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Erica Meltzer Boulder Daily Camera reporter attacks victims shes real slime: Jann Scott Live


Erica Meltzer

Erica Meltzer, scumbag reporter for Daily Camera. You are Fired!!

Erica Meltzer is a reporter for the Daily Camera newspaper in Boulder. She wrote a story about me , but didn’t do her homework and she is trying to get me killed. She is a stupid mindless reporter that has no idea what happens when celebs like me get stalked. Here i hand her her dumb ass back.

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Seth Brigham attacks! Daily Camera and Twitter Wackos

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On this edition of Jann Scott Live , Jann talks about the scum who post on the Daily Camera website and Twitter. Plus the Seth Brigham Case.

Seth Brigham has been stalking me for years. He watches my TV show and then decides he has to do something about me. I have had multiple confrontations with him dating back to the late 90′s.

Brigham has also started fights in Penny lanes coffee shop where has was 86′d. The Beat Book store got a restraining order against him and he has been thrown out of Laughing Goat coffee shop.  So he has a long history of harassment and violence in this community. It is completely unacceptable. As a lot of people have I have reached out to Seth and tried to help him, but he doesn’t want help. At this point, once he laid hands on me , all I want is him stopped, restrained and or jailed.

Now some of the people on Twitter and the Daily Camera who are “posters” are also violent. They try to hide by using anonymous names. But when they attack me with viscous replies, I try to expose them and let you know who they are.

Michael attacks and harasses Jann on Twitter

One such character is “Michael Smith  a freelance editor, teacher, & fiction writer.”  On Twitter he goes by the name of Michael @BSidesNarrative.  He is one the classic Agro creeps you find posting on Twitter and the Daily Camera. He works at Crisman Porter ad agency. Smith has threatened me and gotten other people to harass me. He is a liar and your all around twitter moron who relishes in bullying people. He has attacked our staff and news organisation and I consider guys like this dangerous. He thinks he actually has the right to destroy people. The only way we as a society can do with people like Smith is stand up to them.

Over the years I have had a lot of attackers like Michael Smith who call in, post in or what the fuck ever. It comes with the territory of being famous and a talk show host.  But a few years back I decided to stand up to this kind of scum and come right back at them.  On twitter I have devoted entire shows to the twitter bully gang. They think they are safe and won’t be found or that I will take it and not fight back. right.  nope wrong. Michael Smith You are my twitter scumbag of the week.

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