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We want a war Between Israel and Gaza right now!!

Jann talks about doing a live TV show from a Droid in his car on Justin TV. This show is about Gaza and Israel on Thanks Giving Eve. When are we going to have bombs, death, blood, invasion ?? We need a good war/ Better than football !

What the hell happened over at CIA’ did Petraeus attempt a coup with Republicans ??


Jann Scott’s Journal

Are you expecting me to believe that the director of the Central Intelligence Agency for the United States of America was unseated by two dumb married bimbos named Paula Broadwell and Jill Kelley??

If that is really the case then General David Petraeus was set up by shear stupidity and his incompetence to do the Job.

We are talking about the CIA here. The world largest counter espionage agency in the world. It is 15 times the size of the renown British intelligence.  It finances 125 other Intelligence agencies world wide. It’s budget is nearly the size of the Department of Defense. CIA budget comes from 27 combined budgets putting it at approximately 1.6 trillion dollars topping the defense budget of 600 Billion dollars.

My CIA destabilizes governments, assassinates heads of states. funds armed rebellions in the middle East including the one which sacked the US Embassy in Benghazi.

What really happened over at CIA? I don’t think the good general had the stomach for the job.  I mean, considering. CIA is in charge of all kinds of illegal activities abroad: like spying, robbing , stealing, misinformation, lying cheating and killing.  So what happened??

The head of the CIA doesn’t get caught up in a sex scandal.  It does not happened and anyone who has ever worked at CIA knows that.  They aren’t that sloppy over there.  Somebody fucked David Patraius because he wouldn’t play ball and do his job. that somebody was Barrack Obama.  Obama wanted Patraius out and the FBI made sure it happened right after the election. Right? Two days after the election the scandal broke.  The FBI was complicit.

Bengahzi was clearly Petraeus falt. He let the embassy be taken. He did not send in special ops to hold the fort. He sat on his dead ass and got everybody killed.  Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette sat on his aircraft carrier Stennis strike group and would not send in the Marines to secure the Embassy. That’s what happened.   He has since been relieved of his command and is now under investigation for conspiracy and treason.

Patraisu then gave the White House and state department bad information. He conspired to ruin the election for Barrack Obama with his Republican Cronies and it back fired. Petraeus and the Republicans are behind the Bengahzi attack.  Petraeus armed the Alcaida rebels who attacked the embassy. He orchestrated it. Then when it went down he would not send in the Calvary.

He used the CIA to rig the election and when it didn’t work the White House set about to really fuck him up,  His co conspirator John Allen was also caught up in the Scandal.  Before this is over Obama will fire all of the Generals in the Middle East. There are a few admirals on their way out.

The Republican tried to do to Obama what they did to Carter. But Obama got wise to them through the FBI and he set them up.  That is why Romney went nuts when he didn’t win.  He thought the fix was in.

We Americans want a CIA that is tough as balls and we don’t want anybody fucking around with it.  We don’t want any Arab Spring here and we don’t want any Jihad attacks on any American installations anywhere.

Now lets get our black ops up and running again and lets get the Republicans out of the CIA.

This is a bit of an embarrassment for all of the men and women who work for the CIA.  They are  going to have to reestablish street cred.  You know our enemies are laughing at us.  On the other hand getting rid of a boy scout like Petraeus with a sex scandal is  poetic justice and they ALL KNOW IT.

So is everybody tracking on this one.

Straight up General Petraeus and Admiral Gaouette cause a near coup  on their watch during a hot war

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado

FBI goes off reservation starts war with CIA: Bob Mueller needs to go


FBI Director Robert Mueller dressed up as J. Edgar Hoover at tyranny girl convention in DC 2012

What the hell happened over at the FBI??What is director Bob Mueller thinking. ?  Has he attempted a coup d’état ?  Why did Mueller have his FBI agents go after Americas much beloved CIA Director David Petraeus ?  In a time of war in the middle East when the CIA has it’s hands full keeping America safe, why did Bob Mueller go after the head of our Central Intelligence Agency?  The CIA for Christs sake.

Mueller is either stupid, mean, or a crazed nelly out to rape the handsome head of CIA.  I definitely think his Bolla is in a twist..  FBI has a history of “mean girls” working for them and this is just beyond the pale.

The FBI also has a history of sabotaging Central Intelligence work around the world. FBI and CIA never work well together and I for one am pretty God Damned fed up with this shit. How about You?

Bob Mueller has endangered the entire USA with this fucked up stunt.  The president must fire him immediately   He has to go.  He can no longer effectively run the FBI.

I call upon gay Boulder congressman Jared Polis to investigate the FBI

Or did the white house order the FBI to get David Petraeus over the CIA fucked up mission in Bengazi. Jesus Christ.
I hope not.

Matt Drudge says White House ordered the whole thing to coincide after election: Why didn’t they just fire him???

Petraeus Was Slated to Testify on Benghazi Next Week...
KING: 'Absolutely necessary witness'...
'Timing Is Just Too Perfect'...
Lawmakers Considered Calling For Resignation Last Month...
Did Mistress's Husband Write to NYTIMES 'Ethicist' About Affair?

The FBI is now a bumbling idiot organisation who no one in the intelligence community will ever trust. Certainly not the CIA. But NSA won’t deal with them. Neither will any forigen intelligence agency.. Who the fuck is ever going to trust them ?

They are eating their own in the American intelligence community for goodness sake. And on the day of the new James bond movie release too. Is their nothing sacred?? The kids over at New Scotland Yard and MI-6 must be laughing their asses off at us.

Mueller has defineately gone off the reservation  Get him out of the FBI now.

Here I’ll fire him.
Fuck you Bob, You’re fired” Pack your shit clean out your dessssk.

Jann Scott
From a city where everybody’s OUT

Jann Scott
Boulder, Colorado

Veterans Day a week long celebration in Boulder, finally Jann Scott’s Journal


F-4D Phantom II flown by Ritchie for 1st and 5th MIG kills

26 year old Capt. Steve Richie 1972 back from patrol Vietnam

Boulder has gone all out for Veterans Day this year  celebrating every day for a week. It never does that. Boulder usually never pays any respect to veterans, the military or those who serve. If anything Boulder usually disrespects them.  You know, hippies, commies and the like.  That started to change during the Boulder boulder celebration at Folsom field. And just this year for the first time in decades, the band shell celebration was well attended on Memorial Day. Over the years I have taken a lot of heat from the Boulder Atheist Buddhist leftist crowd for featuring veterans on my TV shows.

Russian MIG 21

20 years ago I had Vietnam  flying ace “Steve Ritchie” from Golden on my TV show. He is one of the few who shot down five Russian Migs during the Vietnam war. It was very exciting to be able to talk to a real Flying Ace.  The problem was Boulder was horrified that I dare to have an American hero on my TV show.  My solace comes from those of you who roll your eyes. General Ritchie took it all in good spirits. “Hey, I lived through the Vietnam war” he said. “Nothing anyone here can say or do to me that compares flying through flack or being shot at by Mig  21s. I am just happy to be on your TV show and share my story for those want to hear.”

But Boulder is changing and the city pays more respect today.

from Americas favorite small city

Jann Scott


tomorrow I will write about Sgt Allen Dale June a Marine Navajo Code Talker from Longmont

Open Letter to Barack Obama November 1 2012 why do you diss Boulder??


The president is coming to Boulder again for the umpteenth time. Why? He has Boulder. ( or does he?) Boulder is not a contested city. Hardly. He has 90& of the city. Well over 50% of the county.

I have invited him for a chat with all of my 200,000 viewers on my TV show 22Boom on Comcast channel 22 here in Boulder county. Have I received any form of acknowledgement? No. I have called his campaign. Did they return phone calls ? No.
Over the past year I and we at Jann Scott Live and Boulder Channel 1 have reached out more than 100 times and the result is always nil. So what does that that tell you. It tells me that the Barack Obama campaign that is coming to my city has zero respect for me and my viewers.

When Bill Clinton ran the first time in 1992, the Clinton campaign made sure they responded to our requests. Not the local Democratic Party in Boulder or Denver, but the Clinton campaign headquarters in Washington.

I put a request in to talk with Hillary Clinton on the air on a Sunday night Live and low and behold, her media people made that happens. She showed up. It was a 1/2 hour interview. Three months later Bill Clinton won the election. The Clinton policy was to treat all media requests the same especially if you are visiting their town.  That is why Clinton held such high marks here and was easily re-elected and why Barack Obama is fighting for his life.  He does not need me a democrat TV talk show host supporter writing this letter.

The Obama campaigns policy is to act like they are better than everyone and to diss me when visiting my town. And make no mistake this is my town and I own prime time TV 7 nights a week in Boulder County.
Well, fine go right ahead. but you’re not in Denver  and I ain’t a Denver media whore. if you disrespect me and my TV show you disrespect the entire community of Boulder.. You diss all 200,000 Boulder County viewers who watch and read this. I am asking and they are asking What?? do you think you are better than us?? Do you think you can come to Boulder and talk down to us from on high?? Try again. Do you think a little rally on campus will get you your needed 9 electoral votes.?? CU students  don’t vote. My viewership votes and they live in the suburbs of Boulder County and right now I am pissed off at you for not heeding the call. Welcome to the real Boulder.

from a city where Barack Obama lost votes in the last days
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

call me baby lets talk on TV. 303-447-8531

(ps I predict he nor anyone will call and Obama will lose Colorado and the election because of it.)

pss to be fair Joe Biden didn’t return phone calls either. I did not call Mitt Romney or Ryan but I bet if I did they would have jumped at the chance.) I bet I hear from them as a result of this letter. And I will put them on TV and I bet that they win the election. It’s the old saying. All Election are local. And it’s like that. I really believe Romney came to win and Obama is burned out and came to lose. In Boulder no less.

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