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Here’s what I think.

I have done a lot of talk TV shows and radio shows on domestic terrorism and I am about to do a whole bunch more. I have been watching TV all day taking in the news on the Terror attack of the Boston Marathon.

My coverage of violence in America goes all the way back to 1987 when I first started in talk radio. Allen Berg , a Denver Jewish left wing talk show host had been gunned down by the Aryan brotherhood in 1984. They were a neo nazi separatist group.

Then came Ruby Ridge in 1992. A right wing gun nut Randy Weaver was hold up in his Utah ranch and had a shoot out with the ATF and FBI. Ruby ridge became the rallying cry for the NRA and every right winged fanatic in America.

The Militia and Patriot movement was born then. On April 19 1993 David Koresh had a shoot out with the ATF in Waco Texas ad in the process murdered his entire cult following.

On April 19th 1995 Timothy McVeigh blew up a Federal building in Oklahoma City killing hundreds. He did this in retaliation for Ruby Ridge and Waco.

During this time the Militia movement had gone mad and there were numerous encounters with right winged crazy people all across america.

The atmosphere was much the same as it is now. We had a democratic president and an assault weapons ban.

On April 20th 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed a bunch of kids at Columbine High School. They used automatic weapons and bombs. They came from military families and had a deep hatred for America. They were also neo Nazis .

So today’s date April 15 is significant. It is tax day, a day right wingers hate. It is near Hitlers birthday, so they love that day. And it is near April 19th a day to celebrate terrorism in America by the right wing.

In boulder on April 20 there is an anti american rally on the CU campus surrounding pot. Why April 20th? Because it celebrates the attacks on the american legal system. it aligns itself with Columbine, Waco, Ruby ridge and Hitler.

There is a right wing battle going on in congress over guns right this week.

The movement is know as the Patriot Movement. Today was Patiot’s day in Boston celebrating Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775 to be gin the Revolutionary war.

Who ever attacked Boston today was one of these nut jobs from the modern day Patriot Movement, from the Tea Party, from the NRA from the Republican Party.

Yesterday there was an NRA Nascar race in Texas where the right wing had become extremely worked up. In fact their attack son me were unprecedented.

So my thought is that what happened in Boston is an extremist act by right winged gun nuts to celebrate their cause.

I will be talking more abut this on TV
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

2013 Conference on World Affairs Boulder: Pot Atheism Communism


It started out with a Bang! Science over religion.  Then it was an attack on faith, God, Christianity, Judaism placated only by a shallow look at Islam and pity for it’s  women. What a disgrace this conference has turned into. Shame on everyone involved.

The entire conference has had overtones of bigotry with attacks on men, corporations, capitalism and America.  The unbalance continued with gender bashing celebrating victimization of women and  Gays.  The gender bashed was men and the culture bashed, heterosexuals For what reason pray tell??

Leftist politics kept the entire conference off balance with insulting token conservative  presentations and embarrassing feminism  at every turn.  It was the usual man hating  conference on world affairs.  They continued to bash the US military, the United states government and finally the Supreme court.  But there was much praise for China. Swell.  Young clueless entrepreneurship was also praised, but American business bashed.

The promotion of drug use was in full swing and the entire concept of addiction was scuttled.  Pushing pot on the conference was in full swing, while the University was heartily attacked for its handling of 4/20 pot celebration.

The element of spirituality was non-existent reduced to junk science and feelings. All religions were roundly attacked through out the conference while new atheism was pushed. Did I say This conference was an embarrassment  and a low point for the University of Colorado.

In attendance were the usual suspects: senior citizens, retired leftists, leftists, and more leftists.. CU student attendance was at a low ebb because quite frankly there wasn’t much that interested 17 to 22 year olds. There never is. It is an old fart conference. This conference is out of touch with reality.

From the Peoples Republic of Boulder

Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

Jann Scott’s Journal is the story and life of Boulder Icon and talk host Jann Scott. He has been in print, on radio and on TV in Boulder since 1989. Some consider him the voice of Boulder’s soul.


Boulder female cops are no match to violent young males: Jann Scotts Journal


Ask any male cop anywhere in the USA and the last person he wants as a partner is a woman. Most won’t say it publicly

Jann in front of Apolo capsule at crater on RT-66 AZ.

Jann 220 ibs of testosterone

because it is not politically correct, but every male police officer I have ever interviewed ( probably 200) have told me off the record that “female officers are useless in a street fight.” One male officer told me, ” you have to worry about them … what if they get knocked down, pinned or wrestled to the ground ?? What if a male assailant gets his hands on the women cops gun and shoots you?? ”

This is what goes through the mind of male police officers title 9 not withstanding. Is this a sexist attitude?? You’re damn right it is. It is the very definition of sexism and in this case not a bad thing. Women are the weaker sex and most women cops do not belong out on the street trying to take down bad guys. They end up getting their asses kicked and they put everybody including the suspect in danger.

Take today’s news story about Boulder female cop Beth McNalley. She tried to cuff a 24 year old male by herself in a dirt parking lot. This was a violent offender and rather than wait for back up she decided to take this guy down herself and then got into trouble. The big strong 24 year old young male swung around and started choking MNalleey and nearly killed her. She was very fortunate that a male officer happened by and tackled the 24 year old and ended it.

Now if it was a male cop that tried to cuff the 24 year old it would have been no contest but since the male offender saw an opportunity with a weak female he tried to kill her and get away. McNalley told the offender that she was going to shoot the suspect. It is a wonder he didn’t break her neck right there or take her gun and shoot her and then shoot the first arriving officer.

This happens every single day of the week in America. These women officers are not trained, do not have the strength or power in a fight and should not be on patrol doing a mans work. We need big bad strong cops who know how to fight in these situations.

I don’t care how big or bad any female cop is on Boulder PD. I don’t care if she is a testosterone taking bull dyke bad ass cop. They are no match for violent powerful young males. Boulder female cops are constantly getting punched out by young males.

We don’t have women tackles in football and we should not have women cops in Boulder trying to tackle men. What the hell is everybody thinking. ??

What is worse what if McNalley shot and killed they 24 year old violent male suspect because she could not hold her own in a fight?? That would have been horrible. A big male cop would have rapped the kid in the mouth and that would have been the end of it.

from ” we are really stupid sometimes”
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

Jann Scott’s Journal is the story and life of Boulder Icon and talk host Jann Scott. He has been in print, on radio and on TV in Boulder since 1989. Some consider him the voice of Boulder’s soul.

Search Engine Optimization companys Google Facebook Bing Yahoo ligitt Trada Don’t waste your money


Justin TV Video of Jann Hammering SEO companies for misleading small businesses.

In this Jann Scott’s Journal Jann talks to small business and explains to them how they are being ripped off bu big SEO companies. He talks about how they don’t care about advertisers and why they are all failing. He gives you a solution on how to advertise for less locally and win,

First of all we have been in the online advertising business longerBoulder Channel 1 than any of these companies. And we have been in traditional advertising longer than that.  So we know of what we speak.

If you are a small business you cannot afford the crap shoot that the aforementioned companies try to sell you. They don’t and can’t produce results. They take all of your money and you hope business improves. But it doesn’t. If it does it does out of your own sales departments or local tried and true advertising that you know works.

All of these online advertising  companies including Twitter sell you smoke and mirrors. But you’re lucky if you make a sales because of them. American business is smartening up and pulling their ads. That is why SEO companies are all losing money. They are all on the bubble, well except for Google. And Google makes money because Eric smith made sure he owns the internet. but Google is ripe for a Federal anti trust act law suit. When that comes, they will collapse because they don’t really make anything or do anything.

Bing which is owned by Microsoft is a loser, but since Microsoft does a ton more that search engine optimization they can absorb the loss.  What about Face book. Their ad programs are expensive and they don’t sell product. Face Book sold the auto manufactures until they realized Face book was a dud.  Look at “miss Lean In” Cheryl Sandburg. She brought her brand of new age advertising hustle from Google to Face Book with terrible results. She is losing accounts faster than she can get them. Her IPO  was a disaster and now with her new bullshit book she is about to leave the company before it fails . In her own words she said ” I have no idea what I am doing ”  No she doesn’t.  She is living in the second tech bubble.

Look I have bought ads from all of these companies and tracked them. They are a waste of fucking money pure and simple.

If you want good advertising results, you should buy from local advertising concerns with a proven track record. So if you have a store in Boulder you should never buy Google, Twitter, Facebook, or Bing adwords. Never! And you should never buy adwords through Trada or Liggit in Boulder either. Just because they are located in Boulder, they are not going to help you. They are res sellers of Google and the other players.  They don’t have a magic solution. They’ve got a bunch of hype. The whole social media and online advertising movement is there for one reason : to take your money for as long as they can and to hell with you.

Here in Boulder and in every other city where we have a channel what we do is take your advertising dollars and spend it right in your city. We don’t do any revenue sharing with Google  or FaceBook. We will not do business with them . We compete with them. we are cheaper , faster and better.  What we do is create TV campaigns, put up our own Banner ads on our channel, our own Twitter and facebook ads and campigns. We write your blogs, build your Face Book and Twitter pages; We write about you, shoot video about you, we use You tube to promote you but we sure as hell don’t pay them. We don’t pay any social media to promote you. We play by our rules not theirs.  Here in Boulder we have Boulder channel 1 set up as a newspaper and TV channel. We have several hundred sponsors and advertisers. We have people here, who all they do all day and night is push sponsor product all over Boulder on Boulder channel 1. End result. We bury Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Trada , Ligit, Yahoo and every other Search engine opt company.  We also beat The local Daily Camera and Boulder Weekly. How and why ? Because we find their holes and fill them. If we have an advertiser who has tried everything local  you know like Biff, Boulder Magazine, Comcast Cable, etc, we use all of that failure to our advantage. We fill the hole with packages on our channel that pay off.

We not only do that here in Boulder, we do it in every city .  So we have very little Advertiser turn over. Our advertisers stick with us year in and year out.  That is not the case with these other companies. They loose everybody.  We are in fact a billion dollar company waiting to happen. We are more successful than any company mentioned here. We have successfully integrated News papers and Television. That is something no one has done.Then we successfully applied old media and new media to advertising and made adverting customers happy. Advertisers are  are the Number 1.  Not the community of viewers and readers or sm followers.  Not content. It’s our advertisers.  Changing the world is secondary keeping advertisers happy.

We are not living is some kind of jerk off dream world of a Boulder Utopian start up entrepreneurial society. We were at Woodstock. We started the revolution. We were in the First Whole Earth Cataloger and Keseys  Garage sale. So we know how to save the world and build community. But what we know that the big SEO companies don’t know is how to get results locally. Now would somebody please   acquire us so we can help fix your financial woes.

Jann Scott

from the Bridge in star Fleet command
Boulder Colorado

Jann Scott’s Journal is the story and life of Boulder Icon and talk host Jann Scott. He has been in print, on radio and on TV in Boulder since 1989. Some consider him the voice of Boulder’s soul.

Tesla Motors should find a new spokes person : Elon Musk sucks Jann Scotts Journal


Elon Musk has zero skills when it comes to talking to the media.  He put his foot in his mouth again when talking to

Jann in Boulder with new 2003 4wd TV production truck

Jann in Boulder with new 2003 4wd TV production truck

Betty Lu on Bloomberg news today. He said you can lease a new Tesla for $500 dollars a month for a three year lease. That is completely false as it turns out. Tesla does not have a payment plan for $500 dollars a month. The closest plan Bloomberg could find was closer to $1000 a month.

According to Bloomberg , “Musk dodged questions, refused to answer questions, was not straight in his answers” and he basically lied through his teeth about Teslas new lease program. At best Musk was devious in his explanations. Musk also announced that the Tesla electric car was the best manufactured car in the world. Well, that is according to him. Most reviewers would rank the car in the middle.  Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Lexus are considered to be the best manufactured cars in the world. Even ford has come a long way. But Tesla ?? Well, Tesla is the darling of the Boulder and Palo Alto social media crowd, but nobody can afford one. You have to be a rich millionaire ap developer with a back up car.

Musk has had his run ins with the media too. Like every time  he opens his mouth.  He sued a British auto review TV show because they criticized Tesla.  He went ballistic over a New York times reporter who accused Musk of lying about the Tesla performance.

He showed up on Bloomberg looking disheveled, acting unprepared and smug. Not confidence inspiring for CEO of the best auto manufacturer in the world. Hah. In fact Musk acts like the arrogant fat cats at GM who appeared before congress just before they collapsed.

Tesla couldn’t have a worse person to be the face of their boutique car company. I would recommend that they hire somebody like hip pr girl Erika Napoletano, but she is a foul mouthed wench who would probably sink the company.
There in lies the problem for Elon Musk and Tesla. He, like Erika come from the hip web developer world where marketing to mass appeal are of little interest. They live in their own narrow corridor and when they stick their heads in to the larger media culture they end up with people like me taking a swing at them. ( yep I live and work in popular culture if you think of being on tv 3 hours a day pop )

Is Tesla a worthwhile car? I have no idea. They didn’t have a display at the Denver Auto show which tells me they are not a player to the American car buying public. I sat in one a few years ago at their show room in Boulder, but I could hardly fit into it. It was built like a space capsule. Has the car improved since then. I dunno. I have never driven one. But since Elon Musk has huge Boulder connections, he’s in my beat to write about. Plus I am the car reviewer of record from these parts.

Anyway, Elon fire yourself as spokes person and put somebody up front who people will like and can relate to like Dennis Haysbert ( the all state actor)

OK That’ll be $10,000 for saving you from yourself.

Jann Scott
from a city with more therapists than electric cars
Boulder Colorado

Aryan Brotherhood North Korea and guns Jann Scotts Journal


We have turned the corner in Americans law enforcement’s ability to conduct business.  The Aryan brotherhood changed all of

Jann on location in Mexico

Jann Scott has been writing and talking about guns, gangs, war and crime for over 30 years..

that this past week by declaring a shooting war against all law enforcement.  They have taken a page out of the Mexican drug cartels playbook.  That is to say they will no longer be arrested quietly nor go to prison with their heads bowed. They are killing prosecutors and prison heads.

From their point of view it makes sense.  Aryan Brotherhood is and has always been a well organized, military trained, white, American gang of drug dealing entrepreneurs    The Mexican drug cartels have led the way in the war on drugs. They fight back with military precision. We are now seeing that with Aryan Nation.  This weeks  assassinations are just the beginning.

I think American law enforcement are powerless to stop them. They are not prepared for what is about to come their way.

Black Gangsters have always had running gun battles with police in cities like Los Angeles. They have always shot back and protected their inner city turf from police. The police in big cities let black and Mexican gangs have their turf rather than go to war with them. Nobody really cares. It is understood. “You stay here in your black neighborhoods, but stay out of the white upper and middle class areas. ” It all seems to work out.   But this is different. No one has sought out prosecutors and high level officials and assassinated them in a systematic way.

The game has changed. Good ole boy hang em high cowboy prosecutors from Texas are no match for Aryan Nation. They should be afraid, because the entire American prison system and gangland is about to blow up in our faces. God help us.

The NRA and the Gun lobby have also created a bloody mess in America. Like the Aryan Brotherhood, they are a bunch of white men on the extreme  side revolutionary politics.  They want to over throw the government with armed forces. Anyone, like gov John Hickenlooper or Senator Mark Udall who think this fight is about hunting permits, are completely blind to the reality of 2nd amendment politics.  This fight is about keeping as many guns as possible on the streets in order to over throw the government, fight back at police, bring anarchy  to American soil. As the gun nuts say. “It ain’t about hunting or home protection, it’s about fighting big brother, the new world order, the rich, the banks, the Jews, and the blacks.”  They are completely crazy and they are winning.

North Korea doesn’t seem to be in a very good mood. Well, we wouldn’t be either if we had North Korea holding war games along our borders and 20 miles off our coast.  What is the United States thinking?? Do they think that they can trash North Korea and that they will behave and be intimidated by us? It’s not working.

Just like the Aryan Brotherhood is not intimidated by US law enforcement. They want to deal drugs and they want to be left alone to do their business. North Korea does not feel like being messed with either.

So now what?? Now we need a miracle.

Jann Scott

from inside the bubble
Boulder Colorado

Jann Scott’s Journal is the story and life of Boulder Icon and talk host Jann Scott. He has been in print, on radio and on TV in Boulder since 1989. Some consider him the voice of Boulder’s soul.

Jann Scotts Journal : Some of the things I do to protect myself.


First of all when you are a high profile media personality such as myself , you have to talk to other TV or radio media types “with

FBI Director Robert Mueller dressed up as J. Edgar Hoover at tyranny girl convention in DC 2012

FBI Director   J. Edgar Hover was prepared for the Arian Nation. Are You?

an attitude” to see what they do.  Then it doesn’t hurt to meet with police safety experts.  It is also important to know who your enemies are and what potential they have to kill you.

In my case my life has been threatened so many times, I became proactive in my own protection and defense.

I have had police tell me straight up. We can’t protect you, you have to protect yourself.

As a talk show host I have interviewed countless Gang experts, cops of all types and I came away with one solidifying factor.

Cops carry guns in holsters on their hips. They wear bullet proof vests and they are constantly vigil when on the job.  If you are a criminal or violent offender and you are going to get into a gun fight with a cop , you are probably going to lose.

If you are a mouthy talk show host  and piss off the wrong element of society, you better be as prepared as a cop when bad guys come gunning for you or you are going to die.

An expert in the Amend program which treats violent offenders once asked me, “do you actually think you are going to out draw a violent man who is intent on killing you??”

People who are targets, who carry concealed weapons will never out draw a violent offender or come out of an ambush alive.

Now just so that you know in my line of work I have been kidnapped at gun point by three assailants who were never caught.  I have had guns pulled on me twice. One was a drug dealer who aimed a gun at my chest point blank from his car window because he did not like my stance on drugs. I instantly disarmed him, drug him out of the car by his hair and pinned him until the sheriff got there..

The second time was during a live radio show with former DA Bill Ritter and Governor Rohmer at 9th and Corona in Denver. A right wing Arian man wanted to shoot me . He was subdued by two Denver PD who were standing in the crowd.

I don’t think Ritter nor Romer know how close we all came to dying that night.

Even so, I had two armed body guards provided by the Radio station standing ten feet from me and they missed the whole thing.

Body guards are a good investment when tensions are high and people are threatening your life. I have always hired armed body guards in my career on Radio and TV.  You never know who or when an assailant will jump out of the bushes and shoot you dead when you are getting out of your car.

That happened to my colleague Alan Berg in 1984. He had so taunted the Aryan nation that they ambushed him and killed him outside his home.

When Seth Brigham kept whispering in my ear “ I can kill you any time I want” I wasn’t waiting to call 911 to protect myself. I hired an armed guard to watch Seth and to protect me.  In that case the police could not protect me and the media made a joke out of Seths threats.

You cannot listen to people who say you are over reacting when you get death threats.  The Daily Camera were in such denial in their reporting, that they actually made it dangerous for me. I told them about it in no uncertain terms. They still thought it was a joke. But you can’t listen to people who have never experienced vehement threats from fans, callers or political crazies who have targeted you.

You cannot listen to nay sayers when your life is being threatened.

Under extreme circumstances, I have armed myself to the teeth and wore a bullet proof vest. I have actually walked down the middle of a dark street  with a gun in hand just to secure my ability to get to my car and drive home.

I have had black Cripps gangsters follow me to my car knowing that they were not going to kill me with out a fight.  I have had Body guards walk with with me with shot guns to my car.

I have told people on the air if you come for me I will be ready and you may get a few rounds off at me, but I am taking you with me. It is very important to not show fear to violent offenders and to let them know you are as big a nightmare as they are. I swear that has saved my life more than once. That is the kind of attitude you have to have with violent offenders intent on hurting you.

You have to know when you are in a war zone and be prepared to defend yourself and match the threat with overwhelming bravado and visible firepower. Visible firepower.

If you in the line of work where people want to kill you… You know provocative talk show host, DA, cop, etc…. I think you have to be as prepared as a street smart cop.

I have taken multiple self defense classes. One was model mugging for men. How to defend against multiple assailants with hand guns.  I have studied and practiced shoot no shoot scenarios. I have gone up against armed gunmen.

My son is a LERP special forces Marine. When I see him we train in how to disarm assailants at 30 paces.

So yes I take my personal protection very seriously. I learned from Denver Police: refuse to be a victim.

Now with me. It is protect myself or get out of the TV talk business.

And that is the question high profile people have to ask themselves, : How far am I willing to go for personal protection. ?

From the land of happy hippies

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado



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