder Police department wants not part of this or they would have charged him with misdemeanor harassment.  Even so the city has ordered a<a href=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-1437″><img title=”08″ src=”×225.jpg” width=”300″ height=”225″ /></a> police officer to be at every council meeting to keep Brigham at bay.  The cops interfered with Seths’ free speech just once and it cost the city ten grand.  They are not likely to do it again.  So now the city is trying to get a permanent restraining order in civil county court.  But the rules of first amendment free speech still apply. They apply to the city and to city staff and council members more than they apply to a private citizen.

In fact the city council chambers are the most protected space fro free speech in the land except for the court house lawn which is even more protected free speech.  Legally, Brigham cannot be banned from speaking at city council meetings. He cannot be banned from emailing council members and he cannot be banned from writing about them, calling them or trying to talk to them.

This situation will bring out every constitutional attorney in Colorado to defend Seth. In the past The city of Boulders own attorney Ariel Calonne spelled this out in detail to both me and my civil rights attorney David Lane. Lane happens to be Seths attorney as well.  This all started with Seth when the fascist dictates of the council barred Seth from speaking on public access TV. Seth has not forgotten and they are all paying for their sins now.  Every issue surrounding this case is purely first amendment. It is all constitutional. It is all about the public’s right to know.

In this case the council really deserves Seth and they really deserved to be slapped with a heavy law suit and a reprimand by me. “What the fuck are idiots trying now??”

<strong>Meanwhile, back at the Boulder Police department</strong> , they are having their own troubles. Seems a head injured officer went nuts and tried to kill his ex-girlfriend and her knew boyfriend.  The officer was injured several years ago trying to arrest a drunk in the Sink who was refusing to pay a bar tab. The officer had been on leave with pay when his stalking and attempted murder charges  were filed just 3 days before Seths.

<strong>To make all of this more interesting</strong>, in the very same week a  Judge sentenced the college kid who injured the officer to two years in the State penitentiary. won’t that be fun for him.

from Boulder Colorado
“where the hits keep right on rollin”
Jann Scott
Jann Scott’s Journal

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