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Boulders Lost: Jann Scott’s Journal


Not everybody is going to have a Merry Christmas. Boulders lost underbelly alcholics and drug addicts are living in tents, under tarps, in section 8 housing and trailers.

Kathy has been living in section 8 housing for 5 years. She is 50ish has a bad leg and drinks everyday. She lives in one of Boulders section 8 apartment buildings. Social security and Medicaid keep her propped up so she can drink all day and get sicker and sicker. Kathy is an alcoholic. She admits it. Most chronic alcoholics do. Her alcoholic gout is so bad she can barely walk. A visiting nurse drops in to see her twice a week. Social worker interns from the Boulder Homeless shelter see her monthly. They are all very nice and hopeful for Kathy, but her basic problem is she is an alcoholic. If she stopped drinking 90% of her health problems would go away. But you and I pay for her lost lifestyle. We enable her. Now the county mental health officials, nor the DA will agree with me on this. They think I am uncaring and mean-spirited. But I know what is going on out there. I mentor a lot of these folks. They are honest with me. They don’t have mental illness. They have alcoholism. Last month Kathy fell and drove a spike into her head. She was found by her friend Austin who took her to the hospital where she spent a week. Now she has a little brain damage, a hole in her head and she can’t drink enough.. so she takes pills…… Disappearing into pitiful demoralization.

Austin has been in and out of prison, jails, the ARC and hospitals over the past 35 years. He’s always been an alcoholic. He went to prison 30 years ago for molesting his daughter while he was drinking. That is actually a plight of a lot of alcoholic men. They just don’t get reported or caught. But Austin was an alcoholic speed freak.  Today he has served all of  his time and has put stretches of sobriety together. We talked earlier today at his campsite. He lives under a tarp like hundreds of drunks in Boulder. He is a registered sex offender for a crime he committed over 30 years ago and he can’t catch a break. He never re-ofended, but he has an SO jacket. 20 years ago he was sober and had a job in the kitchen of one of the dorms at the University. H’d worked there for 5 years, was an exemplary employee and CU wanted to make him a supervisor. Austin had learned kitchen management in the penitentiary. He could fix any piece of industrial equipment, cook any meal, run a kitchen and serve 2000 people 3 times a day. He was excellent at it. When the university ran a background check they discovered his past and fired him on the spot and had him escorted off campus.  From that point Austin gave up and went down hill.  He told me today from his campsite that he is persecuted for his past. He can’t get a place to live, can’t get a job…. so he collects  SSI and Medicaid and drinks… He is waiting for death.

 Sometimes Kathy lets him sleep on her floor. But she is being thrown out of her apartment because the landlord hates section 8 rentals.  They all do.  Austin can’t qualify for section 8. The homeless shelter can’t help him.  So Austin crashes where he can. Sometime I let him sleep in my heated garage in my big beautiful house….. but he is always drunk and he knows better than to come around me when he is drinking.

Scottie lives in a trailer. His kidneys gave out from drinking. He is nearing 50 and is friends with Austin and Kathy. He got fired from his gas station job last month for drinking. Austin says he’s not long for this world.
Scottie rents a room to Harmony who is 20 something. She tells everyone she has cancer and shaves her head everyday. But Harmony is a chronic alcoholic and drug addict. She doesn’t work but she always has money. Scottie and Austin theorize that she is a prostitute because she disappears with various older men routinely. Some of Harmonies friends who were strippers and hookers from the Bustop got killed over the past few years. One flipped her pickup truck in the Canyon last year. She was drunk and high. The other got killed by a John. The police are still looking for him. The case never even made the papers. Why ? Because these are people no one cares about.. no one knows… they live in the dark shadows of Boulders trailer court.  Richard lives 3 trailers down from Scottie. He is a bad alcoholic too. He used to be a finish carpenter and cabinet maker. Richard says he could just never stop drinking. He gets his SSI check each month and drinks.

20 street alcoholics died this year.  The public officials call them homeless and want you to believe they died from exposure and mental illness. Nothing could be further from the truth.  You know what they died from right ?? They died from what is killing my friends above.

Citizens of Boulder are killing these people with kindness. so what are we supposed to do?  Here is the rub. Make all public assistance contingent upon being sober. sounds reasonable right ?? Nope .. not to all the drunks and drug addicts who run our city. They feel threatened too. After all we live in Dope Boulder. we live in beer Boulder.  so we will just lie about it all and make up some  nice story.

Jann Scott
from Boulder Colorado
Jann Scott’s Journal is Boulders official voice of reason and conscience.

“I can Has Cheezburger” loses millions : Jann Scott’s Journal


They fired most of their staff. Their CEO Ben Huh said that ” we were turning into a money losing mess “and I didn’t know what I was doing.  Holy shit! This investment darling of 2011 which raised over 30 Million is now completely on the skids.  They even raised $5,000,000. from Foundry Group; Boulders wonder boy startup venture capital firm run by Rockn rollers … ah tech stars.


oops…. it just blew up… oh crap we nuked Seattle

In a confession on Back Channel Huh said: 

“In a nutshell, we didn’t know what we were doing. We had been profitable for years, selling ads, t-shirts, books and even a reality show on Bravo. But having investment money in the bank was new for us. More important, so was the process of transforming ourselves from a team that built and acquired WordPress sites to a company that produced a full-on content platform. We tripled our headcount.

After cashing out our original investors, however, our $30 million had dwindled to just $4 million. That figure is small by venture capital standards, but for a company that was used to duct tape and folding chairs, we felt like we were swimming in cash. We were turning into a confused, money-losing mess.”

What is this company ? What do they produce ? What is their financial model ? Believe it or not it is a kitty Kat humor website company who depends on fucking banner ads and T shirt sales to make it.  It was a losing idea from the beginning. Memes. really.  The entire startup world is caught up in this kind of bullshit and most of them go broke. The only people making money are the founder hustlers and the early stage VCs like Foundry. It is almost like these people plan to fail.

channel1networks-150x150 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy

Boulder’s unsung hero startup of the 1st decade.

I hate to toot my own horn but I sure as hell know how to turn 30 million dollars into a profitable company and not blow it on dumb shit.  Take a company like mine: Channel One Networks llc. We have evolved from cable television programming in the 90s to web based TV and news in the 2000s. We built slowly and surely turning a profit every year while expanding steadily. Now we have a grown to 6,000 TV channels and newspapers with local content and local advertising in every city in the world. We are not a flash in the pan and we don’t make Giant company ending mistakes. We compete with Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft. We build and sell our own products . We are not re sellers of somebody elses.. And we know what is King. Advertising and service sales are kings not content.  Yes we are changing the way TV and news is delivered locally and we are changing the world. 

Who in their right mind would float a company like this, let alone invest in it ?

One of the problems with the entire start-up millennium movement is that they are not business people. Most of them go broke. Most of them have little business or sales training.  They do not know how to service customers or produce results for them.  They are so caught up with making the scene that their zine meme thing crashes and they wonder .. oh gee what happened. business happened.

I wish some of these incubators and business schools would teach business instead of entrepreneurship. Not everybody can be an entrepreneur. There is great value in being a good solid worker.

From the Real World Home Town

Jann Scott

Boulder, Colorado

Jann Scott’s Journal gives a critical look at the world through the wise eyes of Boulders #1 multiculturalist

Jann Scott’s Journal: North Korea and China vs USSTRATCOM Joint Electronic Warfare Center’s .


North Korea Cyber Attack… this week on Sony is just one of many attacks on the United States over the past 5 years. First there was Wiki leaks by US Army private Bradley Manning and Julian Assang who published sensitive U.S. military and diplomatic documents . Manning is in Prison for 35 years. He also seems to have gone nuts there too… He is now claiming to be a women. Apparently, the pressure was so great  ” he went Gay ” as some of his army buddies claim.  Assang is hunted and has a price on his head. He is hiding in the Ecuador Embassy in London. What is up with Ecuador ? Assange is wanted by Sweden for sexual crimes.  Both Assange and Manning are darlings of the Hacker community and anarchists.  But none the less they are cyber criminals and one could claim terrorists. The world community will now have to look at these two more candidly.

Then there was Edward Snowdon who, while working for the NSA, leaked everything. He then took all the files to all of our adversaries including China, North  Korea and Russia. He now lives in Russia and is a pawn in their game against the USA. He too is popular among Millenniums. He is considered a traitor, but the USA has treated him with kid gloves. Yet, he is considered the most damaging hacker to national security. I mean , this guy is the cause of our current cyber war with China and North Korea. How he ever became an American anti-hero is mind boggling.

Next, China led cyber military actions against the USA, and were caught caught red-handed so to speak. They were reprimanded by the USA. China has been notorious in it’s attacks. Since America has business relations with china we let it all pass even though China broke into american companies and military installations. What they did was an act of war. Cyberwar.. but war nonetheless.

In this latest attack by North Korea, government officials are telling the NY Times that China led the whole thing. China trained the North Koreans, educated them and set up their Cyber warfare department. North Korea is essentially the bad boy puppet state of China.

So now what ????
Now that cyber hacking warfare is out of the box, where will it all end???? No place good for the future. It could lead to Electronic Warfare or EW involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) or directed energy (DE)  But North Korea is still on paper. They don’t have any computers or internet. They use paper file folders. Up until now no nation has launched a cyber attack with devastating consequence. We could do it. We could put bursts out over North Korea and shut down all of their power facilities and destroy all of their electrical power stations. We could do worse to china.

If we start whipping EMS attacks around there will be hell to pay…. But it could be coming. The United States has USSTRATCOM :Joint Electronic Warfare Center which is rearing to go.  Nobody is talking about this, but we have sophisticated weapons that can knock the crap out of any country on Earth. So do they.

What a mess
from the Dope  hacking capital of America
Jann Scott
Bouldern Colorado

Jann Scott’s Journal is the Voice of boulder , the mouth piece of the city under the Flat Irons

Gordon and Grace Gamm play into Hands of Evil Empire : Jann Scotts Journal


Oh No…. Gamms Fund the Dairy

Nazi 1

Leni Riefenstahl Nazi film maker celebrated by city of Boulder as a great women film maker even though she was responsible for millions of deaths in the Reich.

Every Time somebody donates money to the Dairy Center for Performing Arts it pisses me off to no end.  Why ? Well, it is not because I am anti arts… on the contrary.. I am an artist; writer,Actor, photographer, designer, and film maker…. so I am not against the arts.  Oh really.., well then Jann what is it ? Pray tell.

OK here goes again for the umteenth time incase you just moved to Boulder.

Nazi 7

Jann Scott and Peter Eggen parody city Nazis

When the Dairy Center was first built and opened in the mid 90′s there was a component that was Key. It was the addition of the South East wing of the Building which cost $300,000 of my money. My Comcast dollars.  Comcast Built an entire TV studio called studio 54.  Then Comcast kicked in another $450,000 of my Comcast money to finance the operation of a local Public access TV Channel for an entire year. Every year Comcast gave you $300,000 to operate this local access channel for one year on into infinity.

It was state of the Art and won awards and honorable mentions all across the country… Then something horrible happened. The board of public access changed. They had no idea what they were doing. The censorship started. First all of the art was censored, then all of the programming and performance was censored. Then the city got involved and censored even more.

nazi 5

City and Dairy Center celebrate Gamms million dollar gift to facism

Before it was over the city shut the channel down and cut a deal with Crocs who opened the Boedecker Theater which the Dairy Center has total control over… So the people involved in ruining public access TV in Boulder are Richard Polk and Sue Deans dairy power couple old farts.  Macon Cowles and his wife who are a couple of Commie fascist who need to control everything. The sister broads , Robin Beeck, who now run BIFF but once controlled the channel. In the end  they stole Channel 54s premier event and turned it into their private money maker. The guys who started Digital Arts also led the board for years , but made such a mess of it , they opened their own shop.. Bruce Borowsky. The city then hired a guy from California named Tony Perri to run things..He imploded after a series of missteps and moved back to the beach  to make surfing dog videos.  Then Alan Ohashi took over and he lost his ass and the whole thing shut down… where it remains to this day. Dark as night. Channel 54 as black as a Nazi SS Uniform... a city staffer recently told me “they never want to go through that again nor have the council involved even remotely with public access. ” Crystal Gray, former Mayor told me ” the council who interfered had absolutely no concept of what public access tv was… they were the wrong people at the wrong time”

Public access channel 54 shut down by corrupt city officials and their goons.  So when suckers like Gordon and Grace Gamm step up and drop a cool million on this scandalous Dairy Center for performing arts, I just want to pass out…  They are adding to the right winged agenda of the corrupt cabal who suppress freedom of Speech in Boulder.  The Dairy  shut down true video and digital art in Boulder.


Jann Scott Boulder public TV free speech hero during recent shoot at Tetons.

Yep,they tried to shut me up…. but Comcast hired me immediately to broadcast on their state wide Local origination channel. Then the School district put my shows on their channel BV-22 where I can be seen nightly at 9:00pm.  That has been going on since November  2007 when the city put Nazi SS troops in charge of free speech  and turned channel 54 dark.

So there

from phony free speech Boulder

Jann Scott

Jann Scott is the voice of Boulder.


Tech Star Brad Feld ends up In Boulder ER with blood clot: Jann Scotts Journal


brad feldBoulders Brad Feld the Tec Star multi millionaire is reporting on his blog, Feld Thoughts that he ended up in the Boulder emergency room last night with a blood clot in his leg.
Blood clots are very dangerous and often not caught. They can make their way to either the heart or the brain or clog a  blood vessel someplace and cause catastrophic damage. They lead to strokes and heart attacks
They are often fatal. This is a near miss for Feld who is reportedly resting at home taking blood thinners.  

brad feld 2

how to kill yourself with zero pacing.

Last year Feld wrote about depression and how he was dealing with it. Then this year he’s finally struck with a blood clot. 2 years ago Feld wrote a book with David Cohen called Do More Faster  a manual for entrepreneurs on how to burn the candle at both ends. When I saw the title I shuttered and thought ” Oh my God this guy has no clue”
But the do more faster lifestyle philosophy is not exactly the Boulder way. it is more the New York City Way or  The Wall Street Way. Feld who is known for working incredible amounts of hours, getting little sleep and running marathons is Boulders startup Guru. But one has to question this startup genius.  Does he plan on publicly working himself to death at an early age? He is well on his way. 

Boulder has had many gurus over the years who all seem to have the answer to life. There was Trungpa Rinpoche who dragged a lot of people down the road buddhism and  alcoholism  and aids through unprotected sex. A lot of people died following that guy.

Feld is leading people into workaholism. He and Tech Stars have a nationwide following.  Unfortunately we are getting to watch him implode along the way.  He should be used as a good bad example on how not to lead your work life. Maybe he’ll smarten up. After all Boulder is a place where people come to live an alternative lifestyle of peace, prosperity, health,wellness at a sane pace. I like Brad Feld and I’d like to see him live and not go the way of Janis, Jim, or Mama Cass.

Jann Scott

from the workaholic capital of America

Jann Scotts Journal is a column on American culture seen through the eyes of this Boulder sage since 1999.

Boulder Colorado

Sony : Heads are going to roll Jann Scotts Journal



Mr. and Mrs. Sony won’t be able to get a job as parking attendants when this is over.

As a guy who shoots his mouth off for a living and often writes inflammatory editorials, and have a reputation for that kind of stuff. Nobody takes me seriously for what I write or  what I say on video. That’s always a mistake be cuz they play right into my jaws of death.

A lot of what I do is parody. Now does that get in the way? sometime. Being a CEO in addition to being a talk show host can be a tricky balancing act. It’s the price I pay for freedom of speech and performance.. it’s particularly interesting here in Boulder which prizes itself as a hip free city when in fact it is scaredy cat.

But what the Sony executives did was ,well, let’s just say heads are going to roll ,starting with the CEO. Why? Because. she put herself up as” I am CEO of Sony” untouchable… she is not a comic, a performer, culturalist  editorialist, or  a commentator. No she put herself up as an American businessman…… oooops; not anymore.
Nothing is private on the web.

Now what the North Koreans did by hacking into Sony is nothing short of Cyber war. On the other hand looking at it from this perspective what was Sony thinking when they made this movie? They knew North Korea was going to come after them. They had to know right? Oh no maybe they didn’t think about it. nobody thought that . North Korea is just like the crazy Muslim nations. you go ahead and make a crazy movie about Mohammad and find out what the world of Islam will do. blowing s*** up all over the United States..


Jann Scott

How dumb can you be

Boulder colorado

Jann Scotts journal has been written since 1999 or 2003 about the Culture of the world seen through the eyes of the master.

Police profile neighborhood crime via computer analysis: Jann Scotts Journal


crime 3

Forensic computer science can now tell you which kid on what street is most likely to commit a street crime this Saturday night. The cops are waiting right out side your door too.

American Police ‪#‎profiling‬ now use computer analysis to target neighborhoods, streets, and specific blocks. The database also predict the likelihood of crime based on specific days. Police all over the USA can now predict crime and up patrols on given days in given neighborhoods. They can even predict whom of you is more likely to commit a street crime this Saturday night. Don’t thinks so. ? Don’t be naive.

The Analysis also predicts who is more likely to commit crimes on that street: such as young black males from a specific street or building and what crime they will commit.crime 2

To say that Police don’t profile…..Hah!. oh we profile Alright, right to the member’s of your teenage gang.

But the analysis is based on numbers not color. If middle aged white guys did a lot of neighborhood street crime …. I would be bitching about being stopped by the police all the time .Well, if computer programs can pick winning baseball teams….you knew fighting crime was next . Well it is here today.

 From The Police are nice here in Boulder….

( of course we don’t have any crime and everybody is rich and carries guns , but so much for the myth of thew gun hating liberal cities…. Hell, the last two home invades got shot or beat to death with a baseball bat… Holy shit !! yep.)

Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

Jann Scotts journal is written by talk show host jann Scott who is American voice of reason.




boulder police

Boulder Police; there is one hispanic police officer in this picture…..maybe

If you find a company in Boulder or Denver and there are no people of color working there, you can be assured that racism exists in that company .
Let’s take a police department in the given city. Now the police department should represent the percentage of the same people of color in the department so if its like 80 percent white than the department should be 80% white.

The other 20% be people of color. I don’t know if that’s the case in Boulder or Denver. I would think that it was. Probably not. Most companies in Boulder or Denver certainly have more whites than blacks. Now, why is that? Because the company is racist. Now why is that? Because the population is racist. Now why is that? well let’s say you’re in the service business in a mostly white community and you hire people of color to work for  waiting on customers .

Customers will not come to your business because you have blacks. They will go someplace else. That’s true here in Boulder. First of all boulder does not have any black people….. White people are so used to seeing only white people, that black people really stand out.  The exception would be if you are a really in shape beautiful black person…..  Cause everybody here is beautiful… first and foremost.  So like if you are a fat obese person… forget it.. You are not getting a job in Boulder. If you are Denzel Washington you are going to get a job here.

Then there’s the whole attitudinal thing between whites and blacks on the job. They can’t get along over racism.

Some companies feel that if they hire black or Mexican employees,  that the black and Mexicans will steal from them more than the whites employees. why is that?  Most white employees I have interviewed say that black and mexican employees are always the ones involved in employee theft.  Why? Cause they feel the white man has been ripping them off for years and it is payup time.

Oh Yeh, America is racist. Boulder is Racist….

Jann Scott

Boulder, Colorado


Boulder Police Ferguson March

Boulder Police Ferguson March


Jann talks with Boulder Deputy Police Chief Kurt Johnson about how they maintain the peace while people march and speak up about the incidents in Ferguson and other parts of the country.

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