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Mom and Dad suffered ethnic and religious discrimination : Jann Scotts Journal


American racism and prejudices:
My mother and father were 2nd generation Americans . My grandparents on my father’s side had immigrated from Southern Italy. Grand parents.on my mother side emigrated from Poland. My parents met at a high school dance in 1932.
They had both changed their last names to Americanize.their future.
They both had stories of extreme prejudice when they were children. Name calling, insults, race baiting , religious discrimination …..I heard all of the stories growing up. On occasion I was subject to some of it myself even with a fully Anglo name.
When I see hatred toward Mexican immigrants or African-Americans in this day, I can’t help but think the discrimination my own family faced in the early 20th century.
Both my parents were Roman Catholic so I had a lot I f religious training. I go to mass to this day. I am one oi f those people who never had a problem with the church…. and I think my parents made sure I was safe. But I have had a close spiritual connection with Mother Teresa, pope John Paul, Michael Moore, Governor Jerry Brown, St. Francis of Assisi.
During the 1960s my dad ran a company in very white wasp Connecticut and he did something unthinkable… he hired Hispanics and African-Americans ….. I think it was after he heard Martin Luther King speak….. he said “the exact same thing happened to me and my parents…. we can’t let thus go on. It stops here with me in this company.”
Of course he was a combat vet from wwii and fought in Patton’s. 3rd Army. Gen. George Patton was the 1st general to integrate his troops when he called up a crack Negro Armoured division to break through Nazi lines when Patton’s white troops were surrounded. They ended up being the most accurate gunners If the war. My dad never forgot them. “They saved our lives…yes my life” he said The Negro troops also had the only top-secret night vision. Eisenhower had put Negro troops in charge if the red ball express which had night vission…..and so did their tanks.
So when I was a little kid growing up in my father’s company I spent my summers working on all black crews…where I learned how to work.
…pace….and about black American culture. I never learned prejudice. I actually learned cool colloquial terms, gospel music, military jargon and how to drink Gin and chew tobacco at the same time. That takes practice.
In my own company today in 2015 in Boulder we practice no discrimination. That is we give equal pay and opportunities to all people’s. Who ever does the best work gets paid and promoted.
from Boulder Colorado
Jann Scott
Jann Scotts Journal
then most sensitive city in the USA

Asiad loves America Jann Scotts Journal


Today .. Martin Luther King Day .. I met Asiad. He is a 27-year-old Kurd who lives in Boulder. His American name is Adam and Steve. He is trying to pick the best name. He was a civilian translator for American troops but he had to get out of Iraq so Isis wouldn’t murder him. Before Isis there was Saddam Hussein who murdered thousands of Kurds.
Asiad is 1 of 6,000 Iraqis who have immigrated to Colorado legally. He has denounced the Koran and Islam. It was forced upon him…or death. He is leaning more toward a very mild form of Christianity. Just a nice peaceful relationship. Simple. Quiet.
He is happy to be in America. Really happy. He has a job. Is studying music want to be American more than anything . He loves America. Welcome to America and welcome to Boulder , Steve.
from Boulder Colorado
Jann Scotts Journal
The voice of Boulder

Two books a month challenge: Jann Scotts Journal


Boulder I used read 15 books a week; 6,000 words per minute in 1993 when I interviewed 5 authors a day on talk radio. It got boring. Book industry sucks. Most trade non fiction books are poorly written. But I like what Mark Zuckerburg is doing. Also, Brad Feld just did something like that. So I think I’ll read 2 books a month too and try to interview the authors… always a pain to arrange
..but I’m in
Jann Scott
Jann Scotts Journal
Boulder Colorado
We read books here

Would you rob a bank ? Jann Scotts Journal


Would you rob a bank for Health care at the local jail or federal penitentiary??
HippiemanARE YOU DYING? I’ll? A boomer? Would you rob a bank in order to be sentenced to a federal facility where they have to take care of you?
Would you rob a bank in order to get health care in a federal penitentiary?? Boomers are 69 and 70. Many are broke
No health care. No way to pay for nursing homes. But the federal government has 100 of first class facilities where they have to take care of you. And it is free. If you commit a big enough crime you can live out your days in a warm facility with 3 meals a day… a yard library exercise room good Redneck TVmedical care. Some senior citizens with debilitating health are thinking about just this. ROB A BANK and hope for a 25 year sentence. Would you do it??
Jann Scott
Jann Scotts Journal
from Boulder Colorado
where we are about to see a sea of boomers unable to take care of themselves

Promoting Hacking in Boulder. Legal? Jann Scotts Journal


#‎Boulder‬ Hackers Crimes against Humanity Tedx promotes criminal activity wtf? is the matter with these promoters??
This is trending in youtube today.
It shows how nonchalant hackers are about stealing identity,money or anything else.
Boulder is loaded with kinds of guys and has tons of hacking events like this one.
The basic premises is you learn coding techniques at a hacker event which you will use for good.
But oh incidentally here is away to rob some people or corporations.
It is pervasive here in Boulder.
It is cultural.
Even the white house promotes it.
But at the core is major crime against humanity.

Jann Scotts Journal
Boulder Colorado
Where hacking is a way of life

Jann Scotts Journal is written by Boulders Mr Hollywood

Boulder protesters HATE SPEECH on Boulder police: Jann Scotts Journal


boulder police 6

Boulder to Ferguson protesters “Cops Lives Don’t Matter” It’s hate speech and a violent declaration.

Boulder anti police protesters target Boulder Police Department. Well that’s just swell.
with Hate graffiti “cops lives don’t matter”.

boulder police 5

Spoiled rich white students antagonize the coolest police department in the usa… dumb shits.

When we covered the protests with the “Ferguson to Boulder” protests we noticed a lot of hatred toward Boulder police . This was unwarranted hatred and outrage. This is an insult to our entire community. Protesters need to find out which of their members did this and turn them in to the police. They need to be punished for this we as a community will not stand for anarchist protesters targeting our police officers.

boulder police 2

Young hip Boulder Police officers in front of Hill annex. They are ours and we love them.

These protesters are primarily Naropa students, CU students, young communists anarchists mostly rich white kids with fashionable  clothes.  I interviewed some of them. A lot of them are from cities like Chicago. These are not longtime Boulder citizens. these are kids who came to boulder for the liberal politics and nature and dope.boulder police 1

What they don’t understand is that the Boulder Police department is a well trained, restrained police department …. It is one of the best in the USA when it comes to community relations.  These protesters have been trying to start fights with Boulder PD. I witnessed it myself. Of course Boulder has a history of demonstrations and that is fine. But boulder PD is the best in the nation at monitoring protests.

Boulder Police Department Website

Boulder protesters use hate speech to attack our police. “cops lives don’t matter” let’s find out who did this and throw them in jail Boulder to Ferguson protesters HATE SPEECH Cops don’t matter

Here is the Boulder anti police Facebook page


From Boulder Colorado

Our hippies are peace loving and respectful except for the Hate Speech.

Jann Scott

Jann Scotts Journal is Boulder Colorado’s official voice … hah ha.

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