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Jann Scott Live : Help the children flooding over the border.


Take care of the children on the Mexican border and send the Marines into Honduras, El Salvadore and Mexico.

In this Jann Scott broadcast, Jann talks about the following. 1. They are children, take care of them. 2. Do not send them back to their horrible countries. 3. Instead send in the Marines to Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala and punish the bad Governments. 4. Kill the Gangs. 5 Jann to Pope. ” cut the crap on no birth control. 5. Message to pope from Jesus. Listen to Jann or God will damn you !

study 50 percent dope deaths are teens, Boulder


New study out today shows 50% of drug overdose deaths are teens. Jann Scott proves out to be the only voice of reason in the most narcissistic city in America.

As Boulder descends into drug hell with addiction at epidemic levels Jann Scott goes after Boulder Colorado city officials for pushing dope onto it’s children . Boulder Colorado has legalized drugs. There are hundreds of drug Emporiums. Children go in and buy drugs every day. And then they overdose and die. The city is composed a bunch of pedophiles to allow this to happen. Teenagers laugh at the adults because they are stupid. Now the kids have created a huge underground syndicate of drug dealing.

Trinda ended her life in her garage on Saturday with a bullet to the head. At one point she had 22 years in NA. The last 6 years were rough. There was the divorce, the relapses, the treatment centers, the new younger musician drug addict boyfriend and finally the 200,000 square foot marijuana grow center. Her recovery consisted of heavy sedatives and marijuana. Then there was the CU student intern who overdosed on her drugs and died in her den. There were the cops, police investigations, no knock warrants, DUID stops for her and the boyfriend. There was the coke, the H. the pills, the drinks and there was the sorority image to uphold. There was the money and the prestigious family. In the end it all worked against her. She would not “drop the anvil and get back in the boat”
Sometime last Spring she went completely mad, full on with paranoia, delusions and drug induced psychosis. And finally, after she could not take it anymore , she ended it all. She went to the gun store , bought a hi powered hand gun and shot her self with one final act of destruction.
She chose not to work through the pain into health, but kept using until the dope took her life. It all really went to hell for her when she opened the grow center. ” this was a really stupid idea I know it” she once said. “I can’t stand the pot . it makes me psychotic. I have to take narcotics to make the feelings go away.”

For you and I who want to live clean, it is petty simple; don’t use, stay away from people places and things who will try to ruin our lives. and we get to live happy joyous and free for eternity.

jann scott live: Boulder Pearl St. Kiosks COMMANDEERED by greed heads


The kiosks on the Boulder Pearl Street Mall were put up in 1975 when the mall was constructed. What the kiosks have been turned into are special promotion windows for the Fox theater and Boulder theater. No one else is allowed to put up their poetry, novels, art work , garage sale notices because these jack ass greed heads tear everyone notices down. The city needs to fine the crap out of BOULDER THEATER AND THE FOX THEATER AND ANY OTHER CONCERT promoter who tramples the little guy. Now I know about concert promoters.
The city needs to divide each kiosk into 4 parts and let the promoters have 1/4. the rest are left for artists, poets, sellers , renters etc.

yo yo bo Win Afghanistan and Iraq by Jann Scott Live


We cannot lose the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hey Barack seriously, get back in there. American cannot lose any more Godamn wars. If we bow out of these two they are coming back at us with Nukes next time. In this video Jann Scott gets in your face. No more losers.

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