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I published Rocky Mountain Musical Express in 1976



yup I founded and published Rocky Mountain Musical Express here in Boulder in November 1975 we covered some great tours that year including Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder and the Bob Marley Tour by CU photographer Jerry Aarronson. This paper was distributed by Columbine distributing and was sold in 14 Western states. Though we were based in Boulder our biggest fans were in Denver and Houston…

Today I host Boulder Music, Bands, Events on Facebook


Shock! America lost 10,000 aircraft Vietnam?


AMERICAN SHOT DOWN 10,000? I have never seen that widely reported before. According to Wikipedia and other Global Sources the Russian anti-aircraft, Sam missiles and Triple A ground fire strategies used by the North Vietnamese shot down everything America put in the sky. records show hundreds of B-52s thousands of F4 Phantom jets, thousands of Huey helicopters. the Pentagon the Air Force and Army reported the complete opposite. They said US dominated the air over Vietnam. Truth is The North Vietnamese did. They only lost 2300 aircraft. But combined forces of the United States Australia Canada and other Allied Forces lost over 13,000..
I had interviewed some Aces from America. They insisted USA dominated the skies but in fact records now show in one-on-one dog fights the North Vietnamese Pilots beat American Pilots five to one…!. this is sickening makes you wonder why we ever go to war with 3rd World countries who have the will to win

Nazi Teens and Nederland Bomb

Nazi Teens in Boulder Bombs in Nederland on Jann Scott Live


Jann Scott Live, Who put the bomb in front of the Nederland Police Department. Jann also discusses Boulder High School students Nazi Facebook group. what has happened to our kids?

Should Boulder allow Co-op housing


Boulder icon talk show host and voice of reason discusses the Boulder Cooperative Housing Initiative before City Council he explained it all watch here very good.

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