Today’s college students do not think for themselves and are often manipulated into a vote that may or may not

Boulder VCs Corporate Democrats out of control

make sense. That is because they are not educated or informed on the issues. Take the coal power plant in Boulder for example. there is a big question as to whether the city is competent to actually take the plat from Xcel..Running the power plant and the entire electrical infrastructure. Is a huge undertaking.
There is the issue of whether or not it will cost the city more if they run it or less if xcel runs it. Then there is the issue of whether or not if the city runs it it will reduce air pollution. In the past 5 years Xcel has made huge strides in reducing air pollution including their next venture with IBM to put up huge solar arrays for electricity
Another issue , that college students are manipulated on is urbanization and density by corporate Democrats in Boulder. The entire startup scene y like ignite Boulder,

Zayo poured bucks into Boulder city council election . It back ired.

Boulder startup week, a better Boulder Google and all of the Venture Capital firms in Boulder primary interest is making money and over building the downtown area of Boulder though they would make you think that they are concerned with affordable parentheses cheap housing in Boulder but they are not… the idea of affordable housing in Boulder is ridiculous since Boulder is the most expensive city in Colorado to live in outside of the ski towns. But Millennials can find much less expensive housing in Boulder County East of Boulder
fortunately for all those in Boulder the Millennials and college students did not get out the vote and this one failed .we actually have some city council members now who are anti-growth, anti Urbanization and anti density.
Last year former city councilman Paul Danish, the author of open space and slow growth in Boulder was horrified

Paul Danish Boulder city council father of open space and slow growth saved Boulder in the 1970s.

buy the new Google building going up on 30th Street because it was not thought out and will cause the worst possible traffic jams in the city.
Newbies to Boulder have been reading the latest books on City Planning which are all about density and urbanization but they are based on cities like San Francisco and Portland which have absolutely nothing to do with Boulder they are ten times the size of Boulder. We have recently elected some terrible city council members and planning board members who have been dead set on ruining the city and our community. They are completely clueless as to what Boulder is all about which is slow growth no growth and open space and environmental balance THE STORY ON FACEBOO.