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What did Jesus say about Gay Marriage in Boulder ?? Jann Scott’s Journal


He said Jack shit. that’s what he said.janninbikeof(1)
So why was I forced to listen to a bully priest berate the entire God Damned parish at Sacred Heart Of Jesus at the 8:00 am Mass this morning.
What was even more insensitive was that this priest bellowed from the pulpit that he and only he knew the truth. Then he came out with some horse shit about loving everyone when it was clear he fucking hated everyone. This Catholic priest came from Denver to Boulder which is a hugely gay friendly community and spouted hate in Jesus name.
Catholic Priests who have an extremely high percentage of pedophilia ….. a large gay population among priests and Nuns has the nerve to come here and put that bullshit on us ?? After a land mark supreme court decision this week on gay marriage this guy had the Gaul to attack our community with hatred…. bullshit.
On top of that there was no mention of the murderous deaths in Charleston.. No mention of our presidents eulogy.. no call to prayer for Americas struggle with racism; Unbelievable! I go to church with a bunch of bigoted racist Nazis!!

Same sex marriages, what does the Bible say? – Christian …
While Jesus did not specifically teach on homosexuality, His establishment of the Genesis passages as the fundamental passages on marriage (even more …

Would Jesus Discriminate? – Jesus said some are born gay
Some Christians confidently assert that God did not create homosexual people … marriage is the only legitimate way for people to form romantic relationships. … The disciples say that if divorce is not a ready option, perhaps it would be best for

Even Pope Francis is more accepting
When I meet a gay person, I have to distinguish between their being gay and being part of a lobby. If they accept the Lord and have goodwill, who am I to judge them? They shouldn’t be marginalized. The tendency [to homosexuality] is not the problem…they’re our brothers.

Pope Francis says the issue of gay marriage should be studied and not dismissed out-of-hand, a senior Roman Catholic cardinal has revealed.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the outspoken archbishop of New York, said Pope Francis had told him: “Rather than quickly condemn them, let’s just ask the questions as to why that has appealed to certain people.”

The Pope himself is far more accepting than right winged bone head hypicritical priests and Bishops hereabouts.

I will say this; I have it on good authority that Jesus is pretty pissed off about gay bashing in the Catholic church and there will be a price to pay…. and trust me I am in good with the lord !!

Jann Scott
From Shiny Boulder Colorado

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Bloomberg says don’t buy Lyft, Twitter or most startups: Jann Scott’s Journal



Boulder’s Jann Scott : “I know how to make money and not lose money. You can bank on that.”

On Saturday mornings Bloomberg TV News reruns interviews that they did during the week with tech, startup, and VC moguls. Image result for bloomberg businessweek logoToday was telling because the common thread of speakers said the “entire Startup world is loaded with poser VCs and CEOs and bad choices by unsophisticated investors.” There is an illegitimate feeding frenzy going on with people who have more money than brains. As I have written here before investors get hussled by VCs to go into their not so well thought out projects. Some startups will die because they can not “get exited ” Others are “attracting talent and money” when their basic product sucks. ” This detracts from good companies who need good talent and money.” I see this all the time here in Silicon Boulder. Of course here in Boulder seasoned business people like myself are frowned upon when we don’t drink the startup cool aide hustled by local VCs. Sorry boyz seen you coming before you were born. :) Bloomberg says Twitter needs to move fast as it stock plummets. They have big investment here in Boulder. It is a fan fave, but it’s operations, ad model and company focus are in trouble.

Image result for Lyft

The lyft bubble is about to burst.

Image result for uber

Winner winner Chicken Dinner

Lyft which is being heavily touted here in Boulder where our C1N.TV world headquarters is located is being shunned by Silicon Valley investors. “in a battle between Lyft and Uber , Uber will win out. Lyft will go away. It is already gone. Uber stock is rising, has better internal structure, better pickup times , better everything ”   Personally as you know I have invested in Apple, Facebook and Alibaba... and I look for real winners in Silicon Valley. I also like Gold as a hedge and plus I buy Bear market index funds equal to my total investment in case Ron Paul is correct and everything will go to hell in a hand basket next. I have always done that and strongly recommend it . Why ? When the Dot bomb occurred in 2000. I wasn’t wiped out . I made money on the loss. When Osama Bin Laden Bombed the world Trade Center in 2001 and the markets collapsed, I made as much money as the terrorists did. And when George Bush destroyed the American economy in 2008 for every dollar you lost I made two. I dunno much but I do know how to make money and not lose money and that you can take to the Bank. From the Silicon Flat Irons ( made out of plastic ?? what ? Jann Scott Boulder, Colorado Jann Scott’s Journal is the blog of Boulder TV talk host and news and Jann Scott since 2003

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