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My VW Jetta vs a Tesla S. Guess who won.

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My VW Jetta

My 2016 Volkswagen Jetta 2.4 fuel injected turbo went up against an electric Tesla S here’s what happened in Boulder.Image may contain: car
I was coming down Highway 52 and pulled up to the light at IBM getting ready to make a left hand turn onto the diagonal. I was in front and on my right I noticed a Tesla S Black Beauty. well Volkswagen Jetta is pretty quick very good in tight Corners so I just kind of stepped on it when did the corner. When I looked up Tesla blasted through the corner and was down the road he then pulled over got in the right hand about 60 miles an hour.
I pull in behind them course I tried to catch him and I got in the far right-hand Lane and he was in the center lane and we came up on Lookout Road as it crosses the diagonal. Again both of us were in the front I thought okay no screwing around with this guy this time. I waited for the light to turn green and when it turned green I jumped on it hard screeching tires .I thought he’ll never beat me and as I looked up the Tesla disappeared into the sunset by perhaps 20 car lengths in 6 seconds he was going 120 miles an hour at least. Oh my Lord those cars are fast I have got to get me one.

Riot! This woman posts Marilyn Monroe pictures

I can’t resist this. One of my Facebook friends who I’ve never met but have chatted with who is anImage may contain: 1 person attractive young woman in her forties and looks somewhat like Marilyn Monroe has this obsession with mm. She posts her pictures all the time and I must say she has quite the collection but a lot of the pictures are p*** pictures and this Facebook friend really looks like a goody two-shoes. A good girl but you know what they say about girls who look like overly good girls. But this is a riot I’ve never seen anybody on Facebook post more half naked pictures, cheesecake pictures of anybody, themselves and certainly not Marilyn Monroe.

ladbrokes daily free spin Now as it turns out I have talked with my facebook friend and she has given me permission to print her name and give you a link to her Facebook page. She is Melissa Veith who is actually some what of a MM Fanatic .. More to come.