Today .. Martin Luther King Day .. I met Asiad. He is a 27-year-old Kurd who lives in Boulder. His American name is Adam and Steve. He is trying to pick the best name. He was a civilian translator for American troops but he had to get out of Iraq so Isis wouldn’t murder him. Before Isis there was Saddam Hussein who murdered thousands of Kurds.
Asiad is 1 of 6,000 Iraqis who have immigrated to Colorado legally. He has denounced the Koran and Islam. It was forced upon him…or death. He is leaning more toward a very mild form of Christianity. Just a nice peaceful relationship. Simple. Quiet.
He is happy to be in America. Really happy. He has a job. Is studying music want to be American more than anything . He loves America. Welcome to America and welcome to Boulder , Steve.
from Boulder Colorado
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