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JANN SCOTT and Channel One Networks


Jann Scott ceo of Channel One Networks

Jann Scott CEO of Channel One Networks

When it comes to being ahead of his time, the man is Jann Scott of Boulder, Colorado.

In 2005, he created The World Channel 1 Network, ( now C1N.TV) one of the first web-based TV networks.  This came  after launching on University of Colorado servers in 1997 and is still seen on


“As early as 1998, I saw that newspapers were in decline and all TV and newspapers were moving to the web and wanted to cover all of it.”   He calls his network “YouTube meets Craig’s List.”

The purpose of his networks is to provide each community with local TV and  news on the Web.

“We want the networks to be the “go-to” place for both local TV and print news on the web.

He said his networks have come into their own  with 30 up and running, reporters in various locations like Florida, Boulder, Seattle and Denver to name a few.  Boulder and Denver act as both the content and financial model for the entire network he said.

On C1N.TV viewers can see his Route 66 travel series on the Travel Channel, Restaurant section news, home and garden, fashion and the popular auto section.  Scott’s news team covers numerous events live on location. He has brought together a team which contributes to the news and feature content of his network shows.

And, Scott admits the networks are profitable since day 1.  “Our sales department sells ads locally in each city.  We don’t take any third party ads and we compete with Google, for example.”  He said they staff their phone lines and have people available to take calls.  He said we bring a “humanness” to the business of buying online advertising”  He said while  Channel 1 networks can exist without social media, they do use them to promote their programming.  “We are integrating web  into main stream population while the social media is aimed only at the millenniums!”

While Jann Scott’s off-beat sense of humor developed as a TV talk show host is considered controversial by some his popularity as a Boulder icon make him a pillar of the community. Scott’s serious side has proven him to be community orientated.  He has helped 100’s of disenfranchised people in need.

Do we dream big?  He said.  “We want to build the world headquarters in Boulder with 20,000 employees worldwide, bigger than CNN or Comcast, for example.”  “We’re the biggest media company in the world,” he said hesitating, “But we aren’t fully actualized yet!”  The C1N network is there. The advertisers are there and we have stayed consistent with the vision.”

Thinking further, Jann Scott said, “We would probably like to partner with Ted Turner, for example, and have offices all over the world.”

Donna Marek writes about Jann scott

Donna Marek features writer.

Donna Marek is a Boulder free lance writer and has contributed to Boulder Channel 1 since it’s inception





Jann Scott’s Journal St. Paddys day, texting and driving


jann Scott writes about St. Patricks drunken day in Boulder

St Patrick would be shocked !

St. Patrick’s was a 4th century Saint heralded by the Catholic church. ” According to Irish folklore, one of his teaching methods included using the shamrock to explain the Christian doctrine of the Trinity to the Irish people. After nearly thirty years of evangelism, he died on 17 March 461, and according to tradition, was buried at Downpatrick” Wikipedia has a thorough examination of this Christian evangelical Saint.

Here in Boulder St. Patrick has devolved into a drinking holiday pushed by local restaurants, Bars and media. The drunk girl blog Your Boulder pushes the entire day as a drunk fest.  And that is what sainthood has come to here.

1 Girl Driving and texting

Boulder girls drinks, driving, texting on St Patrick’s day

Texting and driving is at an all time low here in Boulder. Today I witnessed  3 girls ( millenniums) texting and driving in downtown Boulder. One was in a BMW Suv parked at 17th and Pearl. She had to be beeped at to move when the light turned green. Then she drove down Pearl at 15 mph texting and weaving the whole way.. more beeps. When she finished texting she floored it speeding through the 28th street intersection. Then there was a girl in her new Volvo Suv on 28th street driving and texting  swerving into the other lane … more beeps.  At 28th and Iris a girl in Lexus SUV was driving and texting , going so slow other cars slammed on their brakes to avoid here.

So between drunk girls driving and texting this Saint Patrick’s Day weekend we are all completely fucked.

from the Drunk driving and texting Capitol of the USA
Jann Scott



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